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Kayak Adventure San Juan Bio Bay

San Juan, Caraibi
  • 5 ore (appross.)
  • Prelievo dall'hotel disponibile
  • Biglietto elettronico
  • Disponibile in: Inglese
  • Ideale per evitare la folla


Kayak sulla "Grande Laguna" di Porto Rico la sera per vederla illuminare con il naturale splendore degli organismi bioluminescenti. Paga circa un miglio in questo tour di 5 ore in piccoli gruppi da San Juan a una delle attrazioni naturali più famose di Puerto Rico.
  • Tour di kayak di 5 ore in una baia bioluminescente a Puerto Rico
  • Tour di piccoli gruppi completamente narrato
  • Tour per bambini ideale per la famiglia avventurosa
  • Pedala attraverso "Big Lagoon" in un tour serale guidato
  • Vedere l'acqua illuminarsi con il bagliore naturale degli organismi produttori di luce
  • Tutta l'attrezzatura inclusa
  • Ritiro e consegna dell'hotel inclusi

Il biglietto include

  • Hotel drop-off (solo hotel selezionati)
  • Mance

Partenza e ritorno

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Ora di partenza

4:00 AM


I pickup iniziano intorno alle 16:00 ca. Guide ecologiche professionali Istruzioni che riguardano Kayaking 101 e Safety Interpretazione ecologica della Riserva Naturale

Cosa aspettarsi

Incontra la tua guida al tuo hotel nelle aree di San Juan, Rio Grande o Fajardo prima delle 15:30 orario di partenza del tour. Con il tuo piccolo gruppo e la tua guida, vai alla "Grande Laguna" per iniziare il tuo tour in kayak di una baia bioluminescente, una delle attrazioni più popolari di Puerto Rico.

Pedalate attraverso una foresta di mangrovie e osservate la laguna illuminarsi del bagliore naturale degli organismi bioluminescenti che producono una luce blu-verde. Sebbene sia generalmente troppo scuro per le foto, i motivi di luce e movimento sull'acqua sono memorabili a pieno titolo. Scopri gli organismi mentre vai dalla tua guida, che fornirà la narrazione durante tutto il tour.

Torna al tuo hotel alla fine del viaggio.

Nota: questo tour è consigliato a viaggiatori che si sentono a proprio agio a circa un miglio. I visitatori che arrivano tra novembre e gennaio potrebbero non vedere tanta bioluminescenza a causa delle temperature più fresche.

Altre info

  • Di norma si riceve la conferma entro 48 ore dalla prenotazione, in base alla disponibilità
  • Sconsigliato in gravidanza
  • Sconsigliato ai viaggiatori con problemi alla schiena
  • Non accessibile in sedia a rotelle
  • Nessun problema cardiaco o altra malattia grave
  • Può essere gestito da una guida multilingue
  • L'età minima è di 6 anni
  • Il peso massimo è di 280 sterline (127 kg)
  • Il tour/l'attività prevede un massimo di 16 partecipanti
Gestito da Zipline Tours in Puerto Rico

Modalità di cancellazione

Questa esperienza non è rimborsabile e non è possibile apportare modifiche per nessun motivo. Se procedi alla cancellazione o richiedi una modifica, l'importo pagato non verrà rimborsato.

  • Questa esperienza necessita di condizioni meteorologiche favorevoli. In caso di cancellazione per maltempo, ti verrà offerto un rimborso completo o un'altra data.
  • Questa esperienza richiede un numero minimo di viaggiatori. In caso di cancellazione per mancato raggiungimento del numero minimo, ti verrà offerto un rimborso completo o un'altra data/esperienza.

sulle cancellazioni

Domande frequenti

Le risposte di seguito si basano su quelle fornite in precedenza ai clienti dall'operatore turistico.

D:Qual è la politica sull'uso delle mascherine e sullo stato di salute dei partecipanti per Kayak Adventure San Juan Bio Bay?

R:Le politiche sull'uso delle mascherine e sullo stato di salute dei partecipanti sono:
  • Maschere per il viso obbligatorie per i viaggiatori nelle aree pubbliche
  • Maschere per il viso obbligatorie per le guide nelle aree pubbliche
  • Controllo della temperatura all'arrivo per i viaggiatori

D:Qual è la politica per la sanificazione per Kayak Adventure San Juan Bio Bay?

R:Le politiche per la sanificazione sono:
  • Gel antibatterico disponibile per staff e viaggiatori
  • Aree ad alto traffico regolarmente sanificate
  • Equipaggiamento/attrezzature sanificati prima e dopo l'uso
  • Veicoli di trasporto regolarmente sanificati

D:Qual è la politica di distanziamento sociale per Kayak Adventure San Juan Bio Bay?

R:La politica sul distanziamento sociale è:
  • Distanziamento sociale applicato durante l'esperienza

D:Quali misure vengono adottate per garantire la sicurezza e la salute del personale per Kayak Adventure San Juan Bio Bay?

R:Le politiche sulla sicurezza e sulla salute del personale sono:
  • È richiesto alle guide di lavare le mani frquentemente
  • Regolare controllo della temperatura dello staff impiegato
  • Politica di permesso retribuito per personale con sintomi
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Fun trip!
Anne_P, giu 2019
A neat experience. The guides were great. The only issue was the long, long ride there from Old San Juan....about two hours in a super bumpy van. Then we had to wait an hour before the start of the tour. The kayaking was awesome, though. It was a beautiful, peaceful night and we enjoyed all we learned.
The most amazing experience of this vacation
Miguel_E, giu 2019
This tour was way beyond our expectations. All the staff was really friendly (from our driver Jerry to our tour guy Ivan) and they are really passionate about their jobs. They tried to set expectations to avoid people think that what we were about to experience will be like the pictures, but because of that, it was even more amazing that I can describe. There was new moon, so we can see the light really good and clearly. We were really happy that our 7yo was able to see this marvel. Totally recommended to the point that we will gladly come back.
Megan_F, mag 2019
This is a MUST!!!! Amazing. Wonderful. Had a wonderful time. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I kayak myself so this was an easy trip but several people had no clue on how to kayak even with instructions. Staff was patient but not the safest set up or I would of given 5 stars. THIS TRIP is worth it. JUST GO :)
Terrific experience
Steven_Z, apr 2019
Unfortunately we visited the PR during the week of full moon, we knew what to expect. First a five star to our driver Jerry, very well communicated ahead of time and picked us up as scheduled. Very knowledgeable, turned the hour bus ride a fun way. Kayaking is awesome, my 6 yrs old and 14 yrs old loved it! Giving the wind and bright moon, our guidance Jay used a tarps cover us so we can see the shines creatures, great experience, definitely worth it.
Organizational Mess
FarAway23632016543, mar 2019
While the actual bio bay was amazing and beautiful, the tour company was a complete mess. Pickup from the hotel was normal until the driver didn’t have enough seats for all of us in the van, which left me sitting squished with other random travelers in our group for an hour from San Juan. When we arrived, the instructions were so unclear. Do I put my bathing suit on now? Where am I leaving my bags? What shoes do I wear? They told us to bring all this stuff so I was left completely confused when we got there. Tip: wear your bathing suit with a shirt and flip flops. We waited about 2 hours watching the tour company slowly bring out life jackets and boats for us. They kept running out of stuff because there were tons of other groups that showed up. It was just an organizational mess. Finally when we got in a kayak, there were no instructions. So we just played follow the leader but our guide was too fast and we lost him. We were kayaking out in the ocean in the complete dark unknown where we were going for a mile. Luckily we could hear some voices and just hoped we were going the right way. Kayaking in the ocean was completely exhausting and felt like they were trying to make us go faster. We are a fit couple in our 20’s so this shouldn’t have been so difficult. Our tour also had some older ladies who weren’t able to keep up. When we came ashore, we had to drag our heavy boats across the road into the lagoon where the glowing plankton were. Kayaking in the actual lagoon was AMAZING but it was short and before we knew it, we had to drag our boats again and paddle allllll the way back. This is where I got really upset... the water droplets off the paddle and waves caused my clothing to be extremely wet (this is normal). They asked us in the tour directions to bring a change of clothes (which I had) but there was no where to change! The restaurant kicked out all tour groups from using the restroom and the guide just sorta shrugged his shoulders. Why wasn’t there a place to change?! After all of us complaining, we stopped in a parking lot where I changed around a towel. Sketchy af. Recommendation: Take a different tour.
The kayaking was lots of fun and the...
Nicole Lee U, ago 2017
The kayaking was lots of fun and the guides great - that we really enjoyed. As we had quite a moon we didn't see much of the bioluminesence, but that was risk, So if you really want to see just that be sure to pick a day of little or no moon. What could improve is the trasnport, we were picked up at 3:30 in San Juan, then stayed at a beach for 1h30 we didnt know about the stay so werent prepared. Then sat in the car for 45 minutes as part of the group was late and we just had to wait. We suggest that there should de a late tolerance policy - advised to the passengers and if not respected leave them behind.The actual tour is at 7 PM so very early pick up for a later tour. But in all very responsible group with great guides in the water.
Great experience. Wish the...
Wayne R, giu 2017
Great experience. Wish the shuttle service were quicker. Would like to spend more time on the water. But I loved it!
would do again. lots of fun...
Tina S, apr 2017
would do again. lots of fun. excellent driver and kayak tour guide. bruce the french bulldog!
The Bio Bay was very cool, and I...
Hannah D, mar 2017
The Bio Bay was very cool, and I would definitely recommend going. We were picked up from our Airbnb which was really helpful. The drive from San Juan to Fajardo was about an hour. Once you get to Fajardo, you get time to get dinner before kayaking. Make sure to bring extra clothes because you will get wet from kayaking. You can change in the bathrooms in the park next to the marina. You can leave belongings in the van while you are kayaking. It was slightly annoying to try to kayak in the dark with people who had never kayaked before, but if you can get to the front of the group you don't have to worry about people running into you. Our tour guide Jonathan was awesome!!
Very friendly staff and very...
Mike G, mar 2017
Very friendly staff and very knowledgeable about the area. We were picked up right on time and given lots of time to get out of our wet bathing suits. It was a lot of fun to paddle through the very dark mangrove area and into the lagoon. The only disappointment was that the bio luminous was not as bright and obvious as what was shown in the advertising. This MAY have been a condition of the waters that night, but I think the pictures posted on the webpage for this tour were greatly enhanced. However still a fun time. Cannot add pictures because it was too dark for photos.


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