Gibraltar, ジブラルタル

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6分 (平均所要時間)


  • ジブラルタルのケーブルカーのチケット
  • 有名なジブラルタルのザ・ロックの頂上まで、ゴンドラで登りましょう
  • スペインと北アフリカの素晴らしい景色を楽しみましょう
  • 頂上のロック・カフェでは軽食と飲み物を購入できます
  • ザ・ロックで暮らすバーバリーマカクを見てみましょう
  • ジブラルタルの必見のスポット
  • 家族みんなで楽しめますね




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, 10 2018

The Top of the Rock Cable Car experience was very exciting. The ride was very scenic and smooth. Be careful with the monkeys. They are very mischievous. Be careful with backpacks and purses.We were are to get a taxi from the cruise terminal and share a ride with two other couples. Cost was $10/couple US Dollars one way. The Viator ticket, since it was prepaid, allowed us to move to the front of a 2 hours wait line. We were in a cable car within 20 minutes. We were able to leisurely stroll through he town and then take a 15 minute walk back to the shipthe town leisurely and then walk back to the ship.

, 9 2018

Visiting Gibraltar on a cruise ship we read that we did not need a shore excursion. WE thought about the cable car to the top to avoid climbing the rock. Late in our planning we prebooked cable car tickets with Viator for under $20USD each. WE had no idea what was in front of us. From the ship we could not see Gibraltar for all the fog. Damp and misty on the ship we wondered if we would go ashore after all As the morning started we decided to at lease see the town. Took a shuttle service from the port to get to the main street of Gibraltar town. , going up hill. Then we realized if we would go to the top of the rock we would have no energy left if we had to climb it! We had our prebooked tickets. Slowly the fog started clearing so we meandered up to the office of the cable car. Wow peole wer in line for a block There was no line at the reservation window inside the boxxy office. WE put out our invoice and got two tickets and went straight to the head of the line Yes had to wait for the cable car to load two trips before we got aboard. Six minutes ans we were to the top. The fog had moved off the front of the rock but not on the back area. We walked around and got our full of the view and looked at the apes and wandered about and then took the cable car down. In the summer there is no halfway stop on the cable car. tp see the apes and caves You either take it down to walk all the way down despite the ads. WE were tired and had no interest to be nipped by the apes. WE also had seen videos of the caves and were not trading our easy trip down for a 20-30 minute hard walk. When we arrived at base the line now lined the street for about 500 people back. Not our thing It was not worth the wait but nice to slide on and off the cable car with our tickets. We saw it and went back down the street.

, 9 2018

Belle vue sur la ville à 360 degrés.... Les singes n’etaient pas si voleurs que ça !!! les tickets achetés par Viator nous ont permis de ne pas faire la queue à la billetterie et d’entrer directement dans le télécabine.

, 4 2018

Be prepared to queue! Even with the pre bought tickets we had to queue for nearly 2 hours in the heat. When we finally got to the top it was great! Good views and fun with the apes.

, 4 2018

First off, if it is spring or summer be prepared to stand in extremely hot sun as you line up to buy your tickets or exchange your vouchers. When we got to the place where you buy your tickets or exchange your vouchers to go up in the Cable Car it was very confusing. There were multiple line ups and not enough signage to figure out how to turn in our pre-paid vouchers to get our cable car tickets. We waited in line for an hour. Once we got closer to the ticket windows where you were to exchange your voucher it was very unclear as to where to go. Luckily the people in front of us pushed ahead and made sure that they got into the pre-paid lineup and told us to do the same. If they hadn't told us then we wouldn't have known what lineup to be in the instructions on the vouchers were vague. Of the 7 or 8 Viator tour/vouchers that we used this summer this was the only one that wasn't clear about where to go to exchange it. I don't think this was Viator's fault though. I think that the Top of the Rock Cable Car ticketing office set up was the problem. Luckily the long wait to get up was worth it. Be very careful of your belongings when you get up there as the Barbary apes will pounce on your stuff any chance they get :-

, 4 2018
, 3 2018
, 11 2017

Cable car was great. We had a tight schedule and the cable car let us fit it all in.

, 11 2017

Easy peasy! Exchanging the voucher for our ticket was seamless. The ride was a bit scary, but safe and an efficient way to get up the rock and back.

, 11 2017

Unable to visit the rock due to the storm in the atlantic - the cruise ship diverted to La Harve to ride it out. The rating is simply because we did not go

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