Mexico City, メキシコ

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9時間 (平均所要時間)
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  • トラテロルコとグアダルーペ寺院とテオティワカン遺跡をめぐるガイド付き10時間ツアー
  • メキシコシティ最大の遺跡、トラテロルコを訪ねよう
  • グアダルーペの聖母の大聖堂とも呼ばれる、グアダルーペ寺院を訪ねよう
  • グアダルーペの聖母出現の奇跡とグアダルーペの聖母のメキシコ文化における役割について学ぼう
  • テオティワカンで古代アステカの遺跡を探検して、ピラミッドに登ろう。




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, 1 2019

We were unable to see all the pyramids and adjacent buildings. The tour guide left us to roam on our own without a map or instructions only for an hour, which we were not expecting and we later found out we missed out on lot's of things we could have seen. The place is very busy and you'll need at least 2-3h to see it all properly and climb the pyramids. Adding insult, this was a full day tour and although there should have been enough time it was mostly spent faffing about as it was not well organised and wasting time in shops. Not recommended.

, 10 2018

This was an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Our guide Kevin was fantastic.....si!....with knowledgeable commentary in both English and Spanish, and his upbeat and fun discourse ran from start to finish. Thanks also to Manuel for his safe driving. The Basilica of Guadalupe is a beautiful site with so much history and spirit, and the Pyramids were majestic and awe-inspiring, and also spiritual in a different way, and you don't need to climb them to appreciate that. The bus pickup was on time, the tequila sampling and rock appreciation was fun, the souvenir shops were interesting with the staff really gently but pushing for purchases), and lunch was quite good (I had the buffet), and all in all it was a great experience.

, 4 2018

This was a great tour for the value.

, 2 2018
, 2 2018

Excellent day out with a great tour guide Gerson don't think I spelt that correctly but he was fantastic.

, 2 2018

This tour is really good and a great value. I was disappointed in the amount of time that we spent at the pyramids themselves though. They need to cut out the presentation before lunch completely, which is basically a sales pitch for local products blankets, tequila, etc. The lunch portion needs to be cut by an hour, and more time spent at the pyramids. Once we got to the pyramids, we climbed the first level of the Sun pyramid, and found out there was a hour wait wrapped around the whole thing, which then took up all of our time. We had literally enough time to get to the top and snap three photos and head back down to catch the bus. I forgot to mention, there was a LONG line at the top of the pyramid to get down too. We had to go to the front and cut line to make back to bus on time. Other than that, the trip was a great trip with great hosts. To be fair, it was a Sunday afternoon on a holiday weekend in Mexico, so it may not be like that all the time, but the lunch could still have been much shorter.

, 2 2018

Our tour guide was very good.

, 2 2018

Guide pressured to keep on schedule and rushed us at times; even using the bathroom was frowned upon. He made off comments thinking we couldn’t understand spanish. Four stars for the sites; these were great and enjoyed those quite a bit!

, 1 2018

The pick up is very confusing and should be clarified in the tour. When arriving at the NH Hotel or National Auditorium you will later find out this is simply a pick up point and the final location at the Fine Arts Palace is where everyone will head to their booked tour. I saw 3 Amigo Tour Guides wearing an Amigo Tour's shirt, our Amigo Tour Rep was NOT wearing an Amigo Tours shirt, and was flat out rude. We waited at the NH Hotel until 8:45am for other's that were not on time which was irritating! Got to the Fine Arts Palace at 9:05am and again confusion and rude Amigo Tour employees, several of us were asking where to go and we were told go there. When I found my tour on my own I got on the bus, which was like a city bus and not as comfortable as the previous bus. We didn't depart until 9:25am, waiting for others once again! Arrived at some ruins in the city, walked around and listened to our guide explain the history. Headed to the Teotihuacan Pyramids BUT before we get there we stop at a souvineer shop! Was only supposed to be a 30 min stop... ended up being almost an hour waiting on others to finish their purchases, get their certificates of authenticities! When we arrived to Teotihuacan and did the tour with the guide we only had 1hr to climb the Moon and Sun pyramids! Moon took 10 minutes to climb up and picture from the top, rest and the climb down a total of 25 minutes then the walk from the Moon to Sun pyramid 5 minutes, the line to start the climb up the Sun pyramid 5 minutes. The picture of the Sun pyramid is old, there are now orange plastic netting forming lines at the first landing which was backed up and the wait was 10 minutes and walk up to the second landing was 5 minutes... needless to say didn't make it to the top due to the time restrictions! Went to lunch, lunch was a good selection on the buffett! Then headed to Basilica de Guadalupe... BUT before we head to the Basilica where do we stop? A souvineer shop! Another waste of 35 minutes! Arriving at the Basilica and after the tour with the guide through the Basilica Nuevo only 20 minutes to explore on our own, not enough time to visit the main Basilica and the Basilica where the image of Lady Guadalupe was first seen... The tour guide was friendly but this tour was filled with more souvineer stops and others on the tour that are not respectful of others time and the time constraints! I am not happy that I was not able to climb up the top of the Sun pyramid and visit all of the Basilica de Guadelupe due to the stops at the souvineer shops!

, 1 2018

Would have liked to have spent less time at Tlatelolco and more time atTeotihuacan. It was great to see the Pyramids .

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+81 6 4560 2975