Frequently asked questions about Viators' badge of excellence

What is the Badge of Excellence?

The Badge of Excellence is awarded to experiences that have met our highest quality standards and are well-reviewed by travelers.

What are Viator's highest quality standards?

Here are some of the factors that set these high-quality experiences apart from the rest:

  • Travelers love them. These experiences are highly rated and have a large number of reviews.
  • First-class flexibility. Instant confirmation, mobile tickets, our reliable cancellation policy - all the flexibility you need when changing plans.
  • All the information you need. Great photos and a comprehensive description will help you get a good sense of what you are ordering.

Basically, when you see the brand, you know you are in good hands.

Do operators pay to get the brand with excellent quality?

No. All experiences that live up to our highest standard receive the badge. No hidden fees or commissions here!

If an experience does not have a badge, does that mean it is not of high quality?

Experiences must meet high standards to be shown on Viator. If an experience does not have a badge, it simply means that it is still working to meet our highest quality standards.


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