Dubai, アラブ首長国連邦の

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30分 (平均所要時間)
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  • ドバイのウォーターフロントでジェットスキーを楽しみましょう
  • 午前中の複数の出発時間からお選び頂けます
  • 美しいウォーターフロントの景色を堪能することができます
  • ジェットスキー用具と説明も含まれています



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, 2 2018

Since this was my first exposure to this type of activity, I stated so to the instructor, he said no problem, most such visitors were that. He had previously texted us a recommended time to arrive, however I had not looked at my phone, but our arrival earlier so was okay, as they were just releasing the current visitors. He and his associate patiently explained all the safety requirements, also where we were going and how fast, in the small port. Outside the port, he had joined my experienced son, and they were ahead of me. After some slow skiing, to my satisfaction, I caught up to them! The guide even took pictures on his phone, and sent them to us. I was complimented on how fast I was going! These pictures were taken by the world class 7 star hotel! All in all, an unforgettable experience, the only thing wrong was the short 30 minute duration. I could have stayed there for hours. Thanks to the guides!

, 11 2017

Yet another first for me... Jet Skiing. The manager was a little grumpy, probably due to the fact I woke him up early on the day of my booking to validate... oops! Despite this, he sent me clear instructions via WhatsApp e.g. bring my passport and a towel and supplied detailed directions of how to get there. He even offered to talk to the cab driver if he struggled to find the place. He also called later to advice me they were running slightly late and had rescheduled my slot, which I appreciated. My wife and I arrived and unfortunately the manager was not much more cheery in person than earlier. Thankfully our instructor was more friendly and once we were given a life jacket, we were sat on the jet ski, posing for a pic before receiving a tutorial about use of the kill switch etc. We ambled out of the dock on impulse power, having been told several times not to press the gas. Once clear we were given the green light to open it up and boy did I ever. Trust me these things can shift and I couldn't have predicted the massive adrenaline rush of skipping over the water at 55 kph. We rode for some time and finally arrived at the Burj Al Arab where we posed for some more pics which are sent to you free of charge via WhatApp, which I thought was a nice touch. We mucked about at the Burj Al Arab for a while then headed back. We were given a bottle of water and the pics transferred. Will definitely do this again if given the chance. Many thanks Nemo Watersports!

, 1 2017

Great time, but our guide wasn't the most friendly unfortunately.

, 11 2016

Bought this as a birthday gift my husband who loved it!!!
Amazing views looking upto see the Burj was awesome.
A great touch was having all photos sent to our phone whilst out there at no extra cost!!

, 10 2016

Amazing experience and great service provided. 100 recommended

, 7 2016

SO MUCH FUN! Yanis, my instructor, was extremely knowledgeable of jet skis and helpful in every way. Had such a blast skiing across the Arabian Sea and around Dubai sites! He took multiple pictures and videos and gave me opportunities to take pics as well. He even gave me a ride to the next destination. Would definately do it again, and again, and again!

, 6 2016

This tour was amazing!

, 4 2016

Adrenaline galore and great value!! Day 1 I jet skied with an instructor who took me to see the main attractions. Having such a great time I invited a friend to join me for a fly boarding challenge the next day. Awesome! Competent staff and convenient location. Go Nemo Water Sports!!

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+81 6 4560 2975