4日フランクフルトからミュンヘン - ロマンティック街道、ホーエンシュヴァンガウ、ノイシュヴァンシュタイン

フランクフルト, ドイツ



icon4日  (平均所要時間)
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  • フランクフルトからミュンヘンまで4日間のプライベートホテル付きツアー
  • ロマンチック街道とバイエルンの壮大な田園地帯に沿って風光明媚な風景をお楽しみください
  • ローテンブルク、ハイデルベルク、ミュンヘンのロマンチックなドイツの都市を探検
  • おとぎ話の王ルートヴィヒによって建てられたノイシュヴァンシュタイン城を探索する
  • エアコン付きバスでの送迎


到着後、タクシーでチェックインのためにHotel Spitzweg(または類似の宿泊施設)にお連れします。その後、午後または夜に街の散策に参加し、街の曲がりくねった石畳の道をガイドに従ってください。木骨造りの家、ルネッサンス市庁舎、近くと遠くからのローテンブルクの多くの訪問者を歓迎する雄大な町の門のほぼおとぎ話のような外観をご覧ください。ナイトウォッチマンツアーでローテンブルクを訪れてみましょう。





15 件のレビュー
If you like a lot of free time to...
Roger P
, 9 2016
If you like a lot of free time to explore on your own, this is the package for you. I will say that the drive to Hohenschwangau could have been shortened. I realize it's based on designated stops for the coach, but the stops between Rothenburg to Hoenschwangau other than the final church were pretty much out of the way bathroom stops to pick up other riders. Seemed like a 2 hour drive was stretched out to 7 hours.
Not worth the money I paid for it from...
, 7 2016
Not worth the money I paid for it from Australia. Viator have just cobbled together a bunch of providers who operate independently and all require separate vouchers and pick up points. The hop on hop off bus was the most disappointing with surly bus drivers and very little information on the sites.
While this tour felt a little rushed in...
, 7 2015
While this tour felt a little rushed in some of the smaller towns/stops along the way, booking the trip this way made the logistics very simple. All the connections and accommodations were clearly laid out and very well planned for our comfort along the way. The stops in Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Hohenschwangau were long enough for us to both see everything that was of interest to us and have time to meander the streets and the mountain trails just for the sheer enjoyment of the environment.
Overall, the tour package gave me an...
Trina S
, 7 2015
Overall, the tour package gave me an overview of Germany that I would not have been able to experience on my own with the limited planning time that I had for this trip. There was a mix-up at the office in Frankfurt when I picked up my vouchers and I was told to meet at the bus stands by the train station at 8 AM when in reality we were meeting at a different tour operators office at 9:30 ---- not a good start with rain falling all morning, and I'm schlepping my bags around Frankfurt. The day tour to Heidelberg was great with a fantastic tour guide that blended the ancient and recent history, not to mention a wicket sense of humor! The tour to Rothenburg from Frankfurt was comfortable with several stops with guided tours/ the ability to wander on your own. This was mostly due to the great bus driver for this leg that spoke very good English and German, and was very polite and generous. The time in Rothenburg was fantastic with cozy accomodations, a town festival, and the Night Watchman tour in the evening. Also a great place to do some shopping for souveniers to take home. Now comes the not so nice part of the tour ---- the bus ride from Rothenburg to Newschwanstien. The bus driver was surly, and we weren't sure if he really knew how to drive the bus since he kept gunning the engine and slowing down, giving a less than comfortable ride. He didn't stop at some of the guide points due to falling behind due to traffic on the road, and didn't seem to know anything about where he was supposed to stop. We ended up in a short stop in Munich the only WC stop all day to find that they were under construction --- you mean to tell me that someone who drives this every week didn't know???Needless to say, we were relieved to get off the bus at the Muller House at Neuschwanstein, which is charming and very hospitable with beautiful views! The interior castle tour was not as I expected, but the outer access and horse carriage ride down was very nice.
We got terrible information from the...
Curtis S
, 7 2015
We got terrible information from the tour office in Frankfurt. Sent us to a bus stop when we really needed to go to a different tour office nearby. Our bus ride after Rothenberg was 8 HOURS to the castles that are really 4 hours away. No schedule until the day the tour start. Never again.
Did not have the English speaking guide...
, 6 2015
Did not have the English speaking guide we promised. It was only the driver, who did not even understand English well.Did not even come out of the bus with us.
Very special. Overnight stay in...
, 8 2013
Very special. Overnight stay in Rothenburg wonderful, especially as all the day trippers have left. Time to walk the town, do the Night Watchman's Tour and walk the wall which surrounds the village. Simply lovely overnight stay in Hohenschwangau and despite huge numbers of people tour of Neuschwanstein Castle extremely well organised and orderly. Very pretty spot. Although there are short stops along the way bus trip from Rothenburg to Hohenschwangau a very long day.
My friend and I had a wonderful time on...
Alyssa O
, 5 2013
My friend and I had a wonderful time on this tour. The stops are lovely and the hotels very clean and comfortable. The time allotted to each place is perfect!
This was a great trip. It got more...
Anna / Jeanne F
, 8 2011
This was a great trip. It got more beautiful at every stop. Hotels were very good. I was amazed that nothing went wrong on our entire trip.
Good bus tour and great hotels. In...
Paul Raymond V
, 8 2010
Good bus tour and great hotels. In Frankfurt, it was a little difficult to find the location of the correct tour bus. We especially enjoyed the quaint Spitzweg Hotel in Rothenburg and the beautiful Muller Hotel and Neuschwanstein Castle.



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