New York, ニューヨーク

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90分 (平均所要時間)
使用言語: 英語


  • 少人数グループなので、観光名所をより私的に探索することができます。
  • ガイドから教会の歴史について学びましょう。
  • カタコンベや多くの訪問者たちが見落としてしまうエリアを探索しましょう。
  • 都合の良い出発時間を選ぶことができます。



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, 3 2019

The tour of the catacombs was really well done. Tours like this are always as good as the tour guide and the difference is one who clearly knows and has an interest in what they're talking about. It's not just about spewing facts...it's about creating an experience, and Mike is a master at it. I was expecting something spookier, and different than what I got, but I was just as happy with it. I came away learning something about the history of the Catholic church in New York, and it was fun and entertaining. I brought my sister, a trained historian, and Mike could handle any obscure reference and question she could ask. We both enjoyed the tour immensely. I would highly recommend it.

, 1 2019

The "catacombs" are interesting but the history about the catacombs, the church and immigration events was even better. Highly recommend.

, 1 2019

We have recommended this tour to a number of our friends. We found it extremely interesting and the guide was wonderful. He was extremely well-versed in the history of the cathedral, the area and the catacombs. Fascinating tour!

, 1 2019

It was a very nice organized tour with an awesome tour guide Mike. He is funny and not rude. It was nice to learn history about the place and NYC

, 12 2018

Tommy, was wonderful. Very informative .The historical perspective was SOoooo interesting. The tour moved smoothly.

, 12 2018

Exciting, fun Christmas Eve tour of the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Catacombs. Was truly a great experience most notably because Tommy was such a great, knowledgeable tour guide. Would definitely recommend!

, 12 2018

Very different than most tours. Learned about parts of NYC that I knew nothing about (being NYC born). Tour guide was very good

, 12 2018

Had the pleasure of joining Mike's tour and learned quite a bit about the history of the Catholic Church in NYC and the waves of immigrants that left their mark in the area. Mike was very friendly and informative and ran a great 90 minute tour. Most of the time is indoors, some steps but quite manageable. Even as a NY resident I enjoyed learning more about the city's rich history--I will walk by now with a very different appreciation of the history behind the locked doors and brick walls.

, 12 2018

Mike definitely knows the History and is well versed in everything on the grounds and property. We went and definitely saw things the Public never actually see unless you go on this tour.

, 11 2018

This is a must. The catacombs are amazing. Their history is steeped in the beginning of US history. The tour includes the inside of the church and the pipe organ. Our guide, Brandon, was a blast. There is ALOT of history that was put across very well. This church is a must see. As Brandon said "This church has been all but forgotten".

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+81 6 4560 2975