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Attrazioni di Puglia


Lecce Basilica of Santa Croce (Basilica Di Santa Croce)
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The glories of Puglia’s lovely town of Lecce came into being in the 16th and 17th centuries, when peace in the region enabled religious orders and wealthy benefactors, including Emperor Charles V, to transform the town from sleepy backwater to the Baroque gem of southern Italy. The glorious centerpiece of all this gorgeousness is undoubtedly the Basilica di Santa Croce, a swirling mass of ornate Baroque patterning crawling with garlands, statuary, mythical beasts and gargoyles, all fronted with a colonnaded façade that is dominated by a vast rose window.

Work began on this madcap architectural frippery in 1549 on the site of an earlier Celestine monastery, and the basilica was finally consecrated in 1695. Three generations of architects worked on the construction over the decades, with the most notable being Giuseppe Zimballo –better known as Lo Zingarello (the gypsy) – who was the star Puglian architect of the period.

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Piazza del Ferrarese
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Piazza del Ferrarese è situata nella parte storica di Bari, non lontano dal lungomare della città. Sono due le grandi piazze del centro storico di Bari, noto come Bari vecchia: Piazza del Ferrarese e Piazza Mercantile, collegate l’una all’altra. La prima è stata chiamata in questo modo in onore di un mercante, del XVII secolo, di Ferrara che un tempo viveva lì.

Questa zona di Bari è stata recentemente riqualificata e resa più attraente per i visitatori. Piazza del Ferrarese è circondata da bar, ristoranti e negozi; parte di un'antica strada romana attraversa il centro della piazza.

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Lecce Roman Amphitheatre (Anfiteatro Romano di Lecce)
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In addition to its present-day Baroque beauty, Lecce has a long history stretching way back over 2,500 years. Nowhere is this legacy better seen than in the Roman amphitheater that forms the southern side of the town’s central Piazza Sant’Oronzo. The horseshoe-shaped theater dates from the second century BC, and although discovered in the early 1900s, it was only excavated in 1938. It lies well below the current street level, and more than half of it remains covered by the rubble of earthquakes and centuries of over-building.

It is estimated that when it was in its original state, the amphitheater was five stories high, could seat 25,000 spectators and was the scene of many gruesome gladiatorial conflicts guaranteed to entertain the legions of Roman soldiers billeted in the region. Beneath the arena, the pens that once housed the wild animals, prisoners and slaves can clearly be seen among the ruins.

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St. Nicholas Basilica (Basilica San Nicola)
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Bari is the capital city of Puglia in southern Italy and over its years as the most important port on the Adriatic it acquired a rich and varied architectural legacy. Chief among these is the landmark grandeur of the Basilica di San Nicola in Barivecchia, the centro storico that lies at the heart of the modern city. Some 150 years in the making, the cathedral was completed in 1197, when Bari was under Norman rule; it is a fine example of Puglian-Romanesque architecture with a squat, austere and simple façade. Inside there’s a fine mosaic floor, clearly showing Turkish influence, plus a fine altar and a carved 12th-century stone bishops’ throne, supported by comedic sagging figures.

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Castel del Monte
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The UNESCO World Heritage-listed Castel del Monte was built in the latter half of the 12th century by Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II. At this time his realm stretched across much of southern Italy, and he was also responsible for the Castello Normanno-Svevo in Bari, the region’s biggest city, as well as a series of hunting lodges across his domain. Sitting on a remote hillock among endless undulating plains, Castel del Monte is regarded as a masterpiece of medieval architecture, taking its influences from both Classical and Islamic building styles. Perfectly octagonal in shape, it is constructed around a courtyard and boasts a series of octagonal towers. Internally, it comprises two stories containing eight rooms in each, and although the rich furnishings and much of the decoration are long gone, the marble moldings around the great entrance doorway and the lack of fortifications suggest that the castle may have been a private residence rather than for military purposes.

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San Giovanni Rotondo
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The town of San Giovanni Rotondo is in the northern part of Puglia, on the Gargano Peninsula that sticks out into the Adriatic Sea like the spur on Italy's boot.

San Giovanni Rotondo is small, and may not be on the tourist radar for anything other than a place to stay when exploring the Gargano Peninsula – except for one famous former resident. The beloved priest, Padre Pio, lived in this town for much of his adult life. He is revered through much of Italy, and since he died in 1968 the town has become a pilgrimage site. This only increased when he was made a saint in 2002.

The main sight in San Giovanni Rotondo now is the Padre Pio Pilgrimage Church, built in 2004. The huge church can seat 6,500 people inside, and has space for a full 30,000 more to stand outside. The church sits in front of a large hospital that was founded by Padre Pio, who is now known as Saint Pio of Pietrelcina.

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