Dubrovnik, クロアチア

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12時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • ドゥブロブニクからの日帰りツアーで、ボスニア・ヘルツェゴビナのクラヴィカの滝を訪れましょう。
  • 中世の町ポチテリを散策し、モスタルの有名な橋を見学しましょう
  • 運転手が、見どころの説明をしながら町から町へとご案内します。
  • 便利なドゥブロブニクのホテルへの送迎付きです




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, 10 2018

A small well organized tour that delivered what it stated in the advertised schedule. The free time we had was enough to fully appreciate both the waterfalls and Mostar. Time also for coffee and comfort break in both directions. Border control at peak times could be a problem.Would definitely recommend this trip.

, 8 2018

I guess I didn’t realize how long of a day this was gonna be. The stops aren’t long, and a lot of time spent traveling so consider that when looking into this trip. They picked us up at 710 and we went directly to the falls- we never made the stop at neum? Or whatever the name of that coffee stop was supposed to be. You get an hour and a half at the falls. And this time of year it’s freaking hot!! The falls are beautiful and you can swim- just bring a change of clothes. Then next to Mostar for 2.5hrs. I can’t really say how it was bc it was soooo crowded and again freaking hot. Then off to home.
Our guide Andrea was super nice.

, 8 2018

gorgeous!! the place was amazing the stops where well done, the tour was right on time and they pick and dropp u off! so thats a check! the guide and the driver where amazing!!

, 8 2018

The guide could not have looked more miserable to be guiding this tour. Skip the Kravice Waterfalls and head straight to Mostar. This tour did not allow enough time to explore Mostar. I advise just getting their on your own via rental car and spending time in the city.

, 7 2018

We had a good time. The city of Mostar was fantastic also the Kravice water fall, but the best was our tour guide Andrea. She really made the trip different.

, 6 2018

Mostar is beautiful -we're happy we took one of our days in Dubrovnik for this day trip! We were disappointed that the tour did not follow the itinerary in the description - we specifically chose this itinerary so that we would go to the waterfalls at the end of the day, as we wanted to swim after our full day of sightseeing - instead it was our first stop after the coffee break. We also did not stop in Neum for the coffee break on the way, but rather at a road-side hotel with no ambience. The Neum stop was at the end of the day and again, just at a road-side hotel - not picturesque for a seaside town. Pocitelj was interesting with wonderful stalls selling souvenirs, fruit and juices. Mostar was definitely the highlight!

, 5 2018

Great tour! It was my favorite part of my week in Dubrovnik. I was surprised of how beautiful Bosnia was.
We had The King as our driver and he was very engaging. He kept the tour laughing the whole way and tried to connect with every member on our tour. Lots of good shopping in Mostar Old Town. Great scenery and made me wish I had more time in Bosnia during my week stay!

, 11 2017

Perfect organization and a wonderful trip to bosnia. Everything works in a good way

, 10 2017

Interesting trip with little delay at border crossing.

, 10 2017

This tour was perfect from the start. I was picked up in front of my Hotel. Our guide Ivana made the ride in the mini bus very interesting. Ivana told us about the history of Dubrovnik and Croatia as we travelled to the border. All the way during the ride she asked all the passangers is everything all right, do we need something, is the temperature in the mini bus OK. She and the driver Teddy really made our tour interesting and memorable. First place that we visited were Kravice waterfalls. They are just gorgeous. The falls here are amazing and the water very clear. You can swim in the crystal clean and beautiful green water. Our next stop was Počitelj. For such a small place, there are so many interesting and unique buildings to explore. The climb up to the fort was well worth it. After 20 minutes we arrived in Mostar.I really loved Mostar, oriental,different, great food and people. The best to see in one day out from Dubrovnik. Learned a lot about this region.
On the way back Teddy and Ivana told us that we will go on the little border near village Ravno where there is no traffic so we will not have to wait on the border. This was just perfect beacuse we stoped on the way in the old train station which is now family owned restaurant and vinery. They even gave me a glass of wine which was just perfect because I really like wine. Where ever I go I like to try domestic wines. This wine was just perfect and at the end I bought a bottle of wine for very reasonable price.
I can just say this excursions was perfect from the start to the end. Thank you Ivana and Teddy for a perfect day!

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+81 6 4560 2975