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カルタヘナ・デ・インディアス - 1時間あたりのプライベートツアーガイドサービス

カルタヘナ, コロンビア

最低価格 $90.00 USD 1グループあたり(最大15名)



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icon1時間  (平均所要時間)
icon使用言語: 英語 他1件


このガイド付きツアーでは、カルタヘナの歴史的な沿岸都市を探索してください。出発時間を選択する - 朝と午後が利用可能で、便利なホテルのピックアップとドロップオフサービスをお楽しみください。有益な地元のガイドからこの豪華な植民地時代の歴史と文化を学び、巨大なサン・フェリペ・デ・バラハス城やコンポ・デ・ラ・ポパのような名所を訪れてみましょう。
  • カリブ海沿岸のこの歴史的な植民地都市に浸ってください。
  • カルタヘナの伝説や物語を知識豊富な地元のガイドから聞く
  • 街の美しい建築物に驚嘆し、歴史的な通りを散策してください。
  • 便利なホテル送迎サービスで限られた時間を最大限に活用


3 件のレビュー



Beautiful day at the beach

Playa Blanca Complete! | 3 2020
Excellent day trip to a beautiful beach! Our guide was very thoughtful. After pick up we stopped at a one stop store where we had time to pick up breakfast, coffee, atm, etc. The drive is approximately 1 hour, but well worth it. Lunch and drinks were great. Didn't have any major issues with the locals trying to sell things. Guide was very protective of the guests and remained nearby all day. Lounge chairs available for additional rental fee. Cocktails available also. Everything was very convenient. Bar was steps away from the beach. Overall very enjoyable day. Would do it again.

Wonderful Day at the Beach

Playa Blanca Complete! | 3 2020
Thank you to Hayzar and Jose for a wonder trip to the beach! We were picked up from our AirBnB, took a quick stop at a grocery store for any missing essentials, then made our way to the beach. Given that it was windy season, instead of the short boat ride we walked to the beach; sincerely appreciate the judgement call in the best interest of our safety. Fruit, water, and a shaded awning were provided. We also opted for the lunch. Thank you again for a wonderful day, Hayzar!

Beautiful Beach!

Playa Blanca Complete! | 3 2020
Playa Blanca was absolutely beautiful and the lunch we had was fantastic! It was helpful that we stopped at the supermarket prior to our trip in case we needed anything additional. However, based on my experience, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this tour. We walked through sand for 10 minutes to reach our destination which wasn’t ideal if you have health issues. Once there, we were introduced to the vendors known by the host. He mentioned that massages were 80mil for 30 minutes, which is fine. He set up the massages for us, we told him 30 minutes before lunch (for 30 minutes - the only timeframe he mentions). He said that he would let the masseuses know. They showed up earlier than scheduled and the massage went on past 30 minutes. We aren’t wearing watches so werent aware of time. I’m also not the strongest in Spanish. We felt a bit set up because there was a language barrier and our host made it a point that he would help facilitate anything we needed. When they showed up, he wasn’t there. We did pay for our massages (which were very nice) but we want to warn you to be specific when setting these up. Also, this isn’t the place to go if you want to truly relax without being bothered. There will be vendors passing by every couple of minutes to see if you’d like to buy something.

Best excursion ever!!!

Excursión por la costa de Cartagena: excursión privada por la ciudad | 3 2020
Awesome experience. Edwardo was a great guide. Very enjoyable day. So nice not to have a private tour!

Cartagena Market

Private Transfer From Cartagena Airport to Hotel in the City | 3 2020
Our tour guide Sheila was awesome. Gave us a thorough tour of the market. She is very passionate about here country and people. Highly recommend this tour. Hope you are lucky enough to have Sheila as your tour guide


Half-Day City Tour of Cartagena | 2 2020
The tour guide didn't translate all information in English Probably because most people were Spanish speaking

Great day

Playa Blanca Complete! | 2 2020
Our tour guide Hassan (I think that is how it’s spelled) was awesome. Picked us up from our hotel, stopped in a supermarket for anything we forgot, and explained everything about our day. He was very helpful and made sure we were not taken advantage of by vendors. The day itself was relaxed, not too many panhandlers but maybe is the time of year we went (mid feb). The food served was delicious, the fish was fresh. We enjoyed our jet ski experience. Overall a good day, would definitely recommend and use again if we go back to Cartagena.

Great tour and guide

Excursión por la costa de Cartagena: excursión privada por la ciudad | 2 2020
The tour was great. Nico seemed to know everyone, was very informative and spoke English well making it easy for us to communicate. We didn't get as much time to plan the day out as we had to change the date within the week as our cruise itinerary changed, but the driver (and wow, did he do a good job, driving in Cartagena is not something to try on your own if you are used to actual lines on roads that mean something - the taxi driver that passed us on the right sidewalk will always be part of my trip memory) was able to do a special request stop which then worked well to continue the walking tour of the old walled city and get picked up on the other side. The basic tour hits the highlights, so there wouldn't have been much of a change anyhow. The walled city has a lot of churches and was great history (again, Nico was very informative). They are proud of their emeralds so there are a number of shops for this. The fortress was worth seeing as was La Popa Monestary. There are a lot of people trying to sell you things no matter where you are, so be prepared to deal with that. The pickup process was a bit confused. We were placed with a number of other groups (some private, some small group) and the "leaders" would call one group and they would start to leave only to realize they needed to call another group as well, so they had to come back for that group, so a few back and forths. People started following others without realizing they were in different groups. That process could have been smoother, however, our port date had changed only a week prior, so maybe they had less time to prepare.

Beautiful Cartagena

2 Hour Panoramic tour for cruise ship passengers | 2 2020
Julio was a wonderful guide. He was passionate about his city and wanted to make sure we enjoyed it as much as he did. He answered all of our questions (of which we had many - having never visited Cartagena). I would recommend this tour again and again.


City Tour of Cartagena for Cruises | 2 2020
The tour was OK, but seemed a bit rushed. Part of this is due to the crowds in the big city, but it seems like there was too much for the time allowed. The tour should be an hour or two longer to cover it well.

Great tour with a wheelchair

Excursión por la costa de Cartagena: excursión privada por la ciudad | 2 2020
Wonderful half day tour. We had a wheelchair and the excursion was perfect. Our guide, Ismael, was top notch - very accommodating, extremely knowledgeable, and a vast wealth of stories and insight. Great tour.

As it should be

Private Transfer From Cartagena Airport to Hotel in the City | 2 2020
Everything was just as it should be. They communicated well via email prior to arrival. Were waiting with a sign when we arrived and straight to the hotel. All you could ask for. The one comment I would offer travelers was that our particular driver did not speak English. I know enough broken Spanish that it was no problem for me. If it would be a problem for you, you might ask about it before you arrive.

Walk in india

Playa Blanca Complete! | 2 2020
Great guide The beach and water just average The walk to the beach after the bus ride was terrible garbage all over smelled also large rock to cross ]

Fabulous tour!!!

Excursión por la costa de Cartagena: excursión privada por la ciudad | 2 2020
Absolutely fabulous tour guide! I mentioned that I have mobility problems and he even brought a wheel chair in case it might be needed! The pride that he has for his beautiful city and country is reflected in his knowledge! We came away from our tour of Cartagena with a profound respect for the people who brought independence to Cartagena! Our tour guide was kind and respectful of my lack of mobility and did everything that he could to insure that we didn't miss anything! We give 10 stars!!!

Highly Recommend!

Playa Blanca Complete! | 1 2020
This tour was perfect for a quick trip to the beach. The trip was short, the lunch was amazing and our guide was accommodating. He was incredibly attentive and it was an overall great tour. I highly recommend this to anyone.



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+81 6 4560 2975