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Spesso chiamata la città delle rose, la bellezza di Rapperswil deriva da più delle sue 15.000 piante di rose. I vicoli medievali, le antiche strutture imponenti, i pittoreschi ponti in legno e le pittoresche cappelle nascoste tra le dolci colline rendono questa pittoresca destinazione davvero degna di una visita.

Splendidi giardini, un castello del XIII secolo e un monastero del vecchio mondo conferiscono a Rapperswil il suo fascino classico, mentre le collezioni uniche e colorate esposte al Circus Museum, Knie's Kinderzoo e il Museo polacco strizzano l'occhio alle radici storiche di Rapperswil.

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Rapperswil, Switzerland

The basics

Rapperswil is widely referred to as the “Town of Roses”’ or “Rosenstadt”, thanks to the 15,000 rose plants that grow in its parks and public areas. However, its beauty is not simply restricted to these colorful blooms; Rapperswil is a historic town that harks back to the Middle Ages. In the old town, or Alstadt, visitors can explore winding car-free alleyways ancient stone structures, scenic wooden bridges, and chapels—notably the wooden bridge that links Rapperswil to Hurden and its incorporated chapel, Heilig Hüsli.

The 13th-century castle Schloss Rapperswil also contributes to the town’s medieval charm. Located on a peninsula, it towers over the lake—offering panoramic views of the Alpine scenery. Another interesting facet of Rapperswil’s history is its circus connection; the town has been the headquarters of the Circus Knie since 1919. Circus Knie operates a children’s zoo on-site with over 300 different animals. Rapperswil is also ideally located for multi-day guided tours of the region.

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Things to know before you go

  • Varied cultural sights and wider excursion opportunities make Rapperswil a very family-friendly destination.
  • The pedestrian wooden bridge that crosses the lake to Hurden is the longest of its type in Switzerland, it’s also wheelchair-accessible. *To see the roses, visit between June and October.
  • At the end of June each year, Rapperswil hosts a blues and jazz festival.
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How to get there

Rapperswil is easily accessible by public transport, making it ideal for day trips. Zürich is approximately a 36-minutes away by train, while the journey to St. Gallen takes under 60 minutes. Alternatively, stop off as part of an independent or guided driving tour of the region, or a boat tour of Lake Zürich.

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When to get there

Rapperswil can be visited all-year-round, depending on the type of scenery and experience desired. During the warmer months, the surrounding mountains are ideal for walking and hiking During the winter the area becomes a popular ski region.

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Take a Day Trip to Zürich

Take a day trip from Rapperswil to Zürich, which can be reached in less than 60 minutes by train or car. Switzerland’s second-largest city offers plenty of historical charm. Wander the picturesque winding lanes of the medieval old town, then admire Lake Zürich from the waterfront parks and promenades. There are also plenty of cultural attractions—including museums, churches, and one of Europe’s finest zoos.

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