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1-Day Snoqualmie Falls e Leavenworth German Town Tour Da Seattle, WA

Seattle, Stati Uniti

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Unisci i tour alla città tedesca di Leavenworth e alle cascate Snoqualmie in un unico tour da Seattle. Questo tour privato significa che riceverai un'attenzione personalizzata e godrai di un programma flessibile; la tua guida dedicata adatterà il loro commento ai tuoi interessi.
  • Il tour di un'intera giornata copre più siti
  • Tutti i trasporti forniti con ritiro e riconsegna
  • Tour privato solo per la tua festa
  • Scopri le attrazioni attraverso un commento guidato


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Recensioni di viaggiatori di Viator
The most miserable tour ever!!!!!
, ago 2019
To start, the driver exceeded the speed limit as much as 25 miles an hour at every chance he could. He didn’t say more than 20 words to us the WHOLE trip - so much for “a guided tour”. The van was filthy inside and out. There were 2 other people with us -so much for a “private tour”. The driver expected a $30.00 tip which my husband paid because we were in such a shady part of town. DO NOT TAKE THIS TOUR. IT IS A HUGE RIPOFF.
1 DAY TOUR - Snoqualmie Falls & Leavenworth Town
, giu 2019
The pick up location on Weller Street was undesirable. The 14 passenger Sprinter Van was packed, more crowded than airplane seating. 7 of the 10 hour tour was spent driving. The falls and German town were beautiful. Wish we had more time to enjoy both locations. Our driver was very nice.
1-Day Snoqualmie Falls & Leavenworth German Town Tour from Seattle
, giu 2019
This was not a good tour! Multiple stops to pick up and drop off at various hotels. Falls were beautiful. Leavenworth is tourist trap though we did have a good German meal at King Ludwigs. Getting there and back was horrible. Fourteen passenger van had bad shocks and cracked windshield. Driver drove at speeds excess of 80 mph on interstate passing most vehicles. Ate a sandwich while driving. On his hands free cell most of the time. On 2 land roads with S curves, speed was so fast that you had to hang onto seat. Passengers were American and Chinese. Driver was fluent in both languages but provided little more than basic information in English. There was very little narration during tour. He also demanded tip before the end of the excursion. I probably will never book a Viator tour again.
Leavenworth Tour
, giu 2019
Not a good tour! Falls were beautiful. Leavenworth is a tourist trap though we did have a good German meal at King Ludwigs. Getting there and back was horrible. A 14 passenger van with a cracked windshield and bad shocks. Driver drove at speeds in excess of 80 mph on interstate passing most vehicles. He was on his hands free cell most of the time. On 2 lane roads with S curves speed was so fast you had to hang onto seat. Passengers were American and Chinese. Driver was fluent in both languages but provided little more than basic information in English. There was very little narration during the tour. He also demanded! his tip at the first hotel drop-off (there were multiple drop-offs). I did not feel safe during this tour and will probably never book on Viator again.

Informazioni sul fornitore

Ci sono solo poche recensioni per questa esperienza, ma vedi cosa dicono i viaggiatori sul fornitore.


1-Day Olympic National Park Tour from Seattle, WA | feb 2020
Kevin as a person as very kind and nice. I didn’t mind the 50 per person as this is essentially a glorified Uber ride and not a tour. It was raining so Kevin told us that the park was not open when it clearly was as we could see cars drive in. Instead we drove past to a FREE lake when Kevin slept in the car while we walked around for 2.5 hours alone. Seeing as he charged us the 35 per person park fee (on the parks website itself it’s only 30 a car) plus a 10 tip we asked if we could visit the visitor center for souvenirs. He then told us it’s closed on Sunday which again online stays they are open several hours. I would not recommend unless you wanna go to a free lake and pay 95 per person. Even if he took us to the park he was not knowledge about the area so I’m not sure what he would have even said. The best part was the fairy ride home. He paid for his car and then asked where we would pay for our individual tickets knowing he took our money that wasn’t used for the purpose stated on the website nor what he said in the car. I feel I should be refunded and caution other people...BEWARE! FRAUDULENT!
... Mostra altrostar-1

Fun hiking experience at Mt Rainier

star-4Adeline Y
1-Day Mt. Rainier National Park Tour from Seattle, WA | dic 2019
Had a fun day at Mt Rainier National Park, reasonable price and driver is friendly and patient. We had 2.5 hours to hike on the hiking trail and then got back to Seattle at about 4.30pm.
... Mostra altrostar-4

Okay-ish tour

1-Day Olympic National Park Tour from Seattle, WA | ott 2019
I wish the driver would have stopped at several scenic locations on the way. Moreover, the visitor center was closed and the driver was not aware of that. Weather was horrible on our trip - but I guess that is outside of the purview of the driver. We ended up spending more time in the van rather than actually sight-seeing.
... Mostra altrostar-2


star-5Joanne Stamper L
1-Day Mt. Rainier National Park Tour from Seattle, WA | ott 2019
It was a great tour. Driver was on time, friendly, helpful, and accommodating. He gave us several opportunities to take pictures. Highly recommend this tour.
... Mostra altrostar-5

Could have been better

1-Day Mt. Rainier National Park Tour from Seattle, WA | ott 2019
Overall we got done what was on the itinerary but we did have a delay it seemed picking. Up several passengers who were going on the tour with us as well. Therefore all the small areas we were stopping by to take pictures we only have a few mins and felt rushed. When I booked the tour no where did it say we had to hear half the tour In Chinese and half in English . Maybe they added more people at the end and had to translate . But was never informed. And lastly I was irritated to have the tour guy collect $35 to enter the national park and a $10 service fee . Some tours already include the entrance to the park and the $10 service fee was super sketchy. Service fee for what ? Also , our driver almost got into an accident . It wasn’t the best . I always get excited booking viator because I’ve had nothing but great tours through them but this wasn’t that great .
... Mostra altrostar-3

Wanted to love it

New York City Sightseeing Tour (with Statue Liberty Cruise) | set 2019
Nick was an amazing guide, very friendly, and extremely helpful. He went above and beyond to make sure my party was at the right place at the right time. However, when I booked this tour, I was not aware it was going to be a bilingual Chinese (I am assuming it was Chinese) tour. Also, in the afternoon, it got hot in the van. Nick tried to blast the A/C but it was just blowing hot air. It was unbearable. We had to leave and take an uber to the last stop. Not Nick's fault. He gets 5 stars, but everything else I will be fair and say 3 of 5.
... Mostra altrostar-3


star-5Julie C
1-Day Olympic National Park Tour from Seattle, WA | set 2019
I had an amazing trip with aviator to ONP. The trip went exactly as outlined in the itinerary. Mother Nature gave us a beautiful day. Michael our driver was excellent. He knew how to handle altitude and the curves. He kept my family safe and brought us back in a timely fashion.
... Mostra altrostar-5

Roundtrip Yellowstone

4-Day Yellowstone National Park, Spokane, Coeur d Alene Tour from Seattle | set 2019
The "guide"appears just as a driver and accomodations were out of town which is why the select of food was minimized.I entered as specials dietry vegan and had no options. The tip was collected on the 2nd day .
... Mostra altrostar-3

Would recommend but with a different tour provider.

1-Day Olympic National Park Tour from Seattle, WA | ago 2019
The Park was absolutely beautiful and worth visiting. But the tour guide unprofessional and lacked customer service skills. When I called to get additional information on the tour the day before, he answered the phone with no identification of being the tour service provider. We arrived at the pick up location early and before the tour bus. The pick up spot was in an undesirable location. We finally saw a bus and asked the gentleman if he was the tour guide, he simply said "yeah" and walked away. We asked for help on where to find parking, but he didn't take the time to direct us. This made us a bit late due to trying to find a place to park in a city we were not familiar with. He kept texting me and calling me saying to hurry up or I will leave. In my opinion he made the trip very uncomfortable, he did not make us feel welcome. I would recommend the Olympic Park tour, just not with this particular tour provider.
... Mostra altrostar-3

nice trip

1-Day Mt. Rainier National Park Tour from Seattle, WA | ago 2019
we had a great day. the trip was cool. weather was fantastic. our guide was very helpful. He also drove very well.
... Mostra altrostar-5

Beautiful experience

1-Day Mt. Rainier National Park Tour from Seattle, WA | ago 2019
This tour is good for those that are in Seattle for a short time and want to see Mr. Rainier before they go and need transportation to and around the location. The total is $95 and with that you get transport to and from Seattle, 3-4 stops at the park, and breathtaking views of the mountain. The tour guide is more like a driver who drives you to each location and then you get to explore on your own. Would 100% do it again.
... Mostra altrostar-5

Tour guide

1-Day Mt. Rainier National Park Tour from Seattle, WA | ago 2019
The tour guide spoke for 10 minutes in Chinese until I complained then spoke in English 1 minute. The tour was advertised $50 But $45 cash only were collected per person before we reached the park.
... Mostra altrostar-3

Blue Ice Cave

1 Day Big Four Ice Cave Tour from Seattle, WA | lug 2019
Although we loved our tour to The Blue Ice Cave, we were disappointed in everything else. We booked an English Guide and had James...who was very nice but spoke Chinese. We were the only 2 English speaking people on the tour. There was supposed to be commentary but he only spoke to the Chinese. The scenery was just beautiful and we did enjoy ourselves. Disappointed in language barrier. Felt left out most of day.
... Mostra altrostar-3

Worst possible experience I’ve ever had on a tour

1-Day Olympic National Park Tour from Seattle, WA | giu 2019
Although the views at the park were beautiful, the tour guide was awful. Not only did he barely speak, there was near silence the entire time on the over 2 hour car ride from the pickup. We only got an hour to actually explore the park which we did on our own while the tour guide sat in the car. Then we visited the lake for all of 10 minutes then sat for another 2 hours in silence till we reached the ferry. Please find any other tour to take. This is your worst possible choice
... Mostra altrostar-1

I had expected more...

1-Day Mt. Rainier National Park Tour from Seattle, WA | giu 2019
I took this tour with a friend and we were both disappointed. We did see a lot and were amazed by the National Park's beauty - the Reflection Lakes, Paradise, Narada Falls and Longmire. We made 7 stops in total, however, I would have loved to learn about the sights. Sadly the guide didn't provide us with any information on what we were seeing, neither gave us tips on where to go when we had some time to explore by ourselves. The guide (you can hardly call him a guide as he was just driving) seemed to be not very well informed and spoke only a few English words through the entire tour. He was almost only talking Chinese to the other people on the tour. The description of the tour promised an English speaking guide and I had expexted more from the tour for the price we paid. + we had enough time to explore on our own + stops included beautiful sights such as Reflection Lakes, Paradise, Narada Falls and Longmire - no information on the sights - a guide with English and/or Spanish skills was promised; the "guide" was only speaking Chinese and hardly any English - not worth the money
... Mostra altrostar-1

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