London, イギリス

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16時間 (平均所要時間)


  • ロンドン発パリの終日ガイド付きツアー
  • ユーロスターでパリへ
  • シャンゼリゼ通りとエトワール凱旋門を訪れるガイド付き観光ツアー
  • エッフェル塔の2階から景色を満喫
  • ルーヴル美術館の「モナ・リザ」など、最高傑作に驚嘆
  • セーヌ川クルーズで水上からパリの景色を堪能
  • フル・エスコートサービス付きの快適ツアー




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, 3 2019

A true Parisian experience, with beautiful scenery, friendly people, good food and all the culture and tradition in the world.

, 12 2018

Perfect day trip to Paris, tour guides were wonderful, very easy to find all meeting places, wonderful experience with knowledgeable guides.

, 8 2018

Wonderful tour! Our tour guide was knowledgeable and helpful and gave us useful hints. We felt like we needed help because of the language barrier and this was the perfect trip for us.

, 8 2018

Wonderful, well organized day trip. Our guide Michael was very knowledgeable and friendly. We were able to fit in more sightseeing in one day than I expected. It was one of the highlights of our London trip, and we would definitely do it again!

, 7 2018

Great tour! Saw SO much in one day. Worth it for fast track entry to Eiffel Tower as the line was insane. River cruise was a highlight, you see a bit driving around the city and the Louvre was good too. Tour guide didn't give very good directions or explanations of where to go or meet, though.

, 4 2018

Great tour and service

, 1 2018

Eurostar was very easy and comfortable. The guide was very good and helpful. Unfortunately, there were too many people at both the Eiffel Tower and Musee d'Orsay. Ended up waiting for about 45 mins to get into the Tower. The line to Musee d' Orsay was going around the block. The guide gave us the option to skip this and be refunded for the museum. Still waiting for the refund. Not sure if this was a one-off or a regular occurrence. Ther river cruise was nice but could not go up to the upper deck as the water level in the river was too high from recent rain.

, 1 2018

Participated on this tour in September 2017. Train to Paris was quick and comfortable. You are given the tickets prior to entering the train area, but you are really on your own to get on the train. No guide. Upon reaching Paris we were met by a tour guide, which took you to the bus through the back, industrial side of the station. Did some driving around but it was difficult to see anything. As for the Champs-Elysees and the Arc de Triomphe, we were too far away to see it. Yes, you could spot it miles away from the front of the bus, but that is all. Upon arriving at the Effiel tower, we were left on our own again. It took about 30 minutes to walk around the 2nd floor and grab a bit to eat at a very poor kiosk there. Then we sat around for 40 to 60 minutes waiting for the River Cruise. River Cruise was nice. I wish we would have stopped at some of the sites rather than just sailing past. From there we went to the Louvre. The bus sat in the parking tunnel for a while as another bus got stuck. Not the tour guides fault, but another amount of time just sitting around waiting. The Louvre was nice but it would have been much better to go to a museum to see the French Impressionists! From there we headed to the train station and waiting some more for our train. Overall the tour guide was nice, but you pay a great deal of money just to sit around. I would not recommend this tour unless you like quick glimpses and waiting around. It is just a marginal OK.

, 1 2018

We really enjoyed our tour. We had a great guide. Sorry, I forgot his name. I had made a mistake in booking the tour, and the Viator operators were very helpful in helping me get a date that would work for us. Initially, I was disappointed to get a Monday tour date, as it meant the Louvre was closed, but we had a great trip. There was a small group of us on the Eurostar, and we got to know one another a bit which was a bonus. Security was very tight for the Eiffel tower, with some recent changes, but the guide helped all go well. The Musee d'Orsy was unexpectedly closed by a strike, but the guide gave us some alternate ideas, including visiting a lovely pastry shop a block away, and/or walking the grounds of the Louvre. All agreed that we had more fun than a museum would have been. The guide made good use of all of our bus travel time through Paris, pointing out many historical sites of interest and giving plenty of information. My husband agreed it was well worth the money for the guided tour.

, 1 2018

The crowds at the Eiffel Tower and the cruise were so huge we could not use our tickets. The cruise should have been booked as a tour group and tne boat entered that way. What a wasted day! Only redeeming part was the Eurorail ride.

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