Cabo San Lucas, メキシコ

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2時間 (平均所要時間)
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  • カボ・サンルーカス発2時間サンセットクルーズ
  • カリフォルニア湾と太平洋をクルーズしながらサンセットを楽しめます
  • オープンバーは飲み放題、軽食もあります
  • 有名なラバーズ・ビーチ、ビーチ沿いのレストランや住宅地を通過
  • アシカ、エイなどの海洋生物が見られるチャンスです
  • 航海の思い出に写真をご用意(自費となります)






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, 1 2019

The team went above and beyond to ensure my cup was never empty, the music was always jamming, and the views were incredible. Will definitely be doing this again if I'm ever back in Cabo! I was a solo traveler and lucked out with a giant bachelorette party joining our group. Couldn't have scripted it any better haha

, 1 2019

Had a great time on the sunset cruise. Wished it could have been longer than 2hrs! We were hoping to see whales (as a bonus), but it seems they are more active in the morning.

, 4 2018

This cruise is absolutely worth the money, and the crew worked very hard to take care of each guest and see that everyone was having a good time. Some guests wanted to drink and dance. There was plenty of loud enough music for that! Some guests wanted to sit quietly at the front of the boat, and the crew provided blankets when the shadows got long and the wind was brisk. The snacks were a very good guacamole and chips, plus candies. Not much variety but plentiful quantities. The crew showed up reliably 15 minutes before the gate opened to check people in. The whole experience was well managed. The guests ranged from families with very young children, party dancers and older folks. Everyone had a good time. And...the views are wonderful!

, 2 2018

Fun ! The staff went out of there way to accomodste everyone!

, 1 2018

It was amazing!! Very beautiful scenery and ambience. Free drinks were provided and good music was played throughout the cruise.
It was really well planned and every thing worked out just perfectly. Highly recommended.

, 9 2017

Had such an amazing time! A lot of fun! The guys are so funny and entertaining. Tip well!

, 8 2017

We had a great time. The crew were nice and helpful. Would definitely recommend for the price!

, 7 2017

The cruise itself was safe and fun. The registration was easy and secure. The crew were all fabulous. They were friendly and attentive. They were very good about getting drinks for everyone and refilling them/ getting them more drinks of what people wanted. I would only ask for a little information from the team about the wildlife seen at times/ most unusual sightings. The history of the rocks / El Arco. Some info was shared about the sea of Cortez vs. pacific however, some of the houses and resorts along the way we would have liked to known more about. Crew was good about taking photos, however let the photographer on the cruise take pics of you, she was very good at capturing the right pic at the right time. She is not included with the tips and only gets what she sells. So if she takes your pic and you like it, please buy a professional pic from the photographer, she is talented and friendly just as the crew.

, 6 2017

We had a great time! Slowly tooling around the bay listening to music, watching the crazy stingrays mobula rays? jumping out of the water, enjoying as many drinks as you want, and the delicious homemade pico de gallo the crew made during the trip. There was even a decently maintained restroom! Would definitely recommend for the price!

, 5 2017

This was an amazing cruise!!!!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who visits Cabo.

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975