Kathmandu, ネパール

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10時間 (平均所要時間)
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  • カトマンズ発、ナガーコットの朝日とバクタプルを満喫する終日プライベートツアー
  • ナガーコットから日の出時のヒマラヤ山脈をご覧ください。
  • 世界遺産に登録されているバクタプルのダルバール広場内で貴重な建築の数々を見て回ります。
  • ニャタポラ寺院やダッタトラヤ寺院、55窓の宮殿の建築様式について学びましょう。
  • ツアーは朝食、専用ガイド、貸し切り車両、ホテル送迎サービス込みです。




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, 5 2018

Excellent tour guide! Though we didn't see the sunrise at Nagarkot because of the clouds but we had a fun time in Bhaktapur.

, 3 2018

We took this tour last week while in Kathmandu. It was a really early pick up 445am and we drove for about an hour up to the hotel to watch the sunrise and have breakfast. Unfortunately for us there was no sunrise as it was a foggy cloudy day but the views were still fab and it was very peaceful. The buffet breakfast was lovely with plenty of options.
We then drove back to the city and visited the temples and our guide was very knowledgable with the history of each.
We were surprised however that the tour ended at 915 and we were taken back to the hotel.
Our reflection therefore was not about the content of the tour, but that it perhaps should not be called a full day.

, 1 2018

It was a great tour, starting with morning pick up at 5:!5 AM in the morning and then driving up to Nagarkot to catch the sunrise. The Tour Guide Ms. Jomuna and the driver were very attentive, they will make sure that we're going to be there on time to see the sunrise. Soon after we arrived at Nagarkot, we climbed to the patio to see the sun coming up from the himalaya mountain, it was a breath taking views. From dark, to slowly orange, especially when the orange colour emerge in the top of surrounding mountain

After that we went to breakfast at the Hotel Country Villa. The breakfast was great, we were having breakfast with the magnificent views

Finish breakfast, we went to see Bhaktapur, it was an amazing heritage complex packed with history. Bhaktapur was exotic, inside the complex, aside from the historical building, you could also find lots of traditional items, souvenirs, gifts, paintings and many more. Ms. Jomuna bought us traditional yoghurt there, the yogurt was placed in the traditional pottery and it's delicious

Thanks to Ms. Jomuna, especially to accompany both my elderly parents, and also for the driver who has a very good skill through the narrow and winding road, what a great experience !

, 12 2017

This was an excellent tour. Our guide was super friendly, spoke English perfectly, and made sure we had the exact right timing to see the sunrise at Nagarkot. She was patient for us to take all the photos we wanted and even had the driver stop additionally for more views. She was well informed for the tour of Bhaktapur, even taking us to some more local type places for the best experience. I would definitely recommend this tour and especially our guide.

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975