新型コロナウイルス感染症の感染拡大防止のため、観光スポットが閉鎖または一部閉鎖となっている場合があります。 予約前に、政府が公開する渡航情報を確認してください。 WHOは新型コロナウイルス感染症の状況を注視しています。詳しい情報については こちらよりご覧ください。



Kapaʻa, アメリカ合衆国

最低価格 $95.00 USD




icon5時間  (平均所要時間)
icon使用言語: 英語
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ワイルア川でのコンボハイキングやカヤックの冒険でカウアイ島の自然の美しさを探検してください。緑豊かな熱帯の風景に囲まれたこの神聖な川の下でのんびりとしたパドルを楽しんだ後、滝へのガイド付き自然ハイキングのために降りる。ピクニックランチで給油してから、滝の下にあるプールの爽やかな海でひと泳ぎしてください。カヤック体験は必要ありません - 冒険心を持参してください。あなたのスケジュールに合うように朝または午後の出発から選択してください。
  • カウアイ島唯一の航行可能な川をパドルし、緑豊かな緑を織り交ぜます
  • 鬱蒼とした森をハイキングして静かな滝に着く
  • 滝のふもとにある涼しくて手付かずの海で泳ぐ
  • ここにはポリネシアの初期の文化が刻み込まれていて、色鮮やかな過去に染み込んでいて、岩壁のテラス、伝説、伝承などに富んでいます。


3-5971 Kuhio Hwy, Kapaʻa, HI 96746 アメリカ合衆国



約45分漕いだ後は、1.6 km(1.6 km)の熱帯林の自然遊歩道で川岸に降りてください。滝にたどり着くと、60フィート(200フィート)のカスケードが下の自然プールに流れ込みます。澄んだ水の中で爽やかにひと泳ぎして涼み、緑豊かな島の風景を満喫しましょう。これらの静かな環境の中でピクニックランチをお楽しみください。
  • 予約時に確認メールをお送りします
  • 持ってくるもの:
  • 日焼け止め
  • ライトシャツ
  • 水着
  • 時々泥だらけのトレイルシューズ(アクアソックスやテニスシューズ)
  • タオルと着替え
  • ツアーは平均的な形でほとんどの人が行うことができます。何らかの理由でパドルやハイキングの部分が個人によって達成されていない場合、
  • 払い戻しはありません。
  • ご注意ください
  • 特別な要件ボックスであなたのサンドイッチの選択(七面鳥、ローストビーフ、ハムまたは野菜)。ビーガンやグルテンフリーのリクエストにも対応できます。ビーガンまたはグルテンフリーの食事が必要かどうかを必ず明記してください。
  • このツアー/アクティビティの最大催行人数は12名です


  • このツアー/アクティビティは、好天時にのみ催行されます。 悪天候のためキャンセルとなった場合、別の日程での参加または全額返金の対象となります。

  • このツアー/アクティビティには、最少催行人数が設定されています。 最少催行人数が揃わずキャンセルとなった場合は、別の日程/ツアー/アクティビティでの参加、または全額返金の対象となります。

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Highly Recommend this all-day adventure!
, 4月 2020
Such a fun experience and I loved our guide, a Kauai local with so much knowledge of the legends and lore of the island. The kayaking was a nice, slow pace and the muddy hike was fun, although slippery! Swimming under the waterfall was a highlight of the day for me.
icon ホストからの返信 , 4月 2020
Aloha Leigh, Seems a long time ago...we were operational and offering your Wailua River Sacred/Secret Falls tour. Glad you enjoyed not only the scenery and "mud" but your guide as well. In my opinion, a guide enhance the best of tours and our pantheon of guides are testaments to this fact. Thanks for taking the time to share and before you know it we all will back to our respective routines and sharing our aloha with all. Stay safe and well. A hui hou,
Great activity
, 3月 2020
Very nice tour guide. The kayak and hike were amazing! The lunch they provided was good as well. I would recommend!
icon ホストからの返信 , 3月 2020
Aloha Gmp, Glad to hear you enjoyed our Wailua River paddle and hike to the Sacred/Secret Falls. We try to make the lunches as "delicious" as the scenery you traverse. Come back and let us show you other hot spots of beauty on our small island of Kaua'i on our paddle, hike and snorkel tours. A hui hou and thanks for your kind words. Micco
A fun day
, 3月 2020
Had a lot of fun. We had never kayaked and the guide Eric was very patient with us. The trail was quite muddy in places but nothing too serious. Loved the waterfall at the end. Fabulous sandwiches!
Great experience
, 3月 2020
Great trip and guide was excellent!!!! Overall trip was well with it. We would definitely recommend this to others
, 3月 2020
This is as good as it gets when it comes to outdoor adventures! Our guide was amazing and kind, while also educating us along the way. It was approximately four hours round-trip (we definitely were speedy with our smaller & fit group) kayaking five total miles and hiking approximately three miles with a 45min stop at the waterfall! For the price, this experience is far beyond worth it. They could charge 3-4x what they are and it would still be worth it. They provide a dry pack, water/drinks, and lunch that was beyond our expectations! TIPS: - Wear water shoes instead of hiking boots or shoes as there are several river crossings! - Bring cash to tip your guide! - Be prepared for lots of physical activity!
Great trip
, 2月 2020
Our guide Jay was awesome. He was very knowledgeable about the plants and birds. The river kayak was great. We were lucky that it wasn't too muddy on the hiking trail. The waterfall was amazing and cold!! Make sure to wear footwear with good traction.
icon ホストからの返信 , 2月 2020
Aloha Aaron, Thanks for taking the time to share what a great time you had with your guide with Jay on your Wailua River paddle and hike to the Sacred/Secret Falls. Also you recommendation of sturdy footwear is appreciated. And yes...the water can be cold, what I call "cloud temperature"....from the falling rains. Stay active and thanks again to let us know that Jay continues to give 100%. A hui hou, Micco
Kayak and hike to Secret Falls
, 2月 2020
Awesome trip! Highly suggest to wear nonslip shoes and use the walking stick that they offer you! If unsure of your health to make a 2 mile hike in the mud you might not want to go on this trip! We had an elderly gentleman that could not make it into the falls he sat and waited for us to return, our amazing guide Jay left him with food and water and the other guides as they passed through, to check on him and then assisted him back to the kayak and paddled him to home base! Our trip and our guide were amazing! If you hike to secret Falls be prepared to go in and under the falls, it is well worth it! Highly recommended kayak and secret Falls hike trip! Jay was amazing!! 🤟
Great Day
, 2月 2020
Mike the guide was excellent. We had a great kayaking trip and the hike to waterfall was quite muddy but very enjoyable.
Unusual situation.
, 10月 2019
My friend and I checked in and found ourselves with a group of 10 friend/family. We were told this was an unusually large group, but we were ok with it, even though we felt a bit out of place and kind of like we were on our own. Our guide immediately told us he was a new dad..he had a 16 month old. It seemed like he was already fishing for his tip. The kayak part was fun and we got to the hiking part and were told to grab a hiking stick. My friend and I are avid hikers. Me in Colorado and her in Montana and didn't immediately get one, but the trail was s muddy that the mud was covering our shoes, and slick. The kids and some elderly folks in our tour kept falling. Long story short, a man in the group was behind me, slipped, hit his head on a rock, and pretty much died instantly from a head injury, I called the guide to help turn him over. The guide started doing CPR 2x faster than required, I was asking to help do the breaths and he YELLED at me that you don't do that anymore, I informed him that only one person CPR is no breaths, If you have 2 people, it's 30 compressions and 2 breaths. A nurse came up and confirmed and also told him to do his compressions to the beat of the song, Staying Alive. He, again, yelled that he was certified and you didn't breath, A dr came and took a pulse and confirmed that he had none. The guide kept doing compressions wrong and finally became tired and let us help. My fried waded into the rushing water to try to get a signal and call 911, They were asking her if they could land a helicopter, where exactly we were, etc, She was a tourist and had no idea, They were constantly calling her back for updates. Another dr came and took over. He got the guide and another guy to help him with compressions and I helped with the breathing for 45 minutes,. The man wa eventually pronounced dead, The guide had no CPR skills, no pocket mask, and no phone to get a signal. After everything, my friend and I composed ourselves and realize everyone had left us. We hiked down alone, kyaked back alone (and witnessed the rescue boat passing us with the uncovered body on the bow) and were met on the dock by a worker who took our boat, The lady running the place was in shock and offered us 1/2 of a refund. I told her what we went through and she did give us our money back, soap to clean up as I was covered head to toe in mud, a towel and eventually told us to go to a local restaurant and covered our tab.
icon ホストからの返信 , 11月 2019
Aloha Libby, Thanks for your review on your Sacred Falls paddle and hike to the Uluwehi Falls. We limit tours to 12 paddlers/hikers and one guide. After 34 years of offering this and other tours, this is the first time we have had someone mortally injure themselves in the field. CPR/Ist Aid has evolved over time and may have led to confusion on the trail. All our guides have CPR/Ist aid and Life Saving training credentials. As you can imagine the family and staff at Kayak Kaua'i remain grieving over this unfortunate event. Clients are supposed to leave with fond memories and not an experience as you described. Stay well and safe and thanks for sharing. A hui hou,
Awesome adventure
, 9月 2019
The kayaking and ( very muddy) hike was challenging, but well worth it, arriving a the beautiful jungle waterfall. Our guide was kind, knowledgeable ans always kept us safe.



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+81 6 4560 2975