Dubai, アラブ首長国連邦の

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90分 (平均所要時間)


  • ドバイで最も古い地区をツアーで回りましょう
  • 首長執務室モスクを訪れましょう
  • 文化、伝統、遺産についてプロのガイドから学びましょう




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, 5 2018

Most informative and interesting tour . Gave a much better understanding of the Muslim traditions and religion. Would highly recommend . Refreshing to see Old Dubai in contrast to the glitz and glamour of new Dubai

, 12 2017

Our hostess/host were absolutely delightful. There sense of humor and friendly demeanor was great. The tour was very good and it was a privilege to visit the mosque. I would highly recommend.

, 2 2017

This was a relaxed tour of the old village of Dubai, no rush, plenty of chat, and an engaging guide. When they say you can ask them anything they do mean it, they are happy to tell you anything about their culture, so don't be shy.
We were provided with a selection of food, accompanied by a very enjoyable talk about how it should be eaten, coffee and as much water as we needed, before we went out and met a lady making ribbons and a gentleman with a hawk. After a walk and talk round the village we ended the tour at the mosque.
For those who didn't wear appropriate clothes for the mosque the beautifully simple clothes provided looked very clean, and well kept, so don't worry if you forget something.
I really enjoyed this tour, lovely atmosphere, friendly people and very informative.

, 1 2017

This is the tour I would recommend the most. Despite it might seem like something not very interesting, it is actually a tour not to be missed, absolutely!
The best component of this tour is the local guides. Because they are local, their motivation to explain you arabic culture and heritage is genuine and their narration therefore is very interesting. Their highly positive energy will imprint in your memory for many years.
Firstly you are going to sit in a circle indoors and hear about local culture as well as have chances to ask your questions to the giude. You will also be offered some beverages to drink and some local pastries to taste.
Then you'll take a tour around the area, starting with an old tent where you'll be offered coffee. After sitting there for a while and learning about interesting things that people used to do in the past, you'll then proceed to the mosque and learn some interesting facts about the nuances of its architecture as well as the nuances of Islam. You'll then walk round old buildings and learn the secrets that Arabs used to keep their homes cool, and many other interesting things. Just ask your questions and get exhaustive answers.
I will definitely take some other tours of the Sheikh Mohammad Centre for Cultural Understanding if I visit Dubai again.

, 10 2016

Smart presenters, welcome atmosphere, good walk around the Bastikya area. Definitely recommended.

, 12 2015

excellent. Nasir was a wonderful host, very open and funny. we had a really international group and I felt we had a real insight into the moderate Muslim world and sensible explanations of their culture.

, 12 2015

L'accueil était très chaleureux. Les explications données étaient très intéressantes. Nous avons eu toutes les réponses à nos questions. Beaucoup de tolérance de compréhension et de gentillesse. Nous avons passé une matinée extraordinaire. Merci mille fois.
Irma et ma fille Emmanuelle

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+81 6 4560 2975