クラクフ, ポーランド

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7 時間 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • アウシュビッツビルケナウ州立博物館への訪問を保証する
  • Auschwitz IとAuschwitz II-Birkenauの両方で変電所の時間を取得
  • ガイドは第二次世界大戦の間に複合体の哀れな歴史について話します
  • このアウシュビッツビルケナウツアー中にクラクフから快適に往復旅行
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2019年 7月



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Informative and well organised
Stephen O
, 8 2019
We were picked up on time, and driven to Auschwitz museum. Our guide, Michael, was very well informed and passionate about the history and wider politics of the camp. He gave a comprehensive history of the camp, and we visited many places of interest. I've previously toured the camp without a guide, so it was good to have someone to add extra insights to the places that we visited. The only downside to the whole trip was the radio playing fairly loudly on the drive out... It was 7am in the morning, and I don't think anybody except the driver wanted to listen to it!
, 7 2019
Overall very good. Description said 7.5 hours, but ended up only 6. Wish it had been the whole 7.5 because so much to see and read. Also, in Birkenau guide needed a mic or something, we had a hard time hearing him.
Wouldn't have missed this tour!
, 7 2019
From beginning to end this was an amazing experience. Picked up at our apartment and taken back there at the end. Our driver was courteous and explained what the tour involved. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and gave us a perfect informed tour. I would highly recommend Viator tours whatever country you are visiting they are reliable and good value.
, 7 2019
Auschwitz I was eye opening - we have all seen the pictures but to feel, view and stand in the place was beyond words. The tour and guide were excellent, there was a lot of visitors and I felt it was a little rushed but nothing was missed and fully explained as you were taken through the site. Auschwitz-Birkenhau was very rushed we only had an hour - There is little to see appart from buiildings and remains but I felt this was the place that needed more time to 'feel' and understand what had happened there. I could have spent c3 hours just walking around the site (as it is big) and we just did not have the time to do this.
Good Tour
, 6 2019
Our guide, Martin, was very informative. It didn't seem rushed at all. My only suggestions to make this tour better is to install speakers for the guide on the bus bc we could barely hear him from the back. Also, give pick up time a full 24 hours in advance. We had to email and call them multiple times until we finally got told our pick up time the night before.
Informative and sad
, 6 2019
We appreciate that lots of people arrive to go through the tour and the tour guides have a limited time to get everyone in and out within a time frame, but it still felt a bit rushed with not quite enough time to absorb the gross enormity of the crimes and abject cruelty people were subjected to. The paying for toilet privileges was for us and our group more than an annoyance having paid a considerable amount of money to get there we all felt more than a little aggrieved at being held to ransom.
Well organised - highly recommend
, 6 2019
Trip was amazing- they had a car pick us up from our air bnb to the main bus in the town - small -air conditioned perfect for the journey - tour guide,ziggy was so informative -and passionate about this place -really held interest - there is a lot to see and sometimes its a bit fast paced but definitely worth it - they also give u 10 mins on arrival and before departures for breaks/food etc would highly recommend.
Interesting experience
, 6 2019
Very professional tour guides. The pick up time was very accurate, confortable vehicles. There in Auschwitz they assign you to a bigger group, but this is the policy of the place.
First trip to Auschwitz
Michael H
, 5 2019
Great value trip. Door to door pick up and drop off, very nice & helpful guides. Got to see everything we wanted to with superb explanation and background. Extremely informative tour and would strongly recommend this tour.
A time for reflection
mike f
, 4 2019
A moving experience, led by a fantatic guide who delivered the horrific details of the past with great composure and informative personal commentary. This place is one to visit - not for its tourism value- but to realise the scope of atrocities experienced by a vast number of people and families at the hands of the Nazis. Please may this never happen again. David the driver was also very considerate and helpful.


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