All'interno del vulcano: escursione per piccoli gruppi a Thrihnukagigur da Reykjavik

Islanda, Islanda

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Fai una discesa avventurosa all'interno dei resti del vulcano Thrihnukagigur dormiente in Islanda durante questa escursione di 5 ore in gruppo da Reykjavik. Attraversa i paesaggi surreali della campagna islandese sulla strada per le Blue Mountains, camminando attraverso i campi di lava scoscesa della zona. Poi segui la tua guida all'interno dell'immenso interno sotterraneo del sito geologico, le cui pareti sono ancora ustionate da un'eruzione avvenuta 4000 anni fa. Questa escursione per piccoli gruppi, limitata a 18 persone, comprende anche tutte le attrezzature di sicurezza necessarie e il trasporto di andata e ritorno in hotel.
  • Tour del vulcano Thrihnukagigur di 5 ore da Reyjavik, guidato da una guida esperta professionista
  • Viaggia verso le Blue Mountains per scendere nel vulcano dormiente
  • Guida un ascensore aperto nella camera magica di Thrihnukagigur
  • Cammina intorno all'arena sotterranea e osserva le sue pareti scottate e la sua cupola
  • Scopri l'ultima eruzione del vulcano, 4000 anni fa
  • Cammina attraverso campi di lava scenici da e verso il cratere vulcanico
  • Ricevi un'attenzione personalizzata in un tour per piccoli gruppi limitato a 18 persone

Perché i viaggiatori scelgono questo tour

A differenza di altri tour simili, il pick-up / drop-off in hotel è standard, rendendo l'avventura senza problemi dall'inizio alla fine.
Aggiungi una dose di avventura alla tua visita in Islanda durante questa piccola esplorazione all'interno del vulcano Thrihnukagigur ormai estinto. Amanti dell'outdoor: goditi questa emozionante opportunità di arrampicarti all'interno di una caverna formata migliaia di anni fa dalle potenti forze di madre natura.
Inizia con il ritiro dal tuo hotel a Reykjavik. Quindi, parti per una gita alle Blue Mountains islandesi per la tua esperienza sul vulcano, ascoltando un'introduzione su come questo unico sito vulcanico è stato formato 4.000 anni fa dalla tua guida. A quanto pare, l'unica eruzione ha permesso la formazione della sua magnifica camera magmatica.
Dopo 30 minuti di guida arriverete a Thrihnukagigur, prendendo nota del briefing sulla sicurezza della vostra guida. Quindi dirigiti verso le formazioni rocciose del campo lavico circostante il vulcano. La tua camminata è di media difficoltà a causa del terreno irregolare e della superficie rocciosa affilata, quindi assicurati di essere in buona forma e di portare con te scarpe da trekking.
Continua la tua escursione attraverso il campo per 2 miglia (3 km), prendendo tempo per ammirare i suoi coni vulcanici e le fessure fumanti di gas, prima di arrivare al bordo del cratere. Ascolta un'altra breve lezione sulla sicurezza indossando il casco e l'imbracatura, quindi unisciti a un gruppo di tre o quattro altri ospiti sull'ascensore a cavo aperto che ti farà scendere nel sito.
Goditi le incredibili viste mentre scendi, osservando le pareti del cratere formatesi migliaia di anni fa. Presto raggiungerai la base di questo vulcano inattivo e proseguirai esplorando gli interni cavernosi con la tua guida. Guarda l'imponente cupola rocciosa in alto, la superficie disseminata di una serie di colori causati dal magma che una volta toccava la sua superficie. Sentirai anche una serie di storie dalla tua guida sull'ultima eruzione, immaginando questo incredibile sito com'era una volta, pieno di magma liquido.
Dopo aver trascorso circa 30 minuti nel cratere, torna al tuo veicolo, che ti lascerà al tuo hotel di Reykjavik.

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kevin l
, nov 2018
Excellent trip. Very surreal to be inside a volcano looking up! The hike there took about an hour I guess. The lift down and up was brilliant. It felt safe and the views were fantastic. The guides were superb and knowledgeable. The equipment was all in good order. Great soup at base amp too!We’ll organised and delivered trip. My wife , son and I loved it!Thank you.
Richard Goody
, set 2018
A truly unique experience - I dont know of anywhere else in the world where you can do this. Why would you miss out?! Tour consists of a drive out to a hut at the foot of the ski slopes where you are offered an extra waterproof layer before your 3km hike across the lava field to the base camp at the base of the crater cone. Here you are offered refreshment, given instruction, split into groups of 6 and given helmet and harness before being escorted up the crater wall to the lift at the shaft opening. Enjoy the ride! 30 mins is spent at the bottom before your return trip. You are told about the history of the volcano and its formation with some explanation of the features that you see around you. It is truly impressive. Back at base camp you are offered a warming bowl of soup before your hike back to the ski slopes and back to Reykjavik. The trip is organised professionally, you are kept well informed, given clear instructions and I felt safe at all times.
, ago 2018
it's not everyday you get the chance to hike a couple of miles to the cone of a volcano, and then get harnessed and lowered 450 feet into the magma chamber. This was a truly memorable experience, a little physically challenging (i.e. uphill, breathing hard), but well worth the effort. The crew at base camp were super friendly and served a delicious lamb stew, outfitted us with top notch gear and basically keep us safe. We had a beautiful sunny day for the hike! I'd highly recommend this excursion to anyone looking for something different, a little physical and a lot of fun.
, gen 2018
It's quite a hike to get to the Volcano, but well worth it.
, nov 2017
H o l y. C O.W !!!! If you go.... You MUST do this! Amazing, speechless, stunning! To be lowered into a volcano.. u g h. !!! Yes please!!!! Wow!!! There was a short and easy 2 mile hike to get there and then some warm soup to toast you up!! This is Only Open certain times!! Well worth it!!!
, ott 2017
Absolutely amazing. I was so excited for this excursion and it did not disappoint. I was always interested in rocks and volcanos as a child, so this was very special to me. The guides were excellent and safety was the top priority. The soup at base camp when we got out of the volcano was delicious
Daria D
, set 2017
This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience! My boyfriend and I went on this excursion in mid-August. Our tour guides were Harpa and Nina. Nina joined us down in the volcano. She shared information about the volcano and was more than willing to take countless pictures for everyone in our group using our own phones/cameras! Our group consisted of 7 people. After being picked up from our pick up location in the morning, we then transferred to another van. It was approximately a 30 minute drive to the destination. There we were able to use the restrooms and get some water before starting our 2 mile hike. The hike takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and was not too bad, there was a pathway to walk along. Once we reached the volcano, there was a house next to it. There we were again able to use the restrooms and have water, tea, and coffee. We were able to leave any bags we had with us in the house so we did not have to carry them with us into the volcano. After putting on the harnesses and helmets we were ready to descend into the volcano! Being inside the volcano was truly an amazing and memorable experience. Looking back at the pictures we took, it is hard to believe they are even real and that we were there! We got to spend about 40 minutes inside the volcano, walking around and taking pictures. Afterward, we went back into the house and had some soup. We did not get any sweets, but it is mentioned in the tour description that it is not a definite. There are also souvenirs available for purchase here. The prices are very reasonable, as compared to everything else being super expensive in Iceland. We bought two souvenir shirts which came out to be approximately 20 USD each. They also had other clothing items such as hats and fleeces as well as chocolate bars and books about the volcano. During our hike back our guides stopped at a small cave and let us quickly go inside and take some pictures.
, ago 2017
This is fantastic tour and once in the life time we get this kind of opportunities. Those who visit Iceland must try this as well.
Nelson M
, lug 2017
It is a unique experience with knowledgeable guides. However, the trek to the volcano is over a very rocky terrain, and being in Iceland, it rained. The interior of the volcano is strewn with rock and boulders and not well lit for exploration.
Graham R C
, lug 2017
This was an excellent experience, unforgettable. The majestic colors of the magma chamber are like no others. The walk to the volcano was extremely long and the pace was quite brisk. Not fun :-. The equipment harness, bandana, helmet was appropriate. The safety of the workers was exceptional. The soup that we enjoyed after our 30 minutes in the volcano, homemade by the guides, was amazing - delicious and hot.

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