Cabo San Lucas, メキシコ

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4時間 (平均所要時間)
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  • カボ・サン・ルーカス・マリンパークのシュノーケリングとスイミングアドベンチャーツアー
  • たくさんの熱帯魚だけでなく、ラバーズ・ビーチのようなそのエリアを象徴する海辺の観光名所をいくつかご覧ください
  • 複数の出発時刻からお選びください
  • ご家族連れに最適なツアーです
  • みんなで一緒にシュノーケリングやダイビングをして一日を楽しみたい方に最適です




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, 7 2018

It was a little difficult locating Manta Tours in Cabo but eventually we asked enough people that pointed us in the right direction. My son and I were the only ones who snorkeled, there were 4 others on our boat who did scuba. Our tour guide Siboli was awesome! The water was so incredibly choppy and there was a lot of other boats/people but he did a great job helping us navigate the rocks and seeing amazing sea life. Boat ride to site was about 5 minutes each way but we were only out in the water for about 30 minutes description shows 'half day'. After snorkeling, we did a very quick 'drive by' the Arch Los Arcos and Lover's Beach which was closed due to the high waves. Our only complaints are that we wish it had lasted longer and that we could've gone to a different area to snorkel calmer cove or something.

, 8 2017

Flash is the best! We had a great experience, we were late getting off the cruise ship and we were helped with no problems. Tour and snorkeling were amazing!

, 8 2017

Our guide was great, the gear was excellent. Snorkeling area was beautiful, although a lot of other boats and people and gets a little chaotic at times, however our guide was really close to us the whole time and made sure we were okay and could see everything that was to see. We couldn't finish because the sea got very rough after a while.

, 7 2017

We had a great time with this group. It was called the Manta scuba diving co. We did the snorkeling tour. They were great. Big boat took us to el archo. The instructor was very helpful. Even help out my son, who was 21 and had a bit of an issue in the water, getting a little scared and the instructor stayed with him and gave him an extra life saving device for added security even though we all had vests.
the fish were great, instructor showed us where the fish were. We were even allowed to go to one of the small areas by the beach to go in shallower water. They were great and would do it again with them. Thank you Manta. Mary A.

, 3 2017

We booked a snorkeling tour with Manta Scuba Diving when we were in Cabo San Lucas, March break, 2017. They are a small company, offering a personalized experience. When we arrived we were the only people on our snorkelling tour, which allowed the guides to sort out our snorkelling equipment in a calm and timely manner, ensuring we were comfortable with our wetsuits, masks and flippers. Sumo, the guide for our trip was patient with my children, had a great sense of humour, and made the preparation easy. When we left the store, we walked about 3 minutes to the boat, where we were the only ones on the boat with Sumo, who made sure we were comfortable, and felt safe. It was expected that we would wear life jackets, and the boat was operated with care, adjusting to the different water conditions. We snorkelled for about 30 minutes, and then went for a tour around the shore of Cabo. Sumo was informative, sharing about the area, and answering questions. I highly recommend this company for families wishing to have a personalized snorkelling experience, in a smaller boat. Thank you, Sumo and team for such a positive and successful snorkelling trip.

, 3 2017

Good time, good snorkel!

, 3 2017

These folks were fantastic. I can't praise them enough for all they offered. Best snorkeling experience ever.

, 3 2017

This tour was amazing ! Saw lots of fish , sea lions , and even a shark . Brendan , our tour guide was the best and very informative . Highly recommend this tour !

, 2 2017

This was an amazing experience for our whole family. My 10 year old loved this. We saw beautiful fish while snorkeling. Water was about 68 degrees, but they provided full wet suits so it wasn't cold for us. Brandon our tour guide was very good. He was so helpful and really good with the kids. We also saw the Sea Lions!! There was also Two whales in the port!! AMAZING to see them so close to the boat!!! We would do this again with them!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Thank you again!!!
Amy and Gerry Reinsbach

, 8 2016


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+81 6 4560 2975