ジャマイカのレゲエの精神 - モンテゴベイからのボブ・マーリーの体験

ジャマイカ, カリブ諸島

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7 時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


レゲエの家の王ナイン・マイル(Nine Mile)への1日間の小旅行で、ボブ・マーリーの人生と時代について学んでください。小さな村を探索し、そのラスタファリアのルーツについて学び、マーリーの少年時代の家と墓地を訪れてください。このツアーにはモンテゴ湾からの往復輸送が含まれています。
  • Nine Mileにアクセスし、Bob Marleyのlfeに関するすべてのことを学んでください
  • ボブ・マーリーの生誕地、彼の家と最後の休息場所を参照してください
  • 山を囲む息を飲むような景色をお楽しみください。シオンとナインマイル
  • モンテゴベイのすべてのホテルから無料のホテル送迎をご利用いただけます。
モンテゴ・ベイでのピックアップに続いて、車に乗ってナイン・マイルへ向かう。乗り物が「ガーデン教区」であるSt Annの丘、曲線、背道を横切って行く間に、ジャマイカの歴史と文化について親切なツアーガイドから学びます。
マーリーが頻繁に瞑想する「Mt Zion Rock」を訪れ、彼のトラック「Talking Blues」で歌った「枕」に頭を浮かべてください。




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Nick R
, 1 2018

Tour was great. Garfield the tour driver was good fun, shared loads of info and stories and really enhanced the trip. Bob Marleys house part of the tour was shorter than expected but again the guide Captain Crazy from the you tube videos, check out his laugh! made it really enjoyable. Was the perfect way to get off the beach, get out the hotel and go see some of the real Jamaica

Andrew w
, 1 2018

Excellent tour.highly recommended...

, 11 2017

Good tour, a little long drive but great sceanary!

Yana V
, 8 2017

This tour was amazing!

, 8 2017

Pick up was right on schedule. Comfortable shuttle bus took us on a nice ride way up in the mountains. Great relief from the heat of the beach area, as the mountains were quite cool. Our guide was quite knowledgeable about both Jamaica in general as well as the areas we were passing through.

The tour itself was fine, as it covered Bob's life and we were able to visit his home and places he spent time composing music. There was a band playing his music which added to get guests in the mood. Overall, a very good tour.

, 7 2017

This was an amazing tour we thouroughly enjoyed it the ride with our bus was Great beautiful view our tour guide was very informative I would highly recommend this tour,e very informative and a lot of fun

Monica B
, 12 2016

Wow! From the first Marley drink to the end of the tour, AMAZING! Captain Crazy, our guide, was the best ever. If you are in Montego Bay, you have to take this tour. Also, when in Kingston, go to the Marley Museum. They are both fabulous and a great source of information for all things Bob Marley.

Gisela C
, 2 2016

The crematorium was beautiful the crazy guide was superb as was the music.
The crappy bus, the dirt on it, the missing seat belt, the arm rest missing on my crappy seat was bad, the ride up and down was worse than I have ever been on I missed my last night at the Resort as I was sick in bed because my stomach and head needed to lie down, every time I got up I felt dizzy and sick. The food at Jerk Chicken was the worst I have ever had, again I say it looked like day old dog turd and I had to ask the lady which was which as there was supposed to be chicken and pork with the tasteless rice and peas, I had one chunk of the supposed chicken and could not eat any more, the rest of my table couldn't eat it either, I have had Jerk Chicken at the resort and it was delicious, this meal was not fit for anyone. The driver was rude because I asked him, after the first stop to gas up the bus then pick up another passenger who had misplaced her form if we were getting a new bus and when were we leaving, I guess I was not being as funny as I thought, but I was really hoping we would get another bus, anyway my friends did not like the way he was talking to me and voiced their opinion and he was rude again, he said the big buses did not go up there and what did we see, yes one of the big luxury buses, my friend ask if we could go in theirs but they were full and going to Ocho Rios we would have gone with them even to Ocho Rios and made our way back to Montego Bay, I believe everyone on our bus would have done the same.
I don't know if you advertise one thing and the end we get on does something else but we were told it would be a luxury bus this as you can gather was not not not anywhere near good never mind luxury.

Michael B
, 1 2016

funny and awesome learning experience and a nice lunch too!

Sheldon K
, 1 2016

The driver never showed up. No problem. Yes big problem. No woman no cry. Yes she did cry. It may have even Christmas Day, but you still sold us tickets.


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