Kailua-Kona, ハワイ島

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2時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
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, 2 2018

The guys on the boat were great! Very knowledgeable and willing to go chasing whales. Everything we thought it would be.

, 1 2018

These guys are amazing!
Highly recommended.

, 1 2018

We had a great time seeing whales, dolphins and even manta rays on this trip. We were pleasantly surprised to find the boat to have a top that provided shade. They also had a nice selection of drinks and snacks throughout the trip. It's great that this boat is relatively small, making it a more intimate experience and ensuring that every seat had a great view, but it also went very fast and was quite a bumpy ride a times.

, 3 2017

This was an excellent tour. Not to crowded and the crew was pleasant and very friendly and fun. We did see whales and learned a little about them from the crew. I would take this tour again!

, 2 2017

it was great. I loved it!!

, 2 2017

The boat was very small and rocked way too much. The tour was shorter than they publish, we came back to the dock in about an hour and half after hardly seeing any whales.

, 1 2017

We had a nice small group and a beautiful day, we had 5 humpback whales all around the boat. The Captain seemed very knowledgeable about the whales.

, 1 2017

This was a fantastic family experience. Great friendly crew Captain Tim and PJ . Saw several whale breaches and as the weather conditions were so calm could hear breaches in the distance and the slapping of the pectoral fins nearby. Saw whales relatively close. saw a mother and calf as well although didn't get too close to stress the mother. Highly recommended. We will never forget this great day

, 4 2016

These guys are great. Our original booking got cancelled due to high winds and we rebooked a few days later. Although the boat isn't the nicest looking boat its a giant tin can and movement on the boat is a little restricted due to the seating arrangements I would certainly book this tour again. The guys Tim and Simon were relaxed and full of energy for the afternoon ahead. They were just as enthusiastic as their guests on finding whales. They tried their hardest to deliver and delivered they did. They have one of the quickest boats on the island for whale watching which meant when they spotted a whale way off in the distance they would still take us. We had been out with another operator who had whale sightings closer than these guys and said it was too far/not enough time.
When we eventually spotted whales everyone was delighted, they respected the laws regarding distances between the boat and the whales, although no one told the whales. They swam incredibly close to us and swam right under the boat, which you could see through the water. Truly amazing.
Of course whale sightings are the deciding factor as to whether or not the trip was successful. However I think if we had not seen any whales although it would have been disappointing the guys would have made it a fun trip. They were great at keep everyone entertained and kept the refreshments coming. Their boat also had a shade cover which was new, this is the first time I had been on a boat trip with this option and it was very welcomed. I would certainly recommend this tour to all and if we had more time I would have booked up other excursions with them.

, 2 2016

The Whale Watching trip was outstanding. We were originally booked on Monday, but the seas were really rough. We turned around and went back. Simon offered a different tour or our money back. He didn't have to do that but they are a class act!! We returned on Friday and were treated to an amazing trip with lots of whales and lots of breeches. Simon and Tim run a great tour!!

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975