Hangzhou, 中国

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6時間 (平均所要時間)
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杭州の有名な西湖のすぐ南にある龍井村は、中国で最上級の緑茶の1つである龍井茶の産地です。龍井へと参ります、この6時間のツアーをお楽しみ下さい。そこでは、この有名なお茶について学んで頂けます。豊富な知識を持つガイドが、中国茶葉博物館、十八棵茶樹、梅家坞、そして虎跑泉をご案内致します。それぞれの場所で、この素晴らしいお茶の違った側面をご覧頂けます。 ユネスコ世界遺産に登録されている西湖のクルーズもお楽しみ頂き、お茶農家が営業するレストランで昼食をお買い求め頂けます。
  • 杭州からの龍井村への6時間のツアー
  • 杭州の近くで栽培された揚子茶の知識を深めましょう
  • ユネスコの世界遺産である西湖での美しいクルーズをお楽しみください
  • 18世紀の皇帝によって有名になった、「帝国の18の茶畑」をご覧ください。
  • 龙井茶田と中国国立茶博物館で茶生産についての知識を深めましょう
  • 虎跑夢泉で新鮮な湧き水を味わいましょう。この水から、偉大なお茶が生まれています。
  • ガイド、入場料、ホテル送迎も込みです。



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, 1 2018

Loved this tour. The tea museum is one of a kind! The boat ride on west lake was a nice diversion as well. Touring a tea plantation and seeing the Dragon Well was a highlight. Great tour guide.

, 7 2017

With Sharon as my very capable guide, I was able to fulfill my longtime goal of visiting the source of Lung Ching or Dragonwell tea. She and her driver provided me with exceptional service as we toured the gardens around West Lake, boated across the lake, visited the tea information center, the National Tea Museum and the legendary Dragon Well. The day began at 9:30 and I was delivered back to my hotel at 4:30. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who has an interest in Chinese tea.

, 6 2017

Thank you Nancy for the tour, it was super worthwhile and a great day out. For 2 people it was good value for money, we didn't feel rushed or pressured at any point, we took our time. Nancy was very friendly, considerate of small details and very confident English speaker.

The museum was a highlight for me, i can spend many hours in a museum - that could have been improved with some tea tastings.

lunch was delicious - please always suggest some popular local dishes so guests don't have to work their way through an all-chinese menu with no background knowledge of local specialities. But let's be honest - the food here is so good that you're unlikely to get something poor even when choosing at random!

tasting and buying longjin tea was good - but a bit salesy. It's probably just a personal or cultural difference, but i prefer to not have to decide on the spot if i'm going to buy something expensive, i prefer to sit and think about it privately and then decide.

April - March is the time of year to pick tea in Hangzhou, so that wasn't included in our trip. Which is ok for me, i've done that before and after an hour the novelty wears off ahahaha but it would be have been nice to still take a walk through the tea fields.

A lot of my comments here are in hindsight, but on the day we were perfectly comfortable and very relaxed from the trip around West Lake, and driving through the beautiful countryside and full of lunch. I came home feeling like i didn't miss out on anything.

, 10 2016

Thank you to Bonnie for a wonderful tour! She made the entire experience fantastic because she knows so much about Hangzhou and the history of the area and tea!. The Tea Museum was wonderful, the tea plantation was beautiful, and our meal was really delicious. We had a private tour and did the West Lake boat ride last, and it was a great way to end our day.

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+81 6 4560 2975