Navajo Reservation Tours

From national monuments to parks and historical sites, the Navajo Reservation rewards visitors with one a kind scenery and history.

A variety of outdoor activities are available on the Navajo Reservation - from hiking to horseback riding, fishing and camping. Tours are offered to teach visitors about Navajo culture and history. There are also more than half a dozen museums.

You can easily spend more than just a day. Along with hotels, a bed and breakfast, camping and RV facilities you can also stay in a traditional eight sided one room home called a Hogan. It’s considered a sacred dwelling and furnishings are sparse. There’s no electricity, running water or flush toilet, so it’s not for everyone, but it is a one-of-a-kind authentic Navajo experience.

Practical Info

Many people speak Navajo, but English is also widely spoken, so communication is easy.

You’ll want to bring a camera, but use common sense and be respectful in regards to photography. Cameras are not always welcome, so when in doubt, ask.
Indirizzo: Navajo Indian Reservation, Arizona, USA, USA
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