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Take a drive to the northeastern tip of the bay on Grand Cayman to find an idyllic spot where a spit of sand stretches into the blue Caribbean, with shallow water all around that is a popular gathering place for pillow cushion sea stars. These plump starfish look like stuffed animals, though they are very much alive and grazing along the seafloor. 

Bring your snorkel gear to find the starfish on the bottom, you can even touch them, but resist the urge to lift them out of the water. They are living marine creatures who need to be in the water to survive, and bringing them into the air can cause stress or damage to the animals if they’re kept out long enough. Aside from the starfish hunting, this area is a great place to swim and sunbathe away from the crowds on the beaches closer to town.

Practical Info

To get to Starfish Point, follow signs or directions to Rum Point on the north side of the island, then take a left on Water Cay Road, and follow it to the end of the finger-like kai.
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