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Petra: highlight not just of Jordan but of the entire Middle East; sublime and mysterious city; incomparable jewel of ancient architecture. Petra was once an important stop on a Roman trading route, but was only assimilated into the empire in 106 AD. Until then it had been a stronghold of the Nabataen Arab kingdom, whose knowledge of Greek architectural styles is reflected in their astonishing cliff-bound monuments. Today Petra is a UNESCO- World Heritage site. Approaching through the long, narrow chasm, or Siq, you come face to face with the graceful columns of the magnificent Treasury, Petra’s most-photographed building. Like almost all structures here, it wasn’t built but rather carved out of the pink-hued rock, which means the interiors are usually modest in comparison with their grand facades. Further sights at ground level include an 8,000-seat amphitheater, numerous tombs and the triumphal arch of the Temenos Gateway.
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Wadi Rum
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Shuttling between archaeological sites, an inevitable component of any Jordan trip, may have you longing for those haunting, limitless expanses of desert you’ve glimpsed from car windows. If so, head south for Wadi Rum, which offers spectacular vistas of towering cliffs and bold rock formations etched by erosion into other-worldly forms.

Lawrence of Arabia was a well-known visitor to the Wadi Rum, and there are a number of sites here associated with him through tradition or historical proof. But generally there is little in the way of construction, or even vegetation, with only the nomadic Bedouins able to scratch an existence out of the red desert sands.

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Jerash (Gerasa)
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In ancient times, the Roman town of Gerasa grew rich from iron ore as well as agricultural products which flourished in this comparatively lush temperate region. This wealth in turn endowed the town with architectural treasures: the unique oval Forum, Hippodrome, Amphitheater, Agora, and the proud columns of the Temple to Artemis. The majestic Hadrian’s Arch dates from the eponymous Roman Emperor’s visit, an event which signaled the town’s importance.

Not long after the spread of Islam into the area, Gerasa was devastated by an earthquake and for centuries lay buried in sand. This accounts for the remarkable state of preservation in this, one of Jordan’s most important Roman sites. Significant sections of all the above-named sites can still be seen next to the modern town of Jerash, as well as colonnaded streets and city walls which precisely delineate the town’s contours, giving a vivid sense of life in an ancient Roman town.

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King Abdullah Mosque
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La splendida Moschea del Re Abdullah venne costruita tra il 1982 e il 1986 come monumento in memoria del nonno di re Hussein, Sua Maestà As-Sayyid Abdullah I, Re di Giordania. La Moschea è un ottimo esempio di architettura islamica moderna, sovrastata da una magnifica cupola azzurra che ospita fino a 3.000 musulmani che vi si recano per pregare.

All’interno della cupola vi sono incisi versetti del Corano, così come nel lampadario. Il tappeto rosso rappresenta la terra fertile e suoi disegni indirizzano i fedeli verso la Mecca. All’interno della Moschea potrai visitare un piccolo museo, che mostra una bella collezione di ceramiche e fotografie di Sua Maestà, Re Abdullah I. Ricordati che per visitare la moschea bisogna togliere le scarpe e indossare abiti modesti.

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