St David’s Head

St David’s Head
St David’s Head is located on the most eastern part of St David’s Island and is known as the home of St David’s Battery, which was used during the early 20th century and during World War II.

St David’s Battery was built by the British Army to protect Bermuda, and it has massive canon-like guns on its premises, including a 9.2-inch caliber gun, which could be shot out into the sea to threaten any attacking ships as they approached the island. The guns are no longer in use, and visitors can walk around them and the adjoining fort for views of the sea.

Another top site in St David’s Head is Great Head Park, which is adjacent to St David’s Battery and an ideal location for relaxing with a picnic and enjoying excellent views of the Caribbean Sea. You can also don a pair of hiking boots and traverse around the acres of trees in the park.

Practical Info

St David’s Island is located across from St George’s, between St George’s Harbour and Castle Harbour. Once on St David’s Island, head east to the larger of its two headlands and you’ll find St David’s Head.  
住所: St. David's Island, Bermuda, バーミューダ

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