Kyoto, 日本

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3時間 30分 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • 小グループでの散策の旅で夜の京都を発見
  • 古都京都で伝統的な京提灯と小洒落た路地裏を探索
  • 京都の祇園エリアで着物姿の「芸者さん」を垣間見る
  • 八坂神社付近の屋台で地元の人達と盛り上がる
  • 何でも揃う寺町通商店街のお店でお土産を買う
  • 和食とお飲み物のサンプル付き
  • 12名様以下限定の小グループ旅行







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, 4 2018

was a cold night but LOVED this trip so much! our guide was German but living in Japan which was very interesting.

, 3 2018

This is a great way to see Kyoto our Guide Julian was incredible, fun informative and full of knowledge. He had a great sense of humour which suited us down to the ground , we saw so much and Kyoto at night is superb. We saw Geiko and Meiko so we were very lucky, also a light festival was being set up so some of the temples and shrines had beautiful lighting. A must do I say .

, 1 2018

What a fun tour! It was great to see the sites in the evening without the crowds. We had a great time with the tour guide. It was more like going around with a friend and then out for drinks afterwards.

, 12 2017

Very nice guide, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Would do it again.

, 11 2017

The tour guide was fascinating and the sites in the moonlight were amazing . A delightful evening . An excellent tour

, 11 2017

The guide was obviously new and inexperienced, making the tour a bad experience. I could not wait for it to end. There was no toilet
break till I ask for it and the guide was not able to give much information of the places we went. We had only one meal and drink at the end of the tour when the tour said it was snacks and drinks, giving me the impressions that there should be more than one meal.Am I short changed?

, 11 2017

We had a wonderful walk through the back laneways with our guide Tatsuro who was very helpful with explaining about the Gion area including lots of information about the geishas and their lifestyle, we even saw some geishas then we moved on to a local shrine with our guide once again explaining points of interest..after that we thoroughly enjoyed our traditional Japanese snack...would highly recommend this tour as it gave us a snapshot of life in the Gion area

, 9 2017

Our local guide Pepijn was extremely knowledgeable and a great guide. There was plenty of walking and we were able to experience a side of Gion that comes alive at night time. We were fortunate enough to see three geisha and two maiko during our walk. The local traditional meal was delicious and we concluded at a small bar where we all enjoyed a drink together as a group. A wonderful opportunity to get some local knowledge and pointers about areas and restaurants to come back to visit during the day or in our own time. Highly recommend this tour for those who don't mind walking.

, 9 2017

Our local guide Pepijn was extremely knowledgeable and we thoroughly enjoyed the tour. There was plenty of walking through the narrow back streets of the Gion region. We were very lucky to see three geisha and two maiko during our tour. We discovered some fantastic restaurants which we came back to the next day. The included dinner - traditional okonomiyaki was lovely. The tour concluded in a small bar where we enjoyed a drink together as a group. Would highly recommend the tour as you get to see a different side to the region at night.

, 9 2017

Our tour guide Pepijin was excellent and highlighting things that a foreigner would find interesting, and explaining their historical and cultural context. The Tour is mostly around the Gion area, and was a good value despite there is only 1 drink, 1 snack, and 1 local dinner item. I was hoping for more, but the guide Pepijin and the area by themselves make it an excellent tour, particularly in the evening time, plus you then know were to go back for 2nds.

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975