フランクフルト・アム・マイン - ミュンヘン - ロマンチック街道、ローテンブルク

Frankfurt am Main, ドイツ

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フランクフルトからのこの2日間の観光アドベンチャーで、ローテンブルクとミュンヘンの街を訪れてみましょう。まず、美しい町ローテンブルク・オプ・デア・タウバー(Rothenburg ob der Tauber)の中世の宝石、おそらくドイツ全土で最もよく保存されている中世の旧市街を探索してください。一晩滞在した後、ミュンヘンに到着する前に、ロマンチック街道を歩き、ドイツで最も歴史があり歴史的にも最も重要な都市のひとつであるアウグスブルクに向かいます。フランクフルトからローテンブルク、ミュンヘンへのコーチの送迎、タクシーの送迎、ガイドツアー、朝食が含まれています。
  • 一晩の滞在:ロマンチック街道とローテンブルクを含むミュンヘンへのフランクフルト
  • 「中世の宝石」として知られるドイツのバイエルン地方のツアーをお楽しみください。
  • ディンケルスビュール、ノルトリンゲン、ドナウワースの魅力的な町を訪れてください。
  • エアコン付きバスでの送迎
  • ホテル宿泊費込み
この2日間のツアーは、フランクフルトで始まり、東南アジアで2時間ほどドライブします。世界的に有名なロマンチック街道(ロマンチック街道)に沿って、ドイツのロマンチックなシンボルであるローテンブルク・オブ・デア・タウバー(Rothenburg ob der Tauber)へ。ローテンブルクは、ドイツ全土で最もよく保存されている中世の旧市街であると広く考えられています。






17 件のレビュー
I enjoyed the tour, but be aware...
Elsinore A
, 10 2017
I enjoyed the tour, but be aware that there is no guide. When you arrive the day before, you pick up a packet with all tickets. Then you travel using various modes of public transit between Frankfurt and Munich, spending the night in Rothenburg. It's a fun tour. Oh, and the audio headset is not good. It only speaks about once per hour and plays German folk music in between the 30 second blurbs once per hour. Rothenburg is quite nice. There's probably a better way to do this trip e.g. book Romantic Road Coach yourself, book your own hotel, etc, but if you'd like it organized for you unguided then this is the package for you. You'd save a lot of money booking it yourself.
The bus ride was beautiful, but it...
Jennifer S
, 7 2017
The bus ride was beautiful, but it is a self guided tour. The bus ride from Frankfurt to Rothenburg, had a audio recording, and we could follow the recording and learn the history about the towns. When we got to Rothenburg, the taxi driver did not show up. We talked to the bus driver, and he did not know anything about it. Next day, when we were leaving Rothenburg, we asked the hotel lady to call the taxi driver to confirm the pick up. When the taxi driver came to pick us up, she blamed on the bus driver got to Rothenburg five minutes early, so she did not see us when she came to pick us up. When we got to the bus stop to ride the bus from Rothenburg to Munich, the taxi driver told the bus driver because we did not know German language, so we messed up the taxi pick up. The second part of the ride from Rothenburg to Munich, we could not find the audio recording to talk about our beautiful ride, so we missed out all the history about those lovely towns.
This is not a tour, it's a bus ride...
Theressa D
, 7 2016
This is not a tour, it's a bus ride! Very upsetting, we were in Germany for 2wks and had real luggage with us. You get dropped off at a train station in Augsburg and must take a train to Munich. I had a senior with me so this was very upsetting. Lots of stairs to climb. We were only informed of this train ride when we picked up our documents, the web does not say this at all. Checked with other guests they too were very surprised by this portion of the journey. Day1 Crusty driver, bad driving, blew through red light just departing from Frankfurt. 2nd attempt the driver in front stopped and Crusty began swearing. Barely spoke 2 words of English, didn't know the tape recorded guide was out of sync with our stops. Stop 2, he sold tickets at the front door leaving us in the pouring rain and did not open the back doors to let us on. Weikersheim, Crusty, honked horn, moved bus and closed doors on 1 guest from Australia, and swore at our guide because our castle tour was a couple of min. late. His driving made many of us sick to our stomachs. Rothenburg, was a highlight, 90min tour in the pouring rain, but our guide was pure sunshine. Informative, interactive and courteous. Hotel Goldene Rose, lovely, front desk excellent and breakfast sufficient. Day2, a world of diff. Calm, happy driver, smooth ride. Augsburg had 2 stops, 1st 30min to see the square area, 2nd dropped off at the train station. We had to retrieve our own tickets and find our way to the correct platform, carrying full suitcases and carry on bags. Use a real bus tour company, where each stop allows you more time. The description on the web makes you believe you will get this but 15-30min is the max barely time to find a toilet/sandwich shop and take a photo. I cannot recommend this tour to anyone it was not worth the price paid.
It was not a tour, Viator only books...
Maira Coutinho F
, 5 2015
It was not a tour, Viator only books everything for you and you pick up the vouchers in an office. You don't see any Viator staff. The bus booked for us was a regular Romantische Strasse line, on the first day there was a friendly informative guide, but on the second day there was no guide at all.
My family of 5 Adults enjoyed this...
Joyce F
, 12 2014
My family of 5 Adults enjoyed this tour very much. It was relaxing and informative. The hotel in Rothenburg was quaint and perfectly located to tour the walled city. We were there during their Medevial Days celebration so were able to enjoy the many period acts. So historic and took us back to a very different time. I highly recommend this tour.
Loved every minute! The Goldene...
, 8 2014
Loved every minute! The Goldene Rose Boutique Hotel in Rothenburg was sensational. Beautifully refinished rooms and a delicious breakfast.
Rothenberg was a great place. Hotel...
Alejandro R
, 7 2014
Rothenberg was a great place. Hotel was quite small though, no airconditioning for summer. But the hotel was quaint and had a good breakfast experience.
Everything went as expected. The...
emiliano r
, 7 2014
Everything went as expected. The four of us (wife and two grandchildren, ages 10 and 14) had a good time.
Excellent trip. Always on schedule and...
James B
, 9 2013
Excellent trip. Always on schedule and the hotel was excellent.
Good hotel at Rothenburg...very cosy...
Ratchada L
, 5 2013
Good hotel at Rothenburg...very cosy and convenient to walk around the city center. Didn't like the 1st driver from Frankfurt to Rothenburg...he didn't tell the timing that we should spend in each place. We had to ask for it. But the 2nd driver to Munich was great.



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+81 6 4560 2975