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Between March 17, 1943, and May 1, 1944, 68 antagonists were shot by Nazis at the Bondues Fort. It’s on the ruins (the fort was destroyed by the Germans before they evacuated the area in 1944) of this very fort that stands the Musée de la Resistance today, a symbol of strength if there ever was one, honoring the memory of these gallant dead. Dedicated to the resistance movement in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region during World War II, Musee de la Resistance features exclusive artifacts, reconstitutions and knick-knacks related to Wold War II, organized in a noteworthy scenography throughout five different rooms named Memories, Refusal, Courage, Engagement and Sacrifice. A memorial to the memory of the 68 victims was erected in 1997.

Practical Info

The Musée de la Resistance is located on Chemin Saint-Georges in Bondues, just outside of Lille. It is not accessible by public transit but it can be reached by car in 25 minutes from central Lille by using routes D751, D652 and D654. Entry costs €6 for everyone over 12 years of age. From September to June, the museum is open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 2 to 4:30PM, as well as the first and third Sunday of the month between 2:30 and 6. In July and August, the museum is open on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 2 and 6PM.
Indirizzo: 88 Avenue Marx Dormoy, Champigny-sur-Marne, France 94500, Francia
Orari: Sep-June: Mon & Wed-Fri 2pm-4:30pm and 1rst & 3rd Sun 2:30pm-6pm, July-Aug: Mon & Wed-Fri 2pm-6pm
Ingresso: Ages 12 & Over €6
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