Madrid, スペイン

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90分 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語 他1件


ホテルからトーレス ベルメハス(フラメンコ タブラオ)に向かい、素晴らしいフラメンコ ショーを観劇します(お飲物、タパス、ディナー付き)。 観劇後はホテルに戻り、ツアーが終了します。



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, 9 2018

The food was horrible, and the cost too expensive for what was received.

, 3 2018

I orebooked dinner and show. Food horrible. Wine was free but I had to buy water! As a Single woman i fe,t uncomfortable as I was seated alone at the front. Show old. One dancer quite old in an old dress. Stage small.
I know up from hotel and return was efficient.

, 2 2018

Show was good but the food was not so great.

, 10 2017

Recommend not to sit in the front.
When the dancers start to dance, it gives us dust a lot....
Food and show were okay.
Ahead of this event, I got an email that they cannot make hotel pickup. So want directly meeting us at flamingo place. But, they actually came to pick up us at hotel so confused..

, 10 2017

The company never provided hotel pick-up!!! Even though we asked, called, emailed and they told us we would be picked-up they kept saying that we were 8 minutes from our hotel to the show site. We were just trying to get clarification early in the day, regarding the pick-up information time/how we would recognize our transportation, this never happened! The show itself was fine, not great. After the first dancer, we were confused by the long break, and thought the show might be over. Fortunately we stayed, and several good dancers arrived on stage that were fun to watch. We did get a true feeling for flamenco dancing in Madrid, and enjoyed ourselves.

, 9 2017

Driver was 10 minutes late picking us up at the hotel and the most amazing thing happened. The pickup was in a mini bus and we needed to do another pickup at a different hotel but the driver could not find that hotel. She actually stopped at least 6 strangers in cars and walking to get directions!! After driving around for over 1 hour we finally got off the bus and took a taxi to the restaurant. We arrived just as the show was starting. Dinner was mediocre to say the least and entertainment was average. Transportation back to our hotel was included in the cost of this tour but we had to take a taxi back to our hotel. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS TOUR.

, 8 2017

Most enjoyable evening.

, 6 2017

ESPECTACULAR!!!! yo iba sola y me sentí muy bien atendida y con una vista genial ... me encantó!!!!

, 5 2017

The show was great. However, the transportation was horrifying. The driver was 50 minutes late, causing us to miss the first 15 min of the show. Then the driver came back before the show was over, demanding to leave at once as he left the bus on busy street. Missed the best part of the show!!!

, 4 2017

This was very good, a packed house, picked up on time, very good show!!

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975