Q.R., メキシコ

最低価格 $106.00 USD




2 日 (平均所要時間)


  • このカンクンスーパーセーバーで1割引価格で2ベストセラーツアーをお楽しみください
  • チチェンイツァとトゥルムへの早期アクセスで混雑を避ける
  • 認定された考古学者ガイドから古代マヤ文明について聞く
  • ユネスコ世界遺産に登録されているチチェンイツァのエルカスティーヨやジャガー寺院などの遺跡をご覧ください
  • トゥルムの見事なカリブ海のロケーションに惹かれて
  • このViator Exclusiveは他の場所では予約できません


1日目または2日目 — Viator限定:専属の考古学者と共に早朝にチチェン・イッツァを訪れます
1日目または2日目 — Viator限定:専属の考古学者と共に早朝にトゥルム遺跡を訪れます



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Early Access to Chichén itza
, 7 2019
We booked this tour with viator and the communication good with the local tour operator (Amigo tour) via email picked up right time and drop off at our location. The guide Carlos with through knowledge and he doing this for a long time excellent explanation for the site and entire route. The only advice had some coffee if you drink and carry some snack because they serve while returning which is kind of late maybe because of schedule meet
A Horible Experience
, 6 2019
Amigo Tours is unreliable and certainly not worthy of Viator. Unfortunately Viator did not respond to our complaint and simply said they checked with Amigo Tours. Of course they said they provided the service as advertised but that was not true. The guide barely spoke English and was not interested in helping the four English speaking participants. We got no tour and there was no archaeological guide. We were dropped off and left to fend for ourselves. We did not even go the second day since we could not find out what time we were going or where we would be picked up. It was a huge rip off and Viator refused to make good on it.
ホストからの返信 , 6 2019
Hello, Thank you very much for your comments; we are sorry you didn't have the best experience with us. We offer an apology and assure you we're working to provide the best service for all our friends. Best regards, Amigo Group
Decent introduction; wish I booked different tours
, 4 2019
Logistically everything worked out, but not without worry. They initially canceled my Tulum trip, then switched days. For Tulum, the van was 15 minutes late, so I was concerned. The tour guides, Cat for Tulum, Frank for Chichen Itza, we're knowledgeable and informative but not particularly friendly or warm. Both sites were incredible, but far too much time was spent talking while standing in place. SHOW THE RUINS. I appreciate the history lesson, genuinely, but was mainly there for the photography and not given enough time or insight. In Chichen, we weren't shown either the Caracol or Monjas, two of the prime sites. My vacation to Playa del Carmen is now over and I'm already looking at how to go again, just to go on better tours.
Well worth the early start
, 8 2018
After a bit of confusion (my fault) we missed the pick up from the hotel as I mis read the time. The tour company were able to re-organise the following day for a small fee. Always responded to my emails (thanks for bearing with me).Both tours were amazing. Mary (Tulam) was knowledgeable and well organised. Marco (Chichen) was great, passionate, knowledgeable and was so fascinating we didn't even realise we had overrun on our time. The only oddity is that Marco said there were no sacrifices at Tulam and Mary said there were,I highly recommend the early tour. It is an early start but you sleep on the coach and looking at our photos it looks like we were the only people there. When we left Chitchen the temperature was creeping to a very uncomfortable level and the crowds were ramping upHigh recommend.
Excellent Early Access Tour with Fabulous Guide
, 8 2018
We had the early access tour with Marco. I highly recommend it. He was incredibly knowledgeable, personable and very passionate about the ruins. He provided amazing information and insight that we just would not have gotten without an experienced archaeologist. It was also well worth the early trip to beat the crowds.
Chichen Itza was great and styling was ok
, 7 2018
Chinchen Itza was fantastic. Our driver Raphael was great and our guide Marco was fantastic. Marco was terrific and kept the group interested and the tour went so quick. Wish we could have stayed longer. The next day we went Ron Tulum and the guide Abraham was horrible. He spoke for about 15 minutes and then left us to wander around by ourselves for over 2 hours. To me this was not a “guided” tour.
The first day was absolutely...
Ian G
, 6 2018
The first day was absolutely fantastic. I got picked up promptly and transferred to a larger coach for the tour. About halfway through the journey Marco, our tour guide, gave us a fantastic intro to the Mayan civilisation, informing us of a lot of things that would then come up during his tour later on, so that he didn't have to explain everything while we were at the site. The tour was maybe a little too long, and we didn't get a lot of free time. We then went through a local marketplace-style area selling souvenirs to pick up the lunch and drove back to the hotel. A note about food: BRING YOUR OWN. The food bag consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich, small bag of chips containing milk, chocolate and a banana. No options for anything else. If you're veggie, vegan, lactose intolerant or don't eat pigs, you don't get to eat. If they're only going to have one option, it's probably a good idea to make it an option everyone can eat! This is given to you around midday, by which time you've probably been up for eight hours leaving too early for hotel breakfast so, remember to bring your own food!! The second day was a slightly later start. Same basic idea. About halfway through the tour Sara, our guide, started priming us, but unlike Marco this was nothing about the site - it was all rules and timings. Sara was enthusiastic but her accent is very difficult to understand through the intercom. The actual tour was zoomed through quite fast with much less detail than the day before, but you do get more free time to walk around. Again, the food was poor - delivery as you got on the bus at 6.30am, you got a chocolate bar and a small cereal bar. Thankfully, the day wasn't as long, and you're back by lunchtime, so it wasn't quite as bad! So, great first day, not as great second day, Tulum is lovely but TBH I'd probably recommend booking the Chicken Itza day on it's own and bringing your own food.
I really enjoyed the early access...
, 5 2018
I really enjoyed the early access tours because there were less people at the sites and it was not as hot. It was a little difficult getting up in the morning. However, it is well worth it. For Chichen Itza we were done around 3:00pm and Tulum we were done around 1:30-2:00pm so we had plenty of time to hit the beach afterwards. The tour guide for Chichen Itza was Marcos and the driver was Carlos. Both were excellent. Marcos was very engaging and informative. I enjoyed listening to him and he did an amazing job interacting with us all and involving us during the tour. I recommend this tour especially if Marcos is the tour guide. The bagged lunch consisted of a sandwich chips fruit and a juice. Overall, the tour was great and I would highly recommend it. The tour guide for Tulum was Navarro and the driver was Carlos. Navarra was a good tour guide and very informative, not as engaging as I had hoped he would be but still a good tour guide. Carlos was a great driver. The views were amazing and if you are interested you have a little bit of time to walk down the coast. However, it would have been nice if we had some extra time to explore the coast more or get into the water as well. The bagged lunch consisted of juice carton, a bag of chips, and a sugar wafer. I was disappointed in the bagged lunch as I was very hungry getting picked up at 6:00am with no way to eat since the resort restaurant was not open at that time. Overall, the tour was great and I highly recommend it. Improvement would be needed in bagged lunch and if possible extra free time.
this is an amazing tour... i highly...
Juan G
, 3 2018
this is an amazing tour... i highly recommend it.. very informative comfy transport beautiful scenary... it is absolutely worth it... and not crowds.... amazing
This was a big mess, the hotel...
Cyn D
, 3 2018
This was a big mess, the hotel pickup zone was inaccessible to those not staying there. Unable to meet the bus and group due to security. I made sure to drive out to the premises the night before. Contacted Viator from Mexico, what a horrible experience


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+81 6 4560 2975