Hualien City, 台湾

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8時間 (平均所要時間)
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  • 太魯閣渓谷 終日ハイキング: 花蓮市から錐麓古道
  • 太魯閣国家公園から、時代を感じさせる錐麓古道をハイキングします
  • 太魯閣渓谷と錐麓の大理石断崖の壮大な景観をお楽しみください
  • ガイドがハイキングの許可を手配しますので、手間いらずの体験をお約束します
  • 適度な健康状態の参加者に適した、それほど難度の高くないハイキングです
  • ホテルでのお迎えと往復移動が含まれています
  • 8名限定の小グループで、個々に適した体験をお約束します



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, 11 2017

The Zhilu old trail trip was absolutely wonderful and full of amazing experience!
Taroko has super scenery, marble mountains, deep cannyon, dark tunnels..The view on the Zhilu old trail was just so amazing and breathtaking. Our tour guide William had us well looked after always,He was extremely friendly, very knowledgeable and made the trip so much fun.William introduced us some historical monument of Japanese people along the way, I've got to know what kind of historical place it is, and could learn a great deal about history of Taiwan.
Taiwan is full of really amazing natural beauty, I'd like to highly recommend this tour.
I'm looking forward to my next trip with great our guide William and Taiwan Eye Travel!

, 12 2018

We were a group of 7, with varying levels of fitness. Jeff did a wonderful job ensuring our safety while keeping us on pace. This hike is no joke....a lot of steep climbing up stairs but it was all worth it at the end once you reach the cliff. Amazing views and while I'm terrified of heights, I would definitely do this hike again!

, 5 2017

This tour was amazing everything we had hoped for and more. We got to see Taroko Gorge up close and very personal, at times staring down a 600m cliff. While we were the 'weakest link' in the group, our guide, William, managed to help everyone progress at their own speed and ability and enjoy it all the way. William had great insights into the history of Taroko Guide and our trail, and saw to our every need. In fact, I was impressed that at the midpoint, where we rested and had lunch before our return, William quietly prepared a hot beverage tea, coffee, or even hot chocolate for everyone. Couldn't have had a better tour guide on this or any other tour.

, 4 2017

Zhuilu Old Trail was a memorable hike with fantastic views. Our guide, William, was friendly, informative and lead the group well. Highly recommended.

, 8 2016

Taroko Gorge is amazing. William Ho was a great tour guide. He is very knowledgeable and entertaining to provide us the best experience in Hualien. I highly recommend to this hiking trail you will not be disappointed!!

, 8 2016

Highly recommended. This trail admits up to ~150 persons a day max and the views and experience are stunning. The guide was also very friendly, explained many things about the trail and even took us for some local street food specialties.

, 4 2016

Great tour and even better guide! Well organized tour, the Zhuilu trail is the main event but there is plenty of flexibity to fill in the remainder of the day, we managed to squeeze in the Eternal Spring trail, a brief stop at the beach and 2 local eateries in Hualien.

Very well paced tour, fantastic views and a pretty cool hike alltogether.

Highly recommended!

, 4 2016

Brilliant! Our guide was generous with his wealth of information and experience. Although the hike was strenuous, his pace was great and accommodated to our small group. Will be back to find out more about Taroko!

, 4 2016

We just returned from the Taroko Gorge hike. Our guide, William, was over the top/most excellent. He paced the hike wonderfully so as we struggled to hike the slope, he stopped at the right time for us to rest-up. He provided the correct amount of information when it was timely and appropriate. I have traveled to over 85 countries in the past 40 years, and William was one of the best guides I have had in all those years and places.

The Gorge hike is awesome!!

, 4 2016

One of the best hiking trip i've ever had! The trail offers an amazing view of the gorge up close!

Credits to the super friendly and sincere guide, William. He gave a very detailed explanation on Taroko and the best part of it, he's treating me like a friend. For once, I felt like i'm on an adventure with a travel companion whom I can count on!


Travelled on 11 March 2016.

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+81 6 4560 2975