BBQディナー付きウルル=カタ ジュタ体験

ノーザーンテリトリー北部特別地域, オーストラリア

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7 時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


Uluru(Ayer's Rock)とKata Tjutaは、オーストラリアで最も写真を撮られている2つの自然の驚異です。 Walpa Gorge、Mutitjulu Waterhole、Mala Walkへのガイド付きハイキングをお楽しみください。アボリジニ文化センターを訪れてください。ウルルの夕日を眺めながら、伝統的なオーストラリアのバーベキューディナーを楽しめます。
  • エアーズロックからのウルルとカタジュタのツアー(バーベキューディナーを含む)
  • Walpa Gorgeをハイキングしながら、Kata Tjutaに驚嘆してください
  • アボリジニ文化センターでオーストラリアのアボリジニ遺産を発見
  • ウルルのふもとにあるマラウォークとムティジュールの滝壺を探索する
  • ウルルの夕日を眺めながらおいしいバーベキューディナーをどうぞ。
  • お得なツアーには、ホテルのピックアップ、ランチ、ディナー、往復の交通手段が含まれます。
 途中でおいしいランチパックを用意してから、その日の最初の散歩を楽しんで、Kata-Tjuta(オルガス)とWalpa Gorgeの素晴らしい景色を眺めることができます。地元のPitjantjatjaraの人々と地域の豊かな先住民の遺産についての詳細を学ぶために先住民文化センターに続けてください。




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Christine C
, 1 2019

Where do I begin. This tour was worth every cent. It was a long day and we were there in January so it was hot to say the least. Our driver Trevor was very kind and very informative and did an excellent job. We were constantly supplied with food from chicken wraps to lollies, muesli bars, fruit cake and fruit.... and of course our bbq dinner at the end of this tour as we sat watching the sun set and the changing colours of Uluru. this is a must tour, but be aware its a very long day and some element of fitness would help to get the most out of this. We travelled here in January which is summer and it reached 47o so it was a challenge to say the least, water, water, water.... Everyone did things at their own pace to their ability. Great tour!!

, 11 2018

I saw many interesting places. Our guide was fantastic. We had bad weather, there was no sunset, but I have photos with lightning over Uluru. I recommend this trip.

, 4 2018

Sehr schöne und interessante Tour. Als einzige Kritik wäre anzubringen, dass man immer ein bisschen im Stress ist. Die Reiseleiter achten sehr darauf, den gesetzten Zeitrahmen genau einzuhalten - was nachvollziehbar ist, da der Bus am gleichen Tag noch nach Alice Springs zurück muss.

Leslie K
, 2 2018

This was an excellant tour, the commentary was very informative. There was some walking and you need to take water with you on this trip. The BBQ dinner was very good and the sites were fabulous. The hosts took very good care of us during the tour with snacks and treats. They were very efficient, highly recommend this tour.

Karen H
, 12 2017

This trip was exactly what I was looking for! I had limited time and really wanted to see both rock formations. Tour guide was friendly and informative. Weather was rainy, so at first I was a little disappointed, but I enjoyed seeing waterfalls at Uluru. Made my day. Tour was great value !

, 11 2017

Received notification that we would not be picked up or dropped off at Desert Garden Hotel as previously advertised, but since the coach came all the way from Alice Springs to pick up people in Uluru we could understand their picking up at only one place.

Rich - Travel
, 10 2017

The good: The information provided was good, as was the sites visited.

The not so good: TONS of flies - everywhere, including on the food, preparation area, etc. Also - often hard to understand the speaker - and not sure why there were three guides present...all hard to understand over the sound of the bus, etc.

Tom Nak
, 9 2017

It was a nice trip but a long day. I wish I had booked a shorter tour just to see the sun set because the scenery is repetitive. The guides told long long stories while we are under the sun and it was quite diffucult to understand the aussie english accent.

, 8 2017

Absolutely brilliant tour!!! So impressive!!!
Highly recommend! Guides were very knowledgeable and fun. Day was well planed. Lunch and dinner great! Snacks and drinks all the time. Most important you will have great way to explore Uluru. We did almost full circle around the rock with two stops and guided walks. Tour ended with magnificent sunset over Uluru. Perfect perfect! Only thing i wish would be better is to have some free time for take pictures, have a small walk alone. Time at Kata Tjuta was just 40 mins which is literally hardly enought going till the gorge and coming back to bus. Uluru tour was much longer but we didn't have a minute to stay alone to enjoy the rock , just have a minute for photos, we were rushing to take photos. The rest and overall, the tour os great! Highly recommend. You will be very impressed!

, 7 2017

Our tour guides were funny and helpful. They told us many information about Uluru and Kata Tjuta, which was very interesting.


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+81 6 4560 2975