San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Promenez-vous en kayak dans les eaux de Laguna Grande, la seule lagune bioluminescente au monde, au cours de cette excursion de 5 heures au départ de San Juan. Sous le ciel étoilé et avec l'historique phare de Fajardo vous surplombant, regardez les organismes brillants dans l'eau s'allumer pendant que votre kayak fend l'eau. Pagayez à travers les palétuviers et regardez les petits poissons multicolores qui filent dans l'eau sous votre bateau tels des étoiles filantes. Arrêtez-vous pour faire une pause avec un en-cas et des rafraîchissements avant de rentrer à votre point de départ. L'utilisation de tous les équipements de kayak et le transport aller-retour à l'hôtel sont compris dans le prix.


Avis des voyageurs Viator

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, avr. 2018

This excursion is terrible. There is not enough time to take photos while you paddle. Also, you have to go to many other places to pick people up so you spend a lot of time in the bus. When you do arrive at the bioluminescence part, they throw a tarp over all the kayaks and people even though it's pitch black already and you drag your arm in the water. There was moon to interfere with the luminescence on the date we went so we should have seen it all well without the suffocating tarp. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY..

, avr. 2018

It was fun a fun trip and definitely worth doing. I preferred the early tour time so that we could kayak into the bay during daylight. Having seen the mangroves in one direction during daylight definitely made it easier to paddle our way back out of the bay in the pitch dark. It's easier if you have some kayak/canoe skills, but even an experienced kayaker will have a difficult time because other people on the tour who can't control their kayaks will be tipping over, blocking the channel, going off course, tipping you over, etc.
Our hotel pickup was great. The van was comfortable and we had good conversations with the other people on our tour. The amount of time the drive takes depends on whether you are the first or last person being picked up.
Because I am too heavy for the glass-bottom kayak, we had the regular kayaks. In fact, the entire group in our van had regular kayaks so I think that they separate out the two sets of people into two different tour groups. This was actually nicer this way because there wasn't any confusion about who gets into which kayak and nobody in the tour felt like they were getting a different experience.
At the kayak launch, the kayak introduction was very brief. In the bay our kayak guide was very informative. He showed us different constellations with a laser pointer while we waited for it to get dark and for our eyes to adjust.
The bioluminescent plankton is... different than I expected. The long-shutter photographs that you see make it look like big blue swirls. But in person it's really more like a lot of sparkles around your hands or paddles. Kind of like magic wand sparkles or pixie dust in cartoons. The bay is still recovering from the hurricane, and it's still very neat, it's just not like what you expect when you are preparing for the trip.
We put on bug spray and didn't get bitten except for one single mosquito bite on my ear. Although we did wear a long sleeve shirt, so that probably helped. but we had bare legs and those didn't get bitten.
Bring a towel because you will get wet from the waist down even if you don't tip over. The driver had towels for people to sit on, but it was nice to have our own towel in addition. The bathroom at the bay is only two stalls so don't plan on being able to change in the bathroom because there is a very long line. Everyone was better off not switching back into day clothes and just sitting on towels to dry off during the drive back to San Juan.
The snack that is provided is at the very end of the tour, and is just chips, so have a more substantial snack on your own before you leave on the tour and plan to have a late-evening dinner back in Jan Juan after the tour. You won't have enough time to eat from anyplace at the bay.

, déc. 2017

Agency has superb customer service, they asked me questions and established that I have booked a tour to wrong place since we wanted to swim in water, not only kayak. Alex was amazing, picked us up from Old San Juan, drove to the other end of the island, waited for us to finish dinner and then we had the most amazing experience inside bioluminescent bay.It is a must for all visiting Caribbean, this world wonder is hard to find. Absolutely fantastic!!! Highly recommend!

, sept. 2017

I don't recommend the company that operated the tour. They were very rude,insulting by making unnecessary commitments and showed lack of patients towards first timers, which made our experience very bad. I found sort of dangerous because we ended up bumping into another group on the way out

, juil. 2017

Had a great time!! Our driver was great and fun. The tour itself was an awesome experience--need to work on my kayak skills! The tour guides were very knowledgeable and I would go again!

, juil. 2017

The tour was very cool. From the driver that brought us to and from the event to the guides that took us out on the water and back. They were all funny and knowledgeable.
Well worth the money.

, juil. 2017

Having visited Puerto Rico only once before for one evening, to catch a cruise the following day, I learned of the bioluminescent experience and I wanted to avail myself of it the next time I was in PR. Fast forward five or six years and another cruise departing from PR was on my itinerary. Thus, I made it a point to enjoy 48 hours prior to our voyage and book this tour through Viator, because I used them last summer in Europe and adored the professionalism and the experience.
There are two departures, one near sunset and one after sunset. I think the earlier trip is more desirable, in spite of the incessant mosquitoes. My daughter and I took the earlier departure and were blessed to see all of the landscape as we paddled on our way to the bay, as well as the sunset. Paddling back in the darkness was fun, but the folks that were paddling out at the hour weren't able to see the lush scenery that we did.
Viator, to its credit, had copious amounts of insect repellent available for use. I forgot such areas as the back of my neck under my hair, arm pits, elbows, back of hands, and of course, that's where the mosquitos were able to drink and dine! Water socks are a plus, use the insect repellent, and enjoy! I don't have any photos as I didn't dare take any technology with me on the water.

, juin 2017

The four tour guides were very informative and did the best they could with the size and inexperience of our group in pitch darkness navigating through the mangroves to the bay. They were upbeat even when we were second guessing our excursion! Paddling back against the current was difficult at times for most kayaks. We ended up having an adventurous time, and ALL laughed and complained about our experiences on the ride back!

, juin 2017

Terrible! The guides were more concerned with making jokes and telling everyone they were the best guides for leading tours on the bay than in helping the participants. At one point, we had to ask a guide three times for assistance - and yes, the guide did hear us, it was just more fun to keep asking if we really wanted help - three times, before offering assistance. Just awful. As for what you will see - it's nothing like the photos you see online. You'll see some light in the the water from the organisms, but it's really equivalent to a pin prick - not glowing and not over a large amount of space. Do yourself a favor and don't book this tour. I've never left a review this bad before, and I wouldn't if it wasn't such a lousy experience.

, juin 2017

The main problem was, we started VERY late and we were not given hardly any information. If we had known that there were 2 tours, and that they had put us on the LATE one, we wouldn't have gone. They didn't give us a choice, nor even tell us when we asked multiple times when we were supposed to be picked up, until the very last minute. I called them about 6 times beforehand trying to get information and everything we were told was either an outright lie, or very vague. If we had known that we were going to be out until 2AM we wouldn't have done it. We were also told there would be lockers in which to store our stuff - there were not. They said we could lock out things in the van we came in, but it turned out the van driver stayed with the car the whole time we were gone. They didn't even tell us he would be with the van. We were told we would get a little wet - we got soaked. And we had no idea how far we would be kayaking. I did GREATLY appreciate that our guides saw us struggling and basically then towed us the rest of the way, but everyone on our bus was very disappointed by the whole experience. The bay and especially the inlet through the mangrove forest was extremely overcrowded. At one point there was a 50 kayak pileup where everyone was jammed together. This is no surprise, given that most participants had no experience, we were given almost no instruction, and of course no information before we left. Everyone else in our group was probably under 40 years old, and most were in their 20's, so they were fine with staying up so late, and working so hard to get there and back 3 miles kayaking, half of which is against a very strong current. But we are in our 50's and had I known that we could go see the same thing on a motor boat, where we would stay dry and get drinks, etc. we definitely would've done that instead. We were not allowed to bring ANYTHING - they said to leave cameras, cell phones, shoes behind. Then we had to wade out into the open ocean to climb in our kayaks. And the worst part is that in the mangrove forest, we had to traverse a very long, narrow waterway, with a current pushing us around, in the PITCH black darkness. It's a miracle no one lost an eye when we all went ploughing into trees and giant hanging roots multiple times. I think every one of our kayaks ran into trees and each other many times. And the other kayakers with no experience were flailing their paddles around in everyone's face when they got near other kayaks, which happened a LOT because no one could see, the guides were all yelling contradictory instructions the whole time, and there was no way to know who they were yelling at in the pitch dark. It was basically a giant cluster-fluck almost the whole way. All of that being said, it was a beautiful night, the water was extremely warm, and it was a once-in-a-lifetime, very memorable end to our vacation. The whole thing just could've been handled so much better. It's really a miracle we all made it out unscathed.

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