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Découvrez les aurores boréales comme jamais auparavant. Imaginez si Dame Nature elle-même faisait un feu d'artifice pour illuminer le ciel, un moment si extraordinaire qu'il vous laisserait sans voix, presque tétanisé. Optez pour ce voyage spécial loin de l'animation de la ville dans un endroit où vous pourriez vraiment voir les aurores boréales danser dans le ciel.


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, avr. 2018

The boat was cold though they gave us protective gear to wear - but that was to be expected. What was not expected is that we did not go too far from the harbor and stopped so close to houses on a hillside that at one point I was blinded by a car's headlights which is not ideal you want to be in as dark a place as possible. The guide, though he was on our deck, was impossible to understand by any of us in the group of 8 ages 13 - 57 and spoke in a monotone - so it was not easy to even know what we were supposed to be looking at or for. Needless to say, we did not see any northern lights. When we tried to take advantage of the opportunity to go again if you don't see anything in the next two years guarantee, 5 of us heard back from the tour operator in a timely fashion,but 3 of us did not hear back until 8:16 pm when we needed to be on the boat by 9:30 - which was not enough time to get there. Overall felt like a scam where they pile up as many people on the boat as possible even if the probability of seeing anything is low and then don't really anticipate you will take advantage of the guarantee. My mother went on a different trip to a summit on land and they took her back 3x til she saw the lights and it was a better experience. I would not recommend this trip to anyone.

, avr. 2018

The boat ride was cold even though they provide special protective suits. That was to be expected. But the boat went not that far from the harbor to an area where there were so many lights on the hillside in front of us, at one point I got blinded by a car's headlights - so it was not conducive to seeing anything. Top that off with a monotone guide who, though he was on the deck with us, could not be understood by any of the 8 of us in our party - from age 13 - 57 - so it was really difficult to even know if we were supposed to be looking at one area or not. Needless to say, we did not see any northern lights. When we contacted the tour operator through Viator to take advantage of the you can try again within 2 years if you don't see anything guarantee, one of the reservations for 5 of us got approval at a reasonable time - but 3 of us did not hear back until 8:16 pm when we needed to be at the boat by 9:30 - which was way too late to travel there. All around it feels like a scam - they pile people on to boats even when there is no chance of seeing anything and then hope you don't take them up on the chance to try again. My mother went on a tour that took her on land to a peak and she was able to see them better - so overall, I think this boat is not a great option, and I would definitely not recommend it or do it again.

, janv. 2018

The cruise was very nice with a beautiful boat and gracious staff. We were not able to see the lights but they offered to take us at any point in the future to hopefully see them!

, janv. 2018

This was incredible! At first the lights were faint, but then they came out in force and were dancing across the sky! I was surprised at how close to Reykjavik we could still see the lights as we came back in to the harbor. The tour operators even stayed out a little later than usual because the auroral activity was so good even though the KP was only 1.67 and the moon was still bright. And the hot chocolate on the boat was delish! Highly, highly recommended.

, janv. 2018

very poor tour ,we traveled only two hour just the time to go far from the port and to come back,no pick up,no organization ,hmmmm i did not like it

, janv. 2018

Fortunate enough to see a glimpse of the northern lights on the way out of the harbour. The overalls provided are a must as it's very, very cold but a cruise is better than a coach trip in my view.

, déc. 2017

We were prepared that we might not see the Northern Lights, and sure enough, we didn't, despite a positive forecast. The Reykjavic Sailors' admin person and ship's crew were friendly and did their best to keep us informed and entertained, although obviously there's little to see except coastal lights at night.

Our main issue with the trip was with the dangerous, un-gritted surfaces on the approach to the Reykjavic Sailors' offices, which made it necessary to take a cab adding to the cost of the trip on the way back. Also the offices were quite hard to find in the dark, so the whole approach to the trip was actually quite stressful. I'm over sixty but reasonably fit and mobile - can't imagine how it would work for someone with less mobility.

, déc. 2017

Wonderful evening and great Northern Lights.

, déc. 2017

We were very fortunate to see this incredible show of nature. An hour and half into the tour, we only saw weak form of northern lights. Two shooting stars crossed the sky, my daughter prayed to see the lights. It showed up almost immediately from 3, 4, 9 and 11 o'clock of the sky, slowly forming and bursting. It was absolutely spectacular and wonderful to see the wonder of the nature. The show continues even as the tour ends and the boat pulls in the harbor. The staff is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They were caring and handing out motion sickness pill The sea was very rough. For a big man like me, my advice is to take 2 pills. We had a wonderful time. The best place to see Northern Lights is in Iceland!!! A truly incredible experience.

, déc. 2017

Eh. We didnt see the lights which is nature, not the tour. But the boat itself is kind of boring. There were snacks and some booze for purchase but one of our fellow travelers described it best I feel like Im on a floating cafeteria.

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