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当ガイド付き全日ツアーで、世界で最も急速に発展する都市ドバイの姿をご確認ください。印象的な輪郭を持つ豪華なホテルが立ち並ぶこの魅力的な都市をご探検ください。 世界最大のショッピング・モールに隣接する世界一高い超高層ビル、ブルジュ・ハリファを目の当たりに。ドバイ水族館 & 水中動物園を訪れ、サメやアカエイの他、様々な種の魚を自然の生息環境の中、間近にご覧いただけます。世界最大の人工島パーム・ジュメイラを訪れ、中東スタイルの市場、スーク・マディナ・ジュメイラをご体験ください。ホテルへの送迎が含まれています。
  • 全日ツアーでドバイを探検
  • 世界一高いビルを観光
  • 世界で最も大きなショッピングモールの一つに立ち寄って・・・
  • 世界最大の吊り下げ式水族館を観光



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, 3 2018

They get the one star for the guide who was pleasant and informative, and the tour wasn't too bad, although you're told you will visit a local house to see how the locals live, when you get there, you're ushered into a small room with the son who explains about the carpets they make, then asks how many you want to buy and stares at you for a really uncomfortable amount of time before he takes the hint that you don't want a carpet, then your sent into the next room where his mother tries to sell you perfume etc, it left us all feeling very uncomfortable. Not!!!!! however as uncomfortable as we were waiting at the mall for 45mins for our return transfers, when one of the party finally got through on the phone to the company, he was told there was no buses and we should just make our own way home!!! We were ok because we'd used the metro system previously but an Indian couple were about to pay a fortune for a taxi back to their hotel. Completely unacceptable to leave clients stranded without even an apology.

, 3 2018

Abdullah was very knowledgeable and patient and a little amusing too. Tour gives a great overall view of what to see in Dubai city but definitely plan on extra days to go back and explore more completely.

, 2 2018

An amazing introduction to Dubai! I thoroughly enjoyed this tour and appreciated the knowledge shared by the friendly guide. Highly recommended!

, 2 2018

Very comprehensive tour. Lovely guide. If you have one day to see as much of Dubai as possible...this is the tour!

, 1 2018

Dubai downtown is amazing. View at the top burj khalifa is priceless. Had fun

, 12 2017

Fantastic tour with our guide SAAD. You get to see just about everything but its a long day and you need to be reasonable fit and able to keep up with the pace to fit everything in. If you don't keep to the timetable you will miss out on seeing some of the sights.

, 12 2017

Definitely worth the price! The tour was informative, entertaining and well-organized. Guide was knowledgeable, friendly. Got a good sense of the area as well as some history which was very interesting. Burj Khalifa was awesome in many ways including an amazing view of the area, the fastest elevator ever and having an astonishing history in the number of people from many countires involved in its construction. Absolutely a must to do and see if in Dubai.

, 11 2017

Nice tour, but we felt rushed. Our guide had thick accent and also we had some people from Germany in our group and he was talking half the time in Germany. We were rushed till we reached Burj Khalifa at 230, after which we were told to free lance there till 615 when we were picked up. The aquarium included is not the hanging aquarium in mall, it is the aquarium in Atlantis. We went to the big Aquarium ourselves after that. Overall good experience.

, 10 2017
, 7 2017

Our tour guides were great and very knowledgeable. We absolutely had the opportunity to get a full view of old and new Dubai. The souks were an eyesight. Definitely do your shopping in the new souk because your tour guide will pretty much walk you through the old souk and show you around. Initially I thought I wanted him to slow down during this process, but if he had we would have been swarmed by everyone to buy from them. He in turn protected us from this experience. I was not as pleased with the Aquarium experiences. We only viewed the public spaces. This public space is quite crowded. Based on the Itinerary I thought we were obtaining tickets to enter the Aquarium. Other than that the free time at the mall after we viewed the Worlds Tallest Building was appreciated. The trip started off great, but towards the end was a little questionable.

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+81 6 4560 2975