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ニューヨーク シティ, アメリカ合衆国



icon3時間  (平均所要時間)


  • ニューヨーク市での3時間の大Year日花火クルーズ
  • 自由の女神、エンパイアステートビルディング、ブルックリン橋の素晴らしい景色をご覧ください
  • 花火大会を見て、シャンパンで新年を乾杯
  • オープンバー、デザート、コーヒーをお楽しみください
  • ライブDJエンターテイメントでリラックスまたはダンス


Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island
City Sightseeing New York Cruises
One World Observatory



12 件のレビュー
Spending New Year's Eve in New York was...
, 1 2016
Spending New Year's Eve in New York was something I was looking forward to. The Fireworks Cruise, I thought would be great, as did not want to venture into Times Square. What a huge disappointment. Total overcrowding on the boat. Obviously as it was cold outside everyone wanted to be inside - - 150 people crammed into a few seats although it seemed more than 150 and then the rest having to stand which was used as dance floor also. Huge queue for a drink, people ended up helping themselves to beer out of a plastic bucket. Food was non-existentnt really, a few sweet items in plastic containers - why would one want cake when drinking alcohol - not enough to even go around, even if you wanted it. Initially only had one toilet working for 150 people drinking alcohol. Huge continual queue for that. Just totally wrong !! They finally unlocked the 2nd toilet, but at that stage of the night didn't seem to make much difference. We went up top to look at the fireworks at midnight and ended up staying up there as felt so uncomfortable and squashed down below. Not fun, sitting right beside the toilet and only being able to view people in the toilet line. I would strongly recommend that you consider not having this on your website for next year. Totally not worth the 149.00 per person.
We did not enjoy this at all. In fact...
Dale R
, 1 2016
We did not enjoy this at all. In fact, when to boat went back to the shore to pick up more people after about an hour we got off. I don't know how many people was on it but there was only one bathroom which of course stayed full and people waiting in line the whole time. All the seats downstairs were taken so we had to go up top to sit down. It was extremely cold. Our choices were stand the whole time or sit in the cold. It was miserable and I would not recommend.
I had low expectations so I wasn't too...
Lex Luther
, 1 2016
I had low expectations so I wasn't too disappointed. CONS: Long wait to board should have been able to board when you arrived Getting there early didn't matter, mad rush to door at boarding Very limited indoor seating boat and building Limited open bar Ice ran out fast I thought we'd get closer to fireworks PROS: Great views of New York got pretty close to Statue of Liberty Free drinks the few they had People were friendly Music was decent Affordable price 300 for two
Overall a little disappointing and not...
John P
, 1 2015
Overall a little disappointing and not especially good value for money. The location was quite remote and difficult to find and the receptionist was not particularly welcoming when we finally arrived at 9.30pm. We were kept waiting in a small café area until 9.45pm when we were allowed to board and the boat was not what was expected. However the open bar was well stocked and the disco was entertaining.
Not for anyone over 30. Over crowded...
Ruth E
, 1 2015
Not for anyone over 30. Over crowded. Most people had to stand for 4 hours. Very long line to the one bartender. Expected better for the price.
This is a blatant ripoff!! It's a...
, 1 2014
This is a blatant ripoff!! It's a barge, not a cruise boat! The desserts are choc chip cookies, you have to pay for anything else which are chops, pretzels etc. open bar is also a bit of a joke. There was absolutely no class or anything exciting or stylish about this cruise. When midnight struck, if you weren't out the door first, you had no chance of seeing the fireworks. It was cold, the toilets blocked up and as for tea and cofee......it was a Luke warm urn and we practically had to beg for sugar. This was a very disappointing New Years and I'm very sorry I wasted my money on my bucket list trip. Thumbs down!
the Tour boat and what was offered for...
, 1 2014
the Tour boat and what was offered for the price was not adequate and not worth it. You had 105 people crammed in to the lower level of the boat with one corner of the boat set up with a table with a improvised bar, coffee that was not hot and a bathroom that was not flushing properly and almost overflowing with waste as people waited to go in. I feel this was not worth the experience and the price charged. And the Deejay was not great…concluding the evening with not even a song for New Years like Sinatra singing New York, New York. We will not be dealing with this company again. Maybe a better description of the boat would've prevented us from jumping on this package…but then I could you offer that. It was what it was. A big disappointment, especially after driving from upstate new york to spend our New Years Eve looking at the fireworks. You asked I told you…this is not hyperbole.
Excelente passeio!!!! A queima de fogos...
Cristiano R
, 12 2016
Excelente passeio!!!! A queima de fogos da cidade não é muito legal se comparada com outras capitais pelo mundo... em compensação, a festa dentro do barco é muito divertida!
Silvesterabend, 21 Uhr in NYC, eine...
Martina M
, 1 2016
Silvesterabend, 21 Uhr in NYC, eine lange Schlage von Menschen steht am Pier 78 und möchte aufs Schiffs. Die ersten Wartenden verlassen die Schlange, Unmut macht sich breit. 6 Polizisten sind im Terminal und haben die Wartenden darüber informiert, dass die Tour seitens Viator überbucht sei. Es seien bereits alle Schiffe belegt und unterwegs. Damit war das Warten vergebens. Und: wohin am Silvesterabend ohne Reservierung in NYC und wer trägt die Taxikosten für Hin- und Rückfahrt zum Hotel? Die Erstattung des Buchungspreises ist ebenfalls noch offen.
Wir waren schon gegen 20.30 Uhr am...
, 1 2016
Wir waren schon gegen 20.30 Uhr am Bootssteg und die Schlange war noch sehr klein. Daher konnten wir direkt aufs Boot, welches bereits kurz darauf ablegte. Dadurch durften wir 1 1/2 Stunden länger die Skyline bewundern, die offene Bar und den DJ genießen :- Um 22 Uhr legten wir nochmal am Bootssteg an, um weitere Gäste aufzunehmen. An der Bar gab es nur 2 Leute, daher war zu Beginn die Schlange sehr lang und es dauerte etwas bis wir den ersten Drink hatten. Dieser war aber reichlich und gut. Die kostenlosen Häppchen haben wir nicht gesehen oder gefunden, dafür gab es noch Sandwiches für 6. Die Sandwiches waren lecker und gut. Gegen 23 Uhr wurden dann noch Partyhütchen und Tröten verteilt. Gegen 23.30 Uhr gingen dann fast alle auf das obere, offene Deck, um das Feuerwerk zu sehen. Leider wurde der Sekt erst kurz vor Mitternacht an der Bar ausgeschenkt. So bekamen wir unser Glas erst später, als wir wieder unten waren. Insgesamt ist es eine reine Touristenfahrt - Einheimische findet man hier nicht. Das Publikum war gemischt durch alle Altersklassen. Es war die beste Möglichkeit in das neue Jahr zu starten. Ein toller Blick, nicht zu überfüllt Platz zum setzen, Platz zum tanzen, etc.. Eine Garderobe wäre noch nett gewesen, aber es ging auch ohne. Ich würde die Bootstour auf jeden Fall weiter empfehlen. Ein Stern Abzug, da es sicherlich noch besser geht. Aber für den Preis natürlich gemessen an den anderen Bootstouren war es in Ordnung.



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+81 6 4560 2975