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Municipio di Alicante (Ayuntamiento de Alicante)
Municipio di Alicante (Ayuntamiento de Alicante)

Municipio di Alicante (Ayuntamiento de Alicante)

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Aperto tutti i giorni dalle 9:00 alle 14:00
Plaza del Ayuntamiento, Alicante, Spain

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Il municipio di Alicante (Ayuntamiento de Alicante) si trova in Plaza del Ayuntamiento. È aperto tutti i giorni dalle 9:00 alle 14:00. L'ingresso è gratuito.

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Things to Know Before You Go

  • Suitable for solo travelers, couples, families; the Plaza del Ayuntamiento is a popular place to relax and have an ice cream cone.
  • Remember to wear comfortable walking shoes, and sun protection.
  • Admission is free.
  • Tours may include roundtrip hotel transfers.
  • Check specific tours for details.
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How to Get There

Alicante Town Hall is located in Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which is on the east side of the Centro neighborhood, two blocks from the beach. Alicante is a great walking city and taxis are readily available as is an extensive public transport network of intercity buses and trams.

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When to Get There

Alicante Town Hall is open Monday - Friday, 9am - 2pm. With a mild climate, Alicante is lovely to visit year-round. The best beach weather is June through September, while the spring and fall offer warm weather and less crowds. Throughout the year, Alicante hosts events and festivals, such as San Juan's Bonfires (Hogueras de San Juan) in June, marked by large satirical artistic papier-mâché figures and fireworks, and Carnival, a three-week fiesta of costume parades, music, and dancing in March.

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Marking the Sea Next to Dali’s statue of Saint John, on the first step of the staircase is a small plaque that marks the Cata Cero, the precise reference point from which the altitude above sea level is measured in Spain. Scientists in the 19th century discovered that the difference between low tide and high tide was smaller along the Alicante coastline, and so they chose this step of the town hall as the benchmark of the altitude above sea level for the entire country.

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