Flamenco Shows in Madrid

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Flamenco Shows in Madrid
Madrid may not be the birthplace of flamenco (that title belongs to the south), but as Spain’s capita, it often attracts the best talent and, therefore, high-quality flamenco shows. Here are some of the top spots in the city to enjoy an evening of fine flamenco.

Flamenco Shows
Madrid offers a plethora of options for flamenco shows, from the authentic and intimate performance at Cardamomo (situated near the Puerta del Sol in the center of Madrid) to the rustic and evocative Casa Patas in Madrid’s Lavapies neighborhood. While Las Carboneras is situated in a main tourist district, the show itself is authentic thanks to its improvisational dance. Corral de la Morería ranks among the most prestigious flamenco destinations in the city, attracting top talent and famous guests (including former US President George Bush, artist Pablo Picasso, and actress Nicole Kidman).

Flamenco Shows with Dinner
Each flamenco venue offers the option to include dinner during the show. A traditional Spanish meal is an excellent complement to the live music and entertainment, and depending on the venue, this might include paella, tapas, Spanish flan, and sangria or local wine.

Flamenco Shows with Lessons
There’s no better way to experience flamenco than to put on your dancing shoes and give it a try yourself. This ultimate night of flamenco begins with a workshop where you’ll learn basic steps and how to play the castanets, followed by a live show at an authentic flamenco tablao (flamenco venue) where the pro flamenco artists show off their skills.

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