Dubai, アラブ首長国連邦の

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7〜8時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • ドバイから出発し、1日でアブダビのシェイク・ザーイド・モスクとルーヴル・アブダビを見学します
  • バスやタクシーを待つ必要はなく、空調付きの車両で目的地を回ります
  • ルーブルはご自身での観光、モスクはガイドの解説付きの観光となります
  • 最大15人のツアーで、入場料、ホテルへの送迎が含まれます




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, 3 2019

Bonne prise en charge à l’hôtel, guide très sympathique. Beaucoup d’explications ... mais en anglais. La visite au Louvre passe trop vite avec le repas à prendre sur place. Peut être frustrant pour les personnes souhaitant rester plus longtemps.

, 2 2019

Belle excursion, personnels professionnels, bonne organisation.
À prévoir un peu plus de temps sur la deuxième partie de la visite - le Musée du Louvre car 2 h de visite avec temps de repas compris n’est pas assez et c’est un peu frustrant sachant que le retour à Dubai est à 16h. Il vaut mieux rester 3-3,5h au Louvre et rentrer à Dubai vers 17h30-18h

, 1 2019

Fantastic tour of the Grand Mosque and Louvre with a brilliant tour guide .would definitely recommend.

, 7 2018

This tour was incredible! The our guide from Egypt was very friendly, organized and informative about the mosque and the louvre. This was the perfect way to see both spaces in a compact amount of time. pick ups and drop off are made really convenient and easy. I highly recommend this tour for anyone wishing to visit the best of Abu Dhabi!

, 4 2018

The Grand Mosque and Louvre were THE highlight of my trip. So surprised about the beautiful amazing architecture. Both places were breathtaking. The Mosque is a place of beauty and peace. The Louvre a place of history and art. Magical places to visit for sure and not to miss when you are in Abu Dhabi. The driver gave us also a bottle of water, we could buy our lunch at the cafe of the Mosque and the communication before and after the tour was very good too. The driver picked me up at the hotel and all was organized very professional. All in all a great tour I can highly recommend to everybody. Thank you very much!

, 4 2018

Very interesting building. The art is so so. Yet if you like architecture it is very worthwhile.

Guide and driver were great and all stayed on schedule.

, 3 2018

Great tour! Our guide Hend was very informative and gave us a great short history of the UAE on our way to Abu Dhabi.

, 2 2018

I thought this was a great value. I really wanted to see both the Mosque and the Louvre and had looked into taking a city bus and then trying to Uber or taxi to both places. I'm glad I didn't try to DIY. The distances are long- it would have been more expensive that way. Viator subcontracts to Oceanaire and my guide was Hamad. He gave great insights into the Islamic religion and some of the finer points about the mosque. He did not accompany us into the Louvre- I think guides are actually prohibited but it's better to go through the museum at your own pace anyway I think. If these two places are on your list, this trip gives you adequate time to see the museum and is a very convenient way to do it. Unfortunately, I was first to be picked up and last to be dropped off in Dubai which added about two hours to the day but that's just the luck on a group tour. Good value.

, 2 2018

This tour was a strange and bizarre experience. Communication before the tour was good, and pickup at 08 o' clock without problems. Then we went to the Louvre Abu Dhabi and got 2 hours to visit, from 10.30 to 12.30. This museum is excellent. There is a cafe and restaurant, but we didn't eat anything, thinking we should stop to buy a lunch somewhere. After the museum, the guide told us we go to the Grand Mosque. He did't speak about lunch, so we supposed we should stop for a late lunch after the visit of the mosque. At the mosque there is also a restaurant, but of course we did't eat there, thinking we should stop for lunch on the way back. Then we drove back to Dubai, Two hours driving, arriving at 16.30 without food... Very strange. We knew that lunch was not included in the price, but we did'n knew there was no time for a lunch-stop in the program. Worst of all, the guide didn't even speak about lunch: we should have been completely happy if he just told us that there was no lunch stop: in that case we could have bought a sandwich in the museum or in the mosque. And it was not during the Ramadan. I did many many excursions in my life, but this is the first time a do a tour from 08.00 till 16.30 without eating anything.

, 1 2018

The new Louvre is amazing, and what a great way to see it, and the Grand Mosque from Dubai. Miral was a very pleasant and helpful guide.

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975