Cabo San Lucas, メキシコ

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3時間 (平均所要時間)
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ロス・カボスの海を快適なヨットで航行し、シュノーケリングやセーリングの一日をお過ごしください。カボ・サン・ルカスからバハの南側ポイントに沿ってゆっくりと進むボートの上で、泳ぐ前のひとときをカクテル片手に景色を堪能してください。バハを代表する エルアルコ付近で色とりどりの魚を見ながらのシュノーケリングを終えたら、プラヤ・デ・ロス・アマンテス(恋人たちのビーチ)やその他の観光名所でおいしいランチの時間です。乗組員がこのエリアで実際にあった出来事やおもしろい逸話などをお話し、お客様を楽しませます。

  • ロスカボスで豪華セーリングとシュノーケリングクルーズ。
  • デッキでゆったりとできるモダンなヨット。
  • おいしいランチとオープンバーをお楽しみください。
  • 有名なアーチの横の水辺でシュノーケリング。
  • ランズエンド岬のアトラクションをご覧ください。
  • 家族連れ、カップル向けのツアーです。




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, 12 2018

Snorkeling was great. Crew amazing. Also took us on a sail ride to Pacific side and saw amazing whales.

, 10 2018

The wind as gusty and the current strong so we enjoyed just cruising around in the harbor and seeing the Caba arches The captain and crew were great and the excursion group was accommodating

, 4 2018

The sailing crew was very professional and accommodating. They fed us a nice lunch, took pictures of each group with the arch in the background and altered the route slightly for a smoother ride. We would sail with them again. We sailed with them over Easter break.

, 3 2018

We had a great time on this cruise! The staff was incredible, the views were amazing and the food and drinks made the whole experience well worth the money. The cruise was the perfect amount of time and the boat was beautiful!

, 2 2018
, 2 2018

We had so much fun on this excursion. We went with Adrian, Eduardo and Ricardo. They were very attentive and it was fun chatting with them. Ricardo snapped some amazing photos of a baby humpback whale breaching out of the water.

, 2 2018

Excellent, snorkeling was great, good food, sailing was good. Highly recommended.

, 1 2018

When we got to our boat the time was wrong, and we were unhappy how the trip was going. We were the largest group on the boat. They offered us so many options to make us happy, including a full refund. We decided to stay on the boat. We had all made the decision we would not be tipping. But... the K

, 1 2018

We had an amazing time on this trip. The crew was so welcoming and really made the whole thing fun and relaxing for all of us. The snorkeling was great. We had a good lunch and they did not skimp one bit on the open bar. If you want a drink in your hand, you'll have it. The greatest thing about this trip was that, after snorkeling for about an hour, they took us farther out into the ocean and we saw two humpback whales emerge. The crew immediately went into pursuit and we followed them for quite awhile. We'd see blowholes spouting every few minutes and finally we saw one of them dive and got a great view of his tail. It was stunning. A great day all around, and an excellent value. Highly recommended.

, 12 2017

Have patience for this trip. Can take a while to bait the sharks but we were rewarded with 3-4 silky sharks showing up. Rough waters, not anyone's fault. Guides were great but could upgrade snorkel equipment.

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975