Honolulu, ハワイ島

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ご注意ください : 食物アレルギーのあるお客様はガイドにお知らせください。お客様に合ったヘルシーなお食事をプランさせていただきます。




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, 2 2019

Loved the route, food stops and set up. The bike equipment was nice and they thought of all the details. Love the new microphone system on the little bike speakers. All the food places were amazing, great local hidden gems. YUM. Kelly was a nice guy, he knew a good bit about the plant and fish life around the area but one improvement I would suggest is to study more food history, share more culinary info of how things are made, where the heritage comes from, and the history of each stop. As a foodie who has gone on a lot of food tours around the world I really missed having more detailed food information. After the tour I went home and researched some of the spots and they have really interesting stories. That being said, we were happy, full and had fun. So overall it was a good experience but real food-nerds like myself will be wanting a bit more info. Also The first coffee place we saw was more a small biz, wanted to try there-- Honolulu coffee though local seems like a pretty big impersonal destination compared to the other places we went. Mahalo to The Hawaii Bike Tours company for their great idea!

, 7 2018

This was a wonderful bike ride giving us the opportunity to see the city and visit wonderful small businesses. I really liked the Coffee Shop, riding by the river and seeing the unique canoe's built by the native people. Our tour guide was incredible and knowledgeable about local history and food sources. Best of all we did not have to guess where to eat as a result of this tour. Worth every penny (and it wasn't expensive...a must do...and do it early in your trip.

, 4 2018

This was the best tour we ever took, Kelly was fantastic. We hired him later in the week to do a private tour of the island. He made us feel as through we had been life long friends, could not recommend him enough.

, 4 2018

The bike tour and food experience was amazing and great from start to finish. Kelly is outstanding, great personality and a wealth of information. We had my nephew and his girlfriend with us, their first trip to Oahu, and they loved ever minute of it. We have visited Oahu about 15 times, and learned new information and great places to eat. Highly recommend this trip.

, 3 2018

The bike ride was great exercise and learning about the local food was interesting.

, 2 2018

POOR QUALITY FOOD, everything was served on a paper plate or napkin, the food didn't get the wow factor. I have done many food tours and this was the worst by a long way. The cycle tour around the non commercial areas of Waikiki was good to see, a good look at whee the locals school and play.

, 1 2018

I always love exploring a new city via bike and food so this was perfect! Kelly is such a character and always entertaining. Perfect way to try lots of food in one go! Highly recommended!

, 12 2017

What a treat this tour was! Great information about all things local. Wonderful food! I went back to all of the places to eat during my stay, and picked up a fabulous Hawaiin shirt at Baileys. The biking was easy, I recommend this trip to anyone who wants to try great local food!

, 11 2017

Kelly made sure that his group got the most out of the tour! excellent knowledge of where to find the good stuff!

, 10 2017

The tour takes you on areas right in Waikiki that as a tourist you might not see and you get to learn about and taste local food restaurants.
We have been to Honolulu many times and learned local history that we did not know from our tour guide, who was informative and knowledgeable. The food stops were great local places. My only recommendation would be that you are a little familiar with riding a bike and especially in traffic which some of the tour is in, but our guide was very good at watching out for us.

+81 6 4560 2975
+81 6 4560 2975