Horseshoe Bay, Canada

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Faites du kayak dans Howe Sound et plongez avec masque et tuba avec les phoques communs résidents de Vancouver au cours de cette éco-aventure de 5 heures. Montez à bord d'un bateau au départ de Horseshoe Bay avec votre guide d'aventure, en direction de la colonie de phoques de Pam Rocks. Enfilez votre matériel de snorkeling et votre combinaison de plongée fournis, puis plongez pour une expérience rapprochée avec les phoques, en les suivant. Faites du kayak autour de la baie et des rochers, en découvrant l'environnement marin dans un bateau discret. Une option visite touristique uniquement est disponible pour les passagers qui souhaitent rester au sec sur le bateau. Tout le matériel de kayak et de snorkeling, les rafraîchissements et les en-cas légers sont compris.
  • Une aventure de 5 heures en bateau, plongée en apnée et kayak à Vancouver
  • Plongée en apnée et kayak parmi les phoques du port à Pam Rocks
  • Tout le matériel est inclus aucune expérience de kayak ou de plongée en apnée nécessaire
  • L'option de visites seulement vous permet de rester sur le bateau
  • Admirez les paysages côtiers de Vancouver
  • Mené par des guides d'aventure experts
Rendez-vous par vos propres moyens au centre d'expédition à Horseshoe Bay, où vous monterez à bord du bateau pour votre aventure de 5 heures sur l'eau. Partez vers le nord, en voyageant jusqu'à Howe Sound's Pam Rocks, qui abrite la colonie de phoques résidente. 
Prenez des photos des phoques communs qui se dorent au soleil sur les rochers et se déplacent sans effort dans l'eau. Les phoques communs peuvent atteindre jusqu'à 6 pieds (1,8 mètres) de longueur et sont connus pour être dociles et curieux.
Enfilez une combinaison fournie et le matériel de snorkeling, puis glissez dans l'eau et observez les phoques à une distance respectueuse sous la supervision de votre guide de plongée. Très certainement, les phoques voudront découvrir leurs visiteurs ; vous et votre groupe suivrez leur exemple et votre guide assurera votre sécurité. Les kayakistes grimperont dans leurs bateaux et flotteront à proximité ; les phoques risquent de s'agiter à la surface à côté du kayak ou de nager de manière joueuse en dessous. Alternez entre le kayak et la plongée avec tuba, ou tout simplement restez sur le bateau et regardez le spectacle. Aucune expérience de plongée ou de kayak n'est requise.
Cette excursion comprend des en-cas, une soupe chaude, et des boissons froides, qui peuvent être appréciés pendant votre croisière de retour à Horseshoe Bay, en admirant l'océan et les paysages montagneux de Howe Sound.
Votre excursion se termine par un retour à votre point de départ près de Horseshoe Bay après 5 heures.


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, août 2018

This is definitely something fun and unique. This is the only company offering this type of experience so I recommend them. Otherwise I would look for a different company. They were very hesitant to let me wear a wetsuit larger than the one they picked out for me. I could barely get it on and could not lift my arms more than halfway which made kayaking difficult. Not enough room on boat for everyone to sit down and a small dirty cooler to dispense water. You spend at least half the time on the boat so it needs to be comfortable. As this is the only option, so they probably won’t make improvements.

, août 2018

This was the best ! My teen aged son and I loved every mn of it : the swimming with the seals, the kayaking with the seals, we even got to see orcas. The captain and the crew are a super team! The boat and the equipment are great. It was a highlight of our vacation. Thanks

, nov. 2017
, sept. 2017

Wonderful experience with Sea Dragon. We were so excited to snorkel with the Seals. They provided quality wet suits and gear. The captain and crew were very warm and welcoming as well as highly experienced. I felt very at ease the entire time we were in the water. Ultimately the seals were a little shy but we were still able to get quite close. It was a wonderful experience that we are so happy to have had in Vancouver. We would highly recommend this!

, juil. 2017

Swimming with harbour seals is the best way to spend an afternoon, especially when a baby seal wants to come and play. Grace who was our guide had to swim it back to the colony. I had never snorkled or kayaked but that was not a problem and floatation jackets are available if you are not a competent swimmer. Hot soup and snacks were available. It was great fun and the staff were great.

, juil. 2017

This was an awesome excursion! I arrived at the store from a block away from the dock an hour before the excursion, they got me fitted and in a wetsuit, then right on time we walked to the dock to get on the boat. I went on Canada Day, and perhaps because it is a holiday we had a small group of 8, they did say they usually have 20, but I cannot imagine having all those people. It was nice with a small group. On the 40 minute boat ride to the first stop, you could sit up top if you were lucky, and the views are beautiful.

Once we got to our first stop, but boat dropped us off near an island and we swam toward the cove where the seals are in our full wetsuits complete with gloves and booties, fins and a mask. Although it says snorkeling, and you can snorkel a bit, it is mostly a floating trip at this point. The water was not clear enough to snorkel. When we got to the small cove where the seals sunbathe, they quickly noticed us and got in the water. Every once in a while, you would see them on the water level popping their heads up. THis was really the encounter with them. They do not get super close, and you will definitely not really be swimming with them, but it is still a cool experience.

On the way to the second stop, they make you soup, and have chips and Chewy bars for snacking. At the second stop of the trip, we went to another larger nearby island and had the chance to snorkel more, or kayak there were 6 kayaks or paddleboard 1 on board. Is there was a large group, you would have to take turns and I am glad we did not have to. I chose the paddleboard and we were able to paddle at our own pace along the big cliffs and rocky shore. Two kayakers and I were lucky enough to see some seals on the rocks for somewhere around a minute, then they got scared and got into the water. A short while later, all of the kayakers and I were floating near the shoreline/cliffs when several seals occasionally popped their heads up around us. We all stayed still and this went on for about 15 minutes. The closest one got to me was probably 10 feet away.

All in all, I am very glad I did this. The staff and boat captain were very friendly and welcoming, and even just the scenery out of Horseshoe Bay was amazing. I had to take the bus from the city, and while I Was worried about the logistics of it all, it was no problem try to get on at the first bus stop though, otherwise the bus may fill up and you may not be able to get on until the next one.

, juil. 2017

My experience was not great. The group was huge which I think limited the ability for half of us to see seals up close, sadly I was in the second group so by the time my group was in the water the first group was with the seals and than they were gone. Also, my guide had her family with her and was more concerned about her family than anyone else. Ive seen seals closer from kayaks and boats and would not call with a snorkel with seals adventure at all. Very disappointed.

, juin 2017

Fantastic people! Very friendly staff makes this a star of our trip to Canada. My kids loved it! If you want to have a good picture from the boat of what your family is doing in the water, bring a big telephoto lens with good tripod. 325mm turned out not to be enough! Plenty of snacks were offered at no extra charge, so was soup and hot chocolate. We loved this.

, juin 2017

You have got to take this trip! This trip was the absolute best. You will remember this trip for a lifetime and talk about it always. Megan Mitchell was superlative as a hostess and got out and swam with everyone. We did the swimming with seals, the snorkeling, the kayaking and, diving off of the boat. Wetsuit provided in cost of trip provided by Sea Dragon tours nice people was warm and very buoyant but, Megan also had some swim noodles. I am old yet, I never got too tired to participate and enjoy. Captain Kevin was nice and accommodating. I would have taken this same trip at least one more time if this had not been the last day of my visit to Vancouver. You have got to take this trip!

, juil. 2016

My husband and I had a fantastic time! Everyone associated with the adventure was helpful,knowledgable, and above all had a respect and deep love for what they were doing. Seal encounters were everywhere we turned during the excursion and the breathtaking view is something that shouldn't be missed!

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