Cancún, メキシコ

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, 3 2019

Really interesting tour. Loved the stop at the cenote. Refreshing after the heat at Chichen Itza. Ceasar was a great tour guide.

, 3 2019

The guide(s) we’re very knowledgeable and energetic about the information they were talking about. I was fascinated by the engineering feats of Chichen Itza and the cool down in the cenote was great!

, 1 2019

Informative! Witty! Passionate. Only regret - no books to purchase. Wanted to learn more about topic and would have loved professional photos and history to take for table top library. These enable me to re-live and better share the experience while also expanding my knowledge.

, 1 2019

We had the best tour guide at Chichen Itza!! Rodrigo was so knowledgeable and a great tour guide! Highly recommend this tour!

, 1 2019

Had a great day exploring amazing Chichen Itza with this tour. This was a large bus tour, so it was great that our pick up was timely. The bus is comfortable, but the leg room is a bit limited. Our guide Nestor was very informative during the drive to Chichen Itza, and we could tell that he took great pride in his Mayan heritage and culture. It's about a 2 hour drive to and back, so don't be drinking too much coffee before you leave (although there is a stop at a rest area after about 45 minutes). If you don't feel like carrying a lot, you don't really need to bring anything but your swimsuit and money. Water is available at Chichen Itza and at the cenote. Towels and lockers are also available to rent at the cenote. If you don't mind carrying stuff, bring water (it's hot where you'll be going!), swimsuit and towels. The first stop after the rest area is at an artisan shop just outside of Chichen Itza. You can buy souvenirs there - but there are dozens of artisan booths at and around Chichen Itza with much less expensive items (and a bigger selection). Just when we thought we were going to bake from the heat, we left for the cenote. This. Was. Beautiful. The water is so cool and refreshing, and the cenote was unlike anything I've seen! Open air, vines and trees along the sides... simply beautiful. Be prepared for lots of stairs to get down to the water, but it is soooo worth it. Lunch is buffet style and typical Mexican fare - tasted great with an ice cold Corona. Highly recommend this tour!

, 1 2019

Freddy and Raphael were excellent! I took my family of 9 people, ages from grandparents to a 6 year old. We took the tour of the ruins, played in the Cenote and had lunch. Everything was great. The Tour bus was vey comfortable and safe. We could leave our souvenirs in the bus while we went swimming. Freddy the tour guide was awesome! Thank you!

, 12 2018

Mr. Frank was our guide and a Mayan himself, explained everything in detail and was nice and polite! We visited with our 18 month old. I would definitely recommend this tour hotel pickup, lunch, chichen itza, senote and hotel drop off... 7 am to 8 pm, totally worth it.

, 11 2018

Loved this day trip to Chichen Itza with the Cenote swim. The tour guide, Cesar, was very knowledgeable and provided such a wonderful commentary on the rich history of the Mayans. Lunch was very tasty and there was a variety for every palate. The cenote was very cool. Long day (12 hours) but totally worth it. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone!!

, 10 2018

Found the shopping at first place with Buffett much to long, 25 minutes efore lunch and 50 minutes after. Our tour guide was ok, spoke in Spanish and English but seemed there was a lot more said in Spanish, if you are English going on this tour ask for Marco, he was our guide at the site itself and was fantastic.

, 10 2018

We were a big group picked up from the Hotel Zone. Estimated travel time was pretty much accurate. Our tour guide, Franck, was delightful and knowledgeable about Mayan culture. Particularly loved his anecdotes and spiel on the Mayan calendar. He was accompanied by the tour bus driver, Raymond who was equally helpful and courteous. Enjoyed our experience although it was a hot and tiring day. Definitely worth it!

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+81 6 4560 2975