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この京都での着物・浴衣体験で、日本の伝統衣装を着てみましょう。プロが着付けを担当しますから、間違えた着方をする心配がありません。祇園を散歩したり、近くの清水寺や平安神宮等を訪ねたりしましょう。 この体験は一日を通していくつかの時間帯が提供されており、柔軟な対応が可能です。アップグレードしてヘアメイク付きにすることも可能です。

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, 7 2018

The staff was very friendly and accommodating, we had booked a fitting for a very busy holiday weekend (unknowingly) so it was very busy. There were many kimono selections but not many men selection for rental. It is an all day rental to be returned by 7pm, that was not described well in the booking but it was nice. They did not also describe that this is a rental only, they have no photo areas to take pictures, you must leave the building and walk to other areas for photos. We paid extra for hair and make-up. I would not recommend the make-up portion. A personal photographer can be added for $150USD per hour, which also should have been described in the listing.

, 6 2018

Had a fun time! We got to pick our Kimonos and obis and were allowed to walk around for as long as we wanted as long as we were back by 7 pm. It was very hot when went - so we only lasted a couple of hours - but we had fun. They make for some great pictures. The shoes can be difficult to walk in, so be careful on any uneven ground or when going up/downstairs.

, 11 2017

It was a nice experience. I will never forget it. Going around in a kimono in Kyoto is normal.

, 10 2017

Amazing experience.
Staffs were helpful.
But they were impatient when we were chosing the kimono of our choice.

, 9 2017

It was a very memorable and cultural experience wearing the yukata. The rental was for the entire day. The staff were really nice. The staff did a good job with the makeup and hairdo. The makeup looked natural and the hairdo lasted the entire day.

, 7 2017

I booked this tour to see what's its like to be dressed in Yukata. I went to the shop and I was surprised to find that they were very welcoming. The lady in the shop asked me my choice of Yukata and dressed me in the colour of my choice. After that I went out for a walk in the nearby Temples. I thought I would be getting a funny look from the locals. Far from it, they had seen this before and gave a good gesture of approval. I was out and about for about an hour in the grounds of the temple. I even asked some people to take my photo and they obliged. On getting back to the shop, I changed in my original clothes. I even had a photo taken with others at my request and their approval who were in the shop for the same reason. No problem. It was an experience to savor and something to remember of my trip in Kyoto, Osaka. I would recommend to anyone who wants to experience this Yukata or Kimono, go ahead and don't be shy.

, 5 2017

Loved the fun dressing up with my family

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975