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  • ドバイ発アブダビ1日ツアー
  • ガルフコーストから南に車で走り超モダンなUAEの首都に向かいます。
  • 世界で最も大きなモスクの1つ、シェイク・ザーイド・モスクを訪問します。
  • ヘリテージ・ビレッジでベドウィン文化に触れることができます。
  • デーツマーケットを散策しエミレーツパレスとフェラーリ・ワールドに立ち止まり写真を撮ることができます。
  • エアコン完備のミニバンでの移動となります。また入場料と指定のドバイのホテルへの往復送迎は込みです。
  • 一人ひとりが楽しめる15人以下の少人数グループツアーです。




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, 3 2019

I really enjoyed my full day tour to Abu Dhabi.
Water was provided along with Abayas to visit the Mosque. Pick up was on time and the driver was good.
The guide, Angélica, gave us lots of information on the way and there. She was excellent !!
Very well organised tour. Highly recommanded.

, 12 2018

Reiseleiter war sehr kompetent und aufgeschlossen.Den Ausflug sollte man unbedingt mal gemacht haben. Auch das Zeitmanagement war gut.Kein durchschleusen der Touristen.

, 12 2018

Very good trip, tour guide was very interesting and we were able to ask any quastion he was happy to answer. The beat was a surprise where we got to go to jumeirah tower at the end! Super trip!

, 12 2018

Tour was good except I wish we didn’t stop at the Heritage Villiage. Waste of time. Tour guide was good and knowledgeable.

, 11 2018

Excellent tour with belial and rasdd. Great explanation of all the places visited. History of Dubai and the mulsim religion.

, 10 2018

We had a very full day, with many sights to see and a variety of venues. The guide was very good (though he spoke a little too fast) and patient. Twice our tour was delayed by participants not being at the right place at the right time. All the tour was punished by inconsiderate couples (one couple may have erred as they did not have a good understanding of English, and thus missed the instructions). Overall good value for money.

, 10 2018

The services that we got from the company are poor. the staff in the office that served us are not welling to help even it's a very simple help. for exsample:1.The day before tour I was stay in Hotel A, I ask to have our baggage with us in the morning when go to tour so they can drop me in the hotel B(that hotel is in the pick up list) that we are going to stay that night. They are refuse to do so. and the reason is the coach have no space. but it's not true, the mini bus have so much space to have our two baggage on. Bus have about 18 seats and we only have 8 people on the tour.2. after they refuse to have my baggage onboard the day before tour. in the next morning I catch taxi my self to the hotel B and I ask them pick up from Hotel B so we don't need to carry baggage.but they are refuse again. I have been many place around the would and it's first time I ever face this kind of services. It is total unacceptable.

, 10 2018

Abu Dhabi was fab, but this tour was far too rushed. 25 mins to get lunch from getting off the bus, as I have poor mobility and use a walker by the time we got to the food court, queued it left 10 mins to eat and get back to the bus.We were told at the other stops to buy any souvenirs at the heritage centre, when we got there we were given 20 mins to look round, get souvenirs and use toilets before 2hr bus ride back. Don’t manage to look round by the time we’d been to the toilet.

, 10 2018

It was a great day out and the tour guides were FANTASTIC! I was picked up from my hotel and they were very accomodating in dropping me back at a different hotel. The Mosque is awesome and I highly recommend this trip.

, 8 2018

Difficult to understand guide in English and he said many things that did not make any sense and some propaganda about the great government and royal family. It is just basically transportation from Dubai to the Mosque in Abu Dhabi and then some driving around Abu Dhabi for a short while. We did not even see the guide in the Mosque since the group went on their own ways. It was Ramadan but we stopped at a place with some small museums like a village where there was what seemed like a pretty good restaurant open but the guide said they were not doing business with that restaurant and took us to a supermarket to buy items to make a sandwich or whatever. It was confusing and lots of people in line and time consuming. We were all pretty hungry. It was frustrating. Then just drove back and got in horrendous traffic once in Dubai. The Mosque is fantastic and was worth the long trip but the rest is just a bunch of new buildings same as Dubai.

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+81 6 4560 2975