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To the south of the Laurel Forest lies the Paúl da Serra Plateau, a favorite destination for hikers, nature lovers, and those wishing to seek out the famous levadas of Madeira, several of which are located in nearby Rabaçal, at the western tip of the plateau.

Levadas are a network of manmade waterways that bring water across and down from the mountains; alongside them run narrow but sturdy walkways that hikers have come to call their own. But the plateau itself is also a worthy destination that is easy enough to navigate while providing thrilling views and plenty of fresh air.

Practical Info

There is no public transportation to or through Paúlda Serra Plateau. Highway ER110 goes through the plateau in a zig-zag and covers the entire plateau, while ER209 runs along its western side; note there are dangerous switchbacks on the southern descent for both roads, and cows often block the roads. It's best to go with a guide starting out from Rabaçal.
Indirizzo: Madeira, Portugal, Portogallo
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