Highland Council, イギリス

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美しい川の岸辺沿いにある歴史的なインヴァネスを探索して、ホップオフの観光ツアーをお楽しみください。 24時間パスで、Abertarff House、Caledonian運河、Merkinch自然保護区、インヴァネス城など11の停留所であなた自身の冒険を作りましょう。二階建てのコーチで旅行する際に、あなたの専門家のガイドから街の歴史と文化について学んでください。
  • インバネスの市内観光乗り降り自由ツアー
  • オープントップのダブルデッカーバスで街を見る
  • 自分のペースでインバネスを探索し、パーソナライズされた観光の旅程を作成する
  • インヴァネス城、エデンコートシアター、ゲーリックチャーチ、トムナフリヒヒル、ウィンパークなどの人気アトラクションを見る
  • 24時間有効のチケット
緑豊かな丘や壮大な水路に囲まれたインヴァネスの文化都市は自然と自然に調和しています。あなたの24時間パスで、オープントップの二階建てのバスに乗って、この古代都市の最高のものを見てください。 11つの停留所のいずれかでバスでホップしてください(完全な停留所リストについては下記の旅程を参照)、自分のスケジュールやツアー期間、ナレーションされたオーディオツアーを柔軟に選択できます。パノラマの景色を眺めながら、オープントップデッキの内側または上の座席を掴んで町を巡り、あらゆる停留所でいつでも出かけることができます。



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Given the small size of the city this...
Jeff F
, 8 2018
Given the small size of the city this is pretty much a waste! I did the Inverness Bike Tour which gave a much better overview of the city. Skip it!
Inverness hop on hop off cheating tour Fraud
, 8 2018
Cheating - fraud Would be very appreciated if you guys my money back !There is no Hop on hop off bus , they used covered old mess van and they also using for dropping passenger to Loch Ness cruise stop Boring - waste of time , waste of money They said bus is sick , so our money should be back , we booked our hop on hop for open bus not for cozy van .
I enjoyed these hop-on-hop-off bus...
, 9 2017
I enjoyed these hop-on-hop-off bus tickets! One thing that must be recognized is that the busses have routes that they take. You need to have a map of those easily available at the bus booths, and be aware that if you want to go south and the bus route is headed north, you will need to stay on the bus until it takes you in the direction you want. Most busses are narrated live or via audio they provide free earphone jacks in little sealed packets. After walking everywhere, these bus rides/tours are wonderful for touring the area in comfort. The upper deck allows for great picture-taking in good weather, too. When you want to get off, they have buttons to push to tell the driver you want to get off. They stop at all the stopping places anyway, but pushing the button will give you time to get downstairs. I highly recommend the HOPO Tour bus tickets if you are relying on public transportation or walking for your visit, and even as a first-time-around-the-city orientation tour.
Brief overview of Inverness. I went to...
kym b
, 8 2017
Brief overview of Inverness. I went to a number of the highlights later in the day so the trip for that reason was worthwhile
This is our second experience with this...
Robert G
, 6 2017
This is our second experience with this company. This one was again not up to expectations. The one bus ran only once every hour. We missed the first stop by just about a minute. We saw the bus as we departed a shuttle bus only to have to walk nearly a mile to get to another stop. The bus was extremely noisy, and we could not hear the narrative. This was by far the worst hop-on hop-off experience we have ever had. We have done many of them in our travels. Don't waste your time on this one. Far easier to just walk to sites within the city.
I love taking the HOHO for any city...
Rita M
, 6 2017
I love taking the HOHO for any city. This city is small and beautiful. Only one bus was running, so you must plan for the time if you are in a tight time frame.
The driver was friendly, but the sights...
, 8 2016
The driver was friendly, but the sights lacked interest. There was no available online map so you have to pick one up at the main stop. The bus engine was loud so it was difficult to hear the tour recording about the town. However, showing a ticket from a Jacobite tour does get you a discount.
great way to see the city .....we...
, 7 2016
great way to see the city .....we always find a City Sight Seeing Tour!
It was a good tour. I really like the...
Kathy S
, 6 2016
It was a good tour. I really like the freedom of the hop on - hop off. The only disappointment that we had was the castle. It was closed for restoration while we were there so we weren't able to go inside.
Quick tour around Inverness. Good to...
, 9 2015
Quick tour around Inverness. Good to take the first day to get your bearings.


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+81 6 4560 2975