Kaanapali, ハワイ島

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4時間 (平均所要時間)


ウェスト マウイ シュノーケル冒険は、カアナパリ ビーチから出発します。目的地に到着するまで、ハワイに生息するハシナガイルカ、ハンドウイルカを探しましょう。冬には、アラスカからハワイの海にやってきたザトウクジラを見ることができるかもしれません。船長が、その日の海況に基づいて最もよい場所を決定します。海中では美しい熱帯の魚やホヌ(アオウミガメ)、鮮やかなサンゴなどが見られる他、思いがけない生き物にも出会えるかもしれません。2か所目でシュノーケルを楽しんだ後は、船に戻り、ジョーイ シェフが用意した昼食を楽しみます。当社が用意したプレミアム ビール、手作りのカクテル、その他のお酒を提供させていただきます。船はゆっくりとカアナパリ ビーチに戻ります。



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, 3 2019

This has been the highlight of our trip so far. The entire crew was fantastic. Everything from the boat ride, to the food,
to making us feel so comfortable on board. Saw whales and turtles! Had a blast! Thank you!

, 10 2018

We had such a great experience with the Sea Maui team!Breakfast on the boat was surprisingly good - and the guide team was awesome. They made sure everyone was comfortable with the plan and our equipment. Even once we were in the water, James made sure to point out interesting things for us to view. We swam alongside sea turtles. Everything was well-organized, clean, and safe.Nick even provided us with restaurant recommendations - and they were awesome, too!Highly recommend - great bargain, great experience, great day!

, 7 2018

The tour was great starting from free beach parking behind the check in booth, warm welcome, breakfast,lunch and drinks included in price and a snorkeling trip in a catamaran that holds about 45 people, support staff in the trip was very cheerful and helpful EXCEPT THE CAPTAIN!! Man, the captain was rude, grim, tight and I don't know why he was like that right through the trip. I traveled with my wife and 2 young kids and we did not even eat or drink except water (we are vegetarians and non-alcoholic), so the only thing we were looking forward to was snorkeling, but captain ruined the whole thing for us...I had my 12 year old (who know swimming), about to get on water, the captain was like...

, 7 2018

This is a good tour, but the guides were a little lackluster. They feed you and make sure you have drinks, but outside of taking photos that they tried to sell us afterwards and trying to upsell me on snuba, they were not very interested in interacting with us. The food is great though, the drinks are solid, and they take you to some of the most beautiful places to snorkel in Maui. I'd highly recommend.

, 2 2018

Ty was amazing! This was our first time scuba diving, and Ty was patient, understanding, and very informative with everything!

, 10 2017

This tour was amazing!

, 7 2017

This was a fantastic trip. The boat was a 3 minute walk from our hotel. The staff was knowledgeable and charming, and the snorkeling was excellent. Best sighting: octopus.

, 5 2017

Fantastic experience with the most awsum crew on the boat. My first time snorkelling and loved it. Swam next to sea turtles and beautiful fish. If u want to have an amazing experience and time, West Maui Snorkeling Adventure is the one to go on.

, 1 2017

We took the West Maui Snorkeling Adventure and I'm so glad we did!!! This tour was one of the highlights of our trip to Hawaii. The staff was great and the scenery was absolutely beautiful!! We saw several whales and was lucky enough to see a few of them breach!! Mahlo!!

, 11 2016

This was a fabulous tour. Excellent value for the dollar. We walked from our resort and avoided parking our rental car. The catamaran run by SEA MAUI was beautiful.It carried smaller groups of people which is what we were looking for as the tour was far more personal. We were greeted by a very friendly staff. Great ratio of staff to patrons. We had great seats on bean bag pillows right in the front of the catamaran. Excellent breakfast and wow what a lunch. Once we arrived at the snorkelling spot Molly was showing us a pencil sea urchin she located and allowing us to hold it. She took us to find sea turtles which we did locate. Once we were back on board someone saw a whale and the captain actually tried to take us to find the whale. Very personal, professional tour. We would return for another tour.

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975